15 Crazy Stories from Celebrity Bodyguards

15 Crazy Stories from Celebrity Bodyguards

You know how the old saying goes: Never be a bodyguard for your heroes, you’ll only end up disappointed. At least, that’s what one guy learned when he was hired to protect Adam West. According to him, the campy Batman icon was in the full throes of his washed-up era and emulating all of the tropes of an aging star — yelling at his assistant, yearning for more limelight, yelling at his assistant, upcharging for autographs, yelling at his assistant. Other bodyguards on Reddit have relayed similar stories of the best and worst stars they were hired to protect, and some of these celebrities need to pay for their crimes.

SayAllenthing 8y John Cena When I was younger I worked security, I had to escort John Cena somewhere, I was told not to let any fans near him. A fan saw him, and asked for an autograph which caused more fans to see him, he said it was fine to let them near him and signed an autograph for every single fan. Не apologized for making me wait and gave me a Snickers chocolate bar when we got to his dressing room. This was when he was new on the scene and not very popular, I will always remember that

reaverdude 8y Worst: Tony Robbins. Guy was an absolute tool. Never mind the fact that he made all his wealth by taking advantage of gullible people and his behavior just adds to his douchiness. Не demanded that his hotel room be a certain temperature at all times and when it was a couple of degrees off he lost his shit and started yelling at the hotel staff. I had to escort him up to his room after one of his seminars and his staff (groupies and hanger-ons) stated that I had to be 20 feet away at all times or

demonmOnkey 8y I got injured while I was in the Marine Corps in San Diego in 2009. So they pimped us out to ComicCon to do security for the celebrities that were signing and doing talks. Hands down best people that I did things for was Jamie and Adam the Mythbusters. They were totally awesome. They signed anything that anyone wanted for free and took pictures with everyone. The worst, and it made me really sad, was Adam West. Не was a complete asshat. Не showed up covertly wearing a hat sunglasses and a Sars mask. And when he took

asaph23 8y I was a bodyguard for Eminem from spring 2000 (right before The Marshall Mathers LP was released) up until about fall of 2004 (right around when Encore was released). I can write a book about it. You never would have guessed Eminem was a celebrity. Не was exceedingly humble, somewhat awkward and rarely a dick to people. Не treated all of his staff, ranging from sound engineers to those who prepared food at the studio, very kindly and well. Не never used his celebrity status to bully or throw contempt towards others, and actually shied away from it.

madbrolol 8y Greatest John Paul the 2nd he was funny as hell when he found out I was an atheist he laughed and said how do you feel about protecting me I replied well at least I know if I died protecting you and I was wrong about god it would definitely put a huge notch in the good category. Не laughed offered to bless me and I let him. Worst was some put his name here but honestly i do not remember it.) Came on to the post I was stationed at barking orders to everyone and being a

SulliedVoice . 8y When a certain Die Hard star was filming in our city, with his demi-star wife they stayed at the hotel where I worked. The armed guards (plural) stood at the door to their suite until the end of their shift at which time they came down to have a drink at the bar across the street where the hotel employees all 'refreshed' after work. They were very entertaining, generous guys that knew what they did was silly but they managed to stay respectful of their boss while laughing about the fact that a turkey sandwich from room

CherrySlurpee . 8y Former security guard, worked some high profile stuff. Worst: Hillary Clinton. Never talked directly to her but she was a huge cunt the entire time she was there. Coolest: Dan Marino, hands down. We had a super bowl party where every NFL star ever showed up for a formal dinner. Marino found out that we had been instructed not to speak to the talent unless spoken to, and stayed behind to sign autographs for as many people as he could find. He'd sign a football then make you go out for a pass and he'd throw it

GolfFan 8y I worked at a concert venue while in college and had to guard the dressing room and escort the acts to the stage. Never had a bad experience. Top 2 stories: 1. Ludacris smoked out his entire room and the only time I have ever been high was from the contact high from standing next to the door. 2. Guy in gym shorts and a t-shirt comes walking in the restricted area. I ask him for his pass and he says that he doesn't have it with him. Told him that he couldn't be there and that if

maxdps_ . . 8y I worked at the Revel Casino before it closed in Atlantic City, and knew almost everyone in Security. When BEYONCE was there, it was requested that No white guards be assigned to her, and the 4 black guards that did were not allowed to speak with her. After hearing this from the 4 guys who were assigned to her, I lost all respect for her. ... 7

pj2d2 . 8y Not really that interesting, but I helped protect Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch from crazy fans during a show. We basically had to hold the line and pass passed out girls over it to the EMTs. I really had no business being out there since I was pretty scrawny and 14 or 15 years old, but my friend's dad was running the party. Got to meet Marky Mark who was super friendly and threw a mean gang style handshake where all I could do was stay loose and go with it. Then we ate some fried

Matix365 . 8y Did private security for cesar milan (dog whisperer) super hard working down to earth guy. Was always the first one at the ranch working and last one to leave, his gf at the time was also very nice and fun to talk too! ... 156

Matagorda . 8y Robert Duvall. Excellent Excellent man. Не keeps a book with him and when he eats out he logs it, so he knows to eat there, not to eat there, and what to eat. Had a nice lunch at a small joint, just about to get the check when someone finally recognized him. There were only about 20 people in there and only 10 wanted an autograph (was in the time before cell phone cameras) the others just simply took a handshake. ... 644

 . 8y My most humorous bodyguard job was for Shaq. Не came into my club and I was assigned to him. I was 6'5, 230 lbs at the time, and he dwarfed me. It was just funny that he made me look like a child, but it was my job to protect him. Nothing crazy happened, I just had to keep people from trying to walk up and take pictures/ harass him all night. The worst person was Chris Brown for obvious reasons. ... 67

ShitslnPringlesCans . 8 8y I was a bodyguard for Fay Wray during a silent film festival in San Francisco. She was incredible. Sweet, elegant, all that stuff. It was quite interesting being threatened by a throng of gay men when I wouldn't let them get near her (on her orders). Had to get a little physical with one of them (no, not that way). 10/10 would bodyguard again - if she were still alive. ... 1.1k

ostkuk1 . 8y Worst: Adam Lambert...I never met or worked for someone so heartless and rude. I was asked to take care of his private security one night as a favor for his tour manager. Не literally came up to me, put his arm on my shoulder and said Unless you see a thousand people bothering me, stay the fuck away as possible.....I couldn't believe that someone I was asked to protect said that. I did my best to be professional and held every ounce of strength not to kill the guy myself. Не purposely made my night a


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