34 Driving Lessons Gone Wrong

‘I think I’m gonna fall asleep’
34 Driving Lessons Gone Wrong

Imagine being in the passenger seat when the person behind the wheel says, “I think I’m gonna fall asleep,” and then proceeds to knock out. One driving instructor on Reddit had this exact experience with a student driver whose family failed to disclose her diagnosed case of narcolepsy. And while that alone is an insane story, there are plenty more death-defying student-driver stunts from where that came from, as Redditors have put the pedal to the metal and shared their wildest tales about driving lessons gone wrong — and the students aren’t the only ones at fault here. 

TO ВЕСЬ kpbiker1 . Зу W Motorcycle instructor. I had one student blow a turn wobble around back onto the course. I'm frantically blowing my whistle to blow the exercise dead. Everyone is stopped but the wayward rider who then slow mo fixated on another student and ran into them. Didnt finish the class ... 417
purduefan4 . 9 9y I had a driving instructor force me to go 45mph on I-70 in Indy by far the most dangerous thing I have ever done. Most people are going 65 plus mph ... 32
leatpussy Зу I'm a driving instructor Had a low confidence 16 yo driver on the highway for the first time. Got her in the middle lane doing 65 when she states... I think I'm gonna fall asleep As my mind is processing, WTF did she just say, I look over at her and her head goes clunk up against the drivers window and her eyes are closed and she looked passed out. Her hands are still on the wheel but she turned to the left. Now we are in the left lane heading toward the median. Her foot went
avturchin . 6y My leg stuck between two pedals during the exam on the street... Sorry for my instructor, he can't do anything. ... 2
zx_00 . 6y A student exclaimed I can't hold it in anymore slammed the brakes on the car, jumped out left it in gear, and proceeded to take a piss facing us on the sidewalk shaking his dick.... the horror ... 19
Spartan2470 . 9y On the first day we were allowed to drive a person in my car hit a parked police car. That guy never came back to class. That day I was instructed to drive in and around a major airport. It was terribly stressful, so there may be stories about me out there too. ... 184
BlownAway3 . 6y I teach people how to drive race cars rather than streetcars. I once got into the car with an 18 year old girl who introduced herself and told me the last time I was here, I flipped the car over the barrier and into the woods. ... 10
passthefrebreeze . 6y I'm not a driving instructor, but my brother was. Не dealt with a ton of crazy kids, but he always liked telling the story of this one girl he had. She was a bit of a brat and tried to force my brother to drive for her. My brother stated that she, in fact, was supposed to be the one driving the car. Не said that she would keep slamming on the brakes and then on the gas, even at stop signs. She would also try to cut in front of people and curse at people who
Funnycakes98 . 9y My instructor said that a girl was turning into and out of lanes wildly, trying to turn off the turn signal ... 1.5k
Delica 0 Зу This is the opposite but I'll never have the chance to share this story otherwise. I was doing my 2nd behind the wheel with a driving instructor. I was already really nervous before I got in the car and she said You're the last student I'll ever have! They fired me. After an awkward pause while she stared at me, she laughed and said No, actually I'm moving to Chicago to work for a local news station. I didn't find it nearly as funny as she did lol. ... 1.2k
CAFOAAL 10y First time driving with the instructor. We were just cruising around when the teacher grabbed the steering wheel shook it violently yelling Random Chaos. I was taken aback. ... 409
ADickShin . . 10y Our family friends have an autistic son and they were hopeful that he could learn to drive. The instructor quit because he was biting the toenails on his left foot while driving ... 762
bobtheflob . . 9y As a student, I had a driver's ed instructor have me drive him to the dry cleaners to pick up some shirts. I always wondered if he got all his chores done during driving lessons. ... 1.1k
nfchamp . 10y I had a student so excited to drive that when he open the door to get in he hit himself in the forehead with the door and cut himself so bad I had to drive him to the hospital to get stitches. ... 926
pencaptastetester . ؟ 9y My driving instructor had me cut in to a funeral procession causing a lot of honking and angry looks. I hope there was someone in the procession who thought the big student driver sign weaving in and quickly out of the line was funny. ... 131
alligator06 . 10y In my driver's ed class my teacher told us of a time he was driving with this girl. They were waiting at an intersection to turn left. Не told her to pull out into the middle of the intersection when the light went green and wait for an opening to turn into the furthest left lane. Apparently she took it quite literally and turned into oncoming traffic because technically I guess that was the furthest left. Не told us that was the only time he had to go home and change his pants after taking someone driving.
orange_zesty Зу Obligatory not a driving instructor but mine told me about all the worst drivers he's had. Не told me about a girl I went to school with (idk why he shared names) and how she refused to get close to the speed limit and he was worried she'd fail because she was too careful. I asked if he's ever felt like he was in danger and he talked about a guy a long time ago that went way too fast and refused to slow down, blew a stop light, and eventually got pulled over by a cop during
19mkunes Зу Not an instructor but this was while I was doing my driving test along with two other people in the car. Driver one: almost rammed into a group of kids using the cross walk. Driver two: she was driving and the teacher said to her do you see anything wrong with what you're doing right now she then said she didnt and she was DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. Не then hit his brakes and said you failed the test. Now get out! looks and me and said your up kid it didnt help me
