17 Rental Car Horror Stories

‘Someone returned a car with bite marks on the side’
17 Rental Car Horror Stories

Every now and then, there’s a story so unbelievably cartoonish that you can’t help but imagine it happening to a Looney Tunes character instead of an actual human being. Like the guy who rented a U-Haul to stock his restaurant. He whipped on over to Costco and loaded up the truck with 5-gallon buckets of soy sauce and 50-pound bags of rice. As he was turning out of the parking lot, one of the wheels went up on the sidewalk, and the rear axle broke. The buckets of soy sauce tipped over and spilled throughout the back of the truck, completely dousing the bags of rice. The rice got so wet, in fact, that it expanded, wedged the door shut and the fire department had to cut the back door off. 

All of which is to say, every rental vehicle has a past. From fish guts on the dash to a car full of dead bees, here are rental-car scenes that people wish they could forget…

Fromthe802 . 4y The strangest incident was a gray SUV that was returned with several bullet holes on the driver's side fender and door. The vehicle was driven in a slightly bad part of New York City when the incident occurred. I don't know what happened to the driver, but we totaled the rental. I also came across a lot of weed, phones sunglasses and in one case, a Glock pistol. ... 486
 . 4y A friend of mine used to work for Sixt rent a car at an airport. Apparently after a 12 seater van was returned, the cleaning crew discovered a pile of shit in the seating row furthest back. They said it looked like an adult sized amount of human fecal. The customers who had rented it were charged with the $200 cleaning fee. ... 123
SeriouslyJustJoking 6y So many stories. But the weirdest had to be a Lysol can but somebody put tape over the Lysol logo and wrote Febreeze on it...why? That's the weirdest, doesn't mean I haven't found condoms or chicken wings with a thank you note (which both have happened) but the febreeze thing is mind boggling ... 243
AndyMaite. 8y I work for Enterprise currently and just two days ago someone returned a car with bite marks on the side - naturally we all were thinking WTF. It turned out that a horse had attacked it and taken chunks out of the metal. Safe to say we are charging the horse owner for the repair costs. ... 468
_no_this_is_patrick . 6y Former ERAC employee. I found all in the same car, a condom, a bottle of piss, and a joint. I had to ask my car prep how those items were related ... 115
hippybiker 4y Old roommate worked for Uhaul in the late 90's. Не had a few stories but my favorite. Guy rented a 16' truck and went to business Costco. Apparently guy owned a restaurant or two and loaded up on 5 gallon buckets of soy sauce and 50 pound bags of rice. Well he made it through the parking lot but when he turned onto the street his rear wheel went up on the sidewalk and when it came down the rear axle broke. Не must have been going reasonably fast and forgot to secure any of his load. A
d0gf15h . 4 4y I was a detailer for a rental car company in AK. In the summer fishing is life so cars coming back with rotten fish blood and guts all over. ... 31
WtRingsUGotBithc . .6y Former Enterprise employee. We had a car return with easily 100 dead bees all over the floormats. ... 962
twopacktuesday . 4y Customer renting from Alamo in Vegas. Kia Optimas were the hot new car of the day. I remember almost taking the only one in the mid-size category. Got in the car to drive away, and noticed the entire car smelled strongly of feet, like haven't-changed-your-socks-in- two-weeks feet. I really don't know how a car ends up smelling like that, but when we returned our Camry a week later, the fresh new dirty shoe Optima was still on the lot. ... 151
 . 8y I once found about 60 hardcore gay porn mags in a trunk of a rental. ... 608
midnight_daydream 8y Worked as an MT for Enterprise about a year ago and I rented a van to a lady and her husband so they could move their son into college over in Colorado. They seemed very normal and down to earth. Upon return, they didn't mention any problems they had or anyting that rubbed them the wrong way. AND the van was basically in prestine condition (newer van when we rented it to them, only about 1k miles on it) A week later the wife calls back claiming her and her family had gotten lice from our van, and
cargdad 6y I worked a summer job for a rental car company out in LA during the 84 Olympics. A fleet of new cars were brought in and parked on a huge lot for use by the Olympic folks. After the Olympics were over the cars were shipped off to various rental locations to be used as regular rental cars for a year or so. One car carrier driver got in a Lincoln and immediately hopped out. The smell was truly over powering. Opened the trunk. Someone had gotten a large fish - like a 20 pound salmon - from a restaurant and
j2142b . 4y A very good friend of mine is an auditor for E-prise and I get a call one day J, can you dispose some bullets for me? (I have a firearms company) Sure...where did you get bullets from? Well, we have acquired a bunch from rental returns and nobody knows what to do with them. So I met up with her later that week and picked up a nice box of various bullets from people leaving them in their rentals. Most of the rounds have been disposed of properly at the gun range. ... 38
 . 8y Former Hertz agent. One of my best drug dealer customers would return her luxury car every week to swap out to a new one with a $50 bill inside the contract for me, it was great until it wasn't. The last rental she ever got was a luxury SUV that was returned to our possession from police impound with 12 bullet holes and $6700 worth of damage. I hated having to DNR her. ... 2.4k
curtludwig 4y On a 2 week work trip some years ago my buddy and I are driving around southern California on the weekend. As the sun starts to really bake into the car we get this weird smell. At first we each though the other had bad во but pretty soon we've got the windows down even though its 100F outside. I pull over and we search around. The car has rear seats that flip forward, under one of them is this pile of vomit. Its not huge so I think they had a kid in the car with one
 4y Customer story. Rented a convertible (camaro, but doesn't matter for the story) out in Hawaii for a week. Wife and I were having a great time, and we're using the car extensively see Oahu. End of day 2, we come out from dinner and she thought she saw something move on the seat. We take a look, but it's kinda dark and didn't see anything. Next morning I pop the top and look around more, and it turns out that the car was infested with cockroaches. Freaked out and drove back to the airport and swapped the car
atreau369 4y I work at a Toyota dealership that rents cars for in state use only( (arizona). Had dum kid rent a new Tacoma, he took it to Coachella, had video of him and his dumb friends dancing on the roof and hood on his Facebook. Brought it back and we had the pleasure of informing him that the insurance is void as it happened in California, and also how insurance only covers accidents and not acts of stupidity. His poor father that never taught him an ounce of responsibility had to come down and cut a check for 7k.


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