18 Hilarious Secrets That Students Told Their Teachers

‘My sister is actually my mom’
18 Hilarious Secrets That Students Told Their Teachers

When they’re not handing out tests, getting pranked or calling parents, teachers serve as a reservoir of information that students spew at them on a regular basis. And while these are all major reasons why teachers deserve higher pay, there’s also entertainment value in knowing little secrets about their students’ families. For example — and this should go without saying — but if you’re planning on setting up some kind of sex dungeon in your basement, keep the door locked at all times. Otherwise, your kid’s teacher is definitely going to hear about it. 

The teachers of Reddit have disclosed the little secrets that have gotten dropped off at their desks, and if anything, these should serve as warnings to share significantly less information with your child. 

STANLEYCUP PLAYOFFS SpeedyPrius . 2y My daughter's kindergarten teacher told me about how one child entertained them at Show and Tell with a complete report on the new alarm system in their house including the code and where the keypad was located behind the curtains! ... 10.3k
Esull . 2y Nana is a stoner. Kid comes in and declares he is allergic to peach pie which was very confusing because he was not on our allergy list. Upon further questioning we discovered that it wasn't peach pie, but a peach colored pipe. ... 2.3k
Snoo-32987 . 2y Child, daddy dropped me off today! Me, Oh, fun! Where's mom? (Mom always dropped off) Child, mommy's getting a camera in her butt!!! Me, ...great! ... 532
w MBURGER AMSURGER fastfood12 . 2y I asked one of my autistic students how old his older brother was. His reply: I'm not supposed to say anything about him and especially about how he stole that car and was forced to live with our Dad. Okay then. ... 318
YouGuysAreHilar . 2y Not nearly as serious as most of these, but one time I was in a class and a grade 1 student had something very important to tell me: Student: Mr. Me: Yes? Student: when we went to Mexico, my dad pooped his pants! ... 5.4k
WildMage89 . . 2y If someone in your family is pregnant, and you've told your child, I already know. ... 1.3k
Thumbszilla . 2y One student's sister isn't his sister... she's his Mom. ... 3.1k
 . 2y While picking up my kids from school I overheard two ten year olds talking about a show or movie and one kid says  he was cheating, thats when one married person is having sex with someone that's not their husband or wife. Other kid non chalantly says oh yeah, my mom does that. ... 3k
bookluvr83 2y I got one I know my kid's teacher found out. I was pregnant with my 3rd child, but it was high risk and I had to take daily abdominal injections to keep my son alive (I have a clotting disorder and it had cost us our middle child). My oldest, who was 3, began imitating me injecting myself at school with the play doctor kit. THAT was an interesting conversation ... 1.9k
rosiedokidoki . 2y 8th grader, excitedly: Mrs. Rosiedokidoki, guess what I found out? My grandpa was a nazi! Me: do you know what a nazi is? 8th grader: no!! Me: maybe you should go talk to your mom about that. She came in the next day and went, yeah my mom told me I can't tell people about my grandpa anymore. ... 4.6k
backaritagain . . 2y Cat Recently a kid told me about the new room in the basement. They couldn't figure out why their parents got mad they were playing on the swing set. Or why they had a lot of red rope. ... 254
thesupersnuggs - . 2y 4 year old in my reception class... my daddy puts dresses on when mummy goes shopping. Daddy looks like Terry Crews so it is a brilliant mental image. ... 494
HotKarll . 2y not really a family secret but was to the students peers. but brothers in my class who claimed to be twins had different moms ... 1.8k
Woodythdog . 2y I heard a story about CPS calling parents because I little girl told her teacher said she likes sitting on grandpas hard leg. Turns out he was an above the knee amputee. ... 1.9k
gruffffalo . . 2y A teacher friend of mine had to call in some parents for a chat after their kid said they were planning to name her unborn sister Chlamydia. My friend was hoping the kid had got confused but поре, that was indeed their plan. Apparently they'd heard it somewhere and thought it sounded nice. ... 555
PuppleKao . 2y A kid at the daycare I worked at told his teacher about the tomato plants his parents were growing in their closet. ... 450
doggypaddle6 . . 2y A few years ago a student was telling me how excited he was that his mom and his aunt were having their babies soon and that they'd both be his siblings. After a lot of explanation, it turned out that my student's dad had knocked up both his wife and his brothers wife around the same time. The aunt and uncle were still married and apparently ok with this ... 2.4k
fabito8 . 2y I was with kindergarten waiting for the teacher to finish her class and she was talking about jobs and ask the kids what was their parents Jobs. Everyone talks a little about their parents jobs until one of the kids just said: my dady sells... you know what... the good stuff... the one that you smoke... you know the one... yeap, he was talking about weed, his father was a dealer ... 466


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