 . 3y My drivers ed teacher when I was 15 told me I was The only student in all his years of doing this that got stuck on a speed bump. I was so scared I was going so slow I was not able to make it over the speed bump and got stuck right on the top of it. Не was laughing in exasperation ... 228
thirstythecop 6y I never drove a car before my first in-car lesson. I have however, played a LOT of video games where you have to drive. My driving instructor wanted to throw me right into it so he had me back out of the area to get out. I thought that like video games, if you step on the brake like L2, the car would go backwards. I was doing that for a few seconds until the driving instructor asked what I was doing and I explained to him. The man was pretty embarrassed for me. ... 708
RockSniffer . . 7y A road curves to the left (main road) and there is a side street to the left. In response to go straight, the student drives off the road, onto the sidewalk, not following the curve because she heard go straight ... 129
blue_bomber697 9y I'm going to pull a reverse here. I was taking a driving course when I had just got my license to lower my insurance. The driving instructor hit our garage door to my parents house... Не paid to replace the door. This was the guy teaching me how to drive. ... 380
PM_ME_YOUR_SNAPPLE. 7y A former driving teacher told us a story about a girl, first time driving, flipped the car on its back during the road practice with another student in the car. The girl was driving and another student was in the back seat. The car was on a low rise bridge and she hit the guard rail and the car came crashing down and landed on its back. The first thing my driver instructor heard immediately after the crash was the kid in the back saying Well I'm guessing I'm not driving today ... 4.6k
 7y I was the student in this case, and it's probably not the worst, but we were in a part of town I didn't know, and the teacher was also giving me directions. The teacher said Go straight through this light. And I did. Then he said well, next time wait for it to turn green first. Fortunately there was no traffic.
whatnameisnttaken098 . Зу Not a instructor, more a witness to two people who were. Driver's ED in high school was held in a portable room that was located next to the little test track they made (just a closed off portion of student parking) the first incident was someone who confused gas and break and drove the car into a nearby lake, the second was someone who hit reverse and ended up slamming the car into the classroom
cod4_rayman . 9y A driving instructor I know dropped a student off at the student's house after a couple hour session, came back to the car, and sat in a wet seat. Не went to make sure the student was alright and the mother was standing in the door waving him on. Confused, the instructor drove back to the school sitting in teenager urine. ... 30
Shishi432234 Зу Obligatory not an instructor, but my dad once dated a woman who flapped her jaws so much that she couldn't do anything else while talking. She couldn't even eat and talk. So she gets hired at the local bus company, who would train new hires to get them their CDL if they didn't already have one. My dad also worked there and warned the instructor. She's going to be too worried about talking to pay attention to what she's doing. Не called it. She talked all the way through training, wouldn't shut up to listen to instruction, would
bomji . 10y If my driving instructor had an account, she'd talk about that time we were parked at McDonald's. I'm not sure how it happened, but the car was still in drive. Instead of stepping on the brake pedal, I dead-weighted the gas. The parking space was right in front of an iron fence, and if my instructor didn't react as fast as she did, I don't know if I would have ever gotten a driver's license. ... 152
Jumbobog 3y My instructor told me about a little old lady (LOL for short) who some reason had decided that retirement would be a great time to her license. So they're coming up to a roundabout and this being a RHT country you're supposed to go to the right. Instructor tells her to take the third exit, and comments that you can signal this by signaling left going through the roundabout. LOL misunderstands, signals left and goes fucking left! Luckily nothing happened and the instructor understood that this particular student had a very low cognitive load threshold and would not
Landbiscuits . 9y I spoke with an Instructor recently. At a reststop, he tossed the keys to the student driver, who missed the catch. The car keys fell down a storm drain. They then spent the next half an hour trying to fish them out with a set of golf clubs. His first student also hit a guy on bicycle. I didn't inquire further.
BCNacct 10y I was in the back seat of the car while a girl had her highway lesson. The drivers ed cars have a brake pedal for the instructor, but don't have a gas pedal to speed the car up. This girl tried to merge onto the freeway doing legitimately 30 mph. To top it off, it was night time and the only cars on the freeway were huge 18 wheelers booking it down the freeway at 70 mph while we were in some tiny death trap. I've never been so scared in my entire life, the driver was screaming
cb0159 . 9y When I went to take my test, the instructor got in and commented on the car being clean. She was quite happy because, earlier in the day she was giving a test and felt something odd on her arm. They had hit a bird on the way to the exam and stuffed it in the center console with feathers sticking out. She told the examiner they were keeping it for dinner. ... 25
InspiredByKITTENS - 10y Not an instructor, but back in the day my uncle used to teach Driver's Ed. Apparently, he taught a girl who was so terrified of driving over bridges that she would CLOSE HER EYES the whole time she was on them. Не didn't find out until later. ... 599
Shuk247 . 7y I was in the back of a student driver car... and the instructor asked for him to merge into the other lane. Не started doing it, but forgot the blinker. Instructor reminds him. Kid fucking panics, starts swerving, turns on wipers full blast, activates washer fluid, has blinker on wrong way.... almost crashes us into another car before instructor slammed on his passenger brake. It was funny. ... 3.4k


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