31 Awkward Experiences People Had at the Gynecologist, Proctologist or Urologist

31 Awkward Experiences People Had at the Gynecologist, Proctologist or Urologist

Some of our doctors know us inside and out. And though it’s comforting that someone else has the responsibility of checking our bodily functions and fluids, it can make those checkups fraught with awkward energy. Just ask the patient whose doctor requested that their parents leave the examination room before delivering the news that the patient’s testicles hurt from jerkin’ it too much. There was no argument to be had, but it’s a bit of a blow for a medical professional to essentially say, “Dude, give your dick and balls a break.” 

To that end, Reddit’s most embarrassed patients have signed in at the front desk and rattled off their most disconcerting moments at the gynecologist, proctologist or urologist. For what it’s worth, it sounds like these doctors are at least keeping things fun.

amongthestarz.4 4y I was getting an ultrasound (i wasnt pregnant) and the doctor told me i i had a pretty uterus ... 90

RandomUserPlzlgnore . . 4y Not a doctor but I work with Urologists. I found out that there was a doctors was nicknamed Goldfinger. Apparently he was giving a prostate examination and made the patient orgasm. Awkward for everyone involved.... ... 9.3k

RobboBanano . 4y While getting a prostate exam for a physical (or whatever it is where the doc sticks his fingers up your butt), I asked if he could tell I'd been doing squats. Without missing a beat he said yes. ... 11k

hansentj . 4y When my wife was giving birth our Gyno told her to give a big push. She did and proceeded to pee all over the doctors face (she was wearing a protective mask for just such an occasion so no harm no foul). Being terrified as I was that my wife was in the process of delivering our firstborn, I helpfully offered up don't worry, some people pay good money for that. I still hate myself for it. ... 5.1k

leajeffro . . 4y Girl I know told her mum she had a vaginal cyst. The mum told her to go to the doctor. The doctor cleans up and tells her that's your clit. She was 25 at the time. ... 88

shadow247 . 4y The Urologist told my wife I had perfect testicles after he finished my Vasectomy. She was sitting across the room watching every second of the procedure, while the doctor described each step from numbing, to the incision, then removing the tubes, clamping and then burning, and finally sewing it all back up. After he's done he says well that about the most perfect set of testicles I've ever worked on. So now I constantly remind her that I have medically perfect balls according to the doctors! ... 3.4k

jibbletslap . 4y A friend of mine was having a punch biopsy done during a colposcopy (after her smear test came back positive for precancerous cells). Her boyfriend went with her into the exam room to hold her hand. A camera shows on a screen what's being done. Halfway through her boyfriend passes out and cracks his head on the wall. ... 2k

Yourcatsonfire . 4y I was getting a physical for the military once and the doctor comes out of his office with another kid getting a physical and the doctor just tells out damn son, that's the cleanest asshole I've ever seen. The entire lobby broke out laughing. ... 345

WoodyWordPecker . 4y Acquaintance was a 17-year-old male getting a physical from a female doctor. She was checking for a hernia, so grabbed his testicles and asked him to cough. In his nervousness, he misheard. Не turned his head and did his best crow imitation: Caw! Caw! ... 2.3k

Dugdstew . 4y I was getting snipped and they had me on some valium. Had a great conversation with the doc. We talked about vacations, homebrew, cars, etc. When he was done he said, I've had such a nice chat with you I almost wish you had a third ball. Kinda made me tear up a bit. ... 16.7k

Laerderol . 4y In nursing school they taught us about how to insert a urinary catheter in men. There's this lidocaine lube that helps make an otherwise uncomfortable procedure considerably less u comfortable. The catch is the you have to insert a syringe (not a needle) into the tip of the penis and inject lidocaine lube into the urethra and then hold the penis with your thumb over the urethra for five minutes. So like just hang out, holding a dick talking about the weather for five minutes. ... 2.5k

Impresora001 . 4y Not me, but my dad who is a urologist had a patient who used to say that he was being manipulated by aliens. The patient said that one night they put a strange device on his dick which made it get hard and stand up every time he saw a pretty woman. ... 66

TraumaSparrow . 4y Last time I was at the gyno, my doctor was getting ready to start the exam while her assistant was opening one of the disposable tools. The assistant was having some issues and as soon as I got in the stirrups, the assistant said loudly, 'Man, this one's a stinker!'. looked at her with my jaw dropped and it clicked a few seconds later that she was talking about the difficulty of opening the tool, and not my vagina. It was the most fun I've ever had at the lady doctor. ... 10.2k

georgieporgie57 . 4y During my last smear test the doctor was telling me about a woman who came in for her smear test with one of those stupid Goop jade eggs still in her vagina. The doctor was like umm what is that? And the woman was just really casually like oh yeah that's my jade egg. The doctor then had to explain to the woman that having an egg blocking her cervix made it impossible to take swabs from said cervix, which was, y'know, the entire reason she was there. ... 259

. 4y Went to a new gyno and had really bad anxiety. I was sitting on the exam table speaking to her and I passed out, fell head first onto the ground, and woke up to a room of people and an ambulance had been called. She said in her 20 years of practice that had never happened to her. PRETTY COOL.

Oklahuman 4y I went in for a routine pap smear with my gyno and turns out he had a first year resident with him that was going to be doing the exam. (I'm a student nurse, so I was fine with it) I'd never met the resident before, but when he came in it turns out he was a guy I had matched with previously on tinder. I guess one way or another he saw my vagina. ... 645

Hearbinger . 4y Doctor here. Had a patient cry in front of my because she was conflicted on showing me her butthole or not. She ended up doing it and swore afterwards that she'd never come back to me, the only doctor in her area. She was there the next week. ... 115

PittsburghSS . 4y A female friend of mine told me about a gyno visit she had once. Apparently one of the instruments in the exam room looked like a microphone and she told the doctor so. Later on, the doctor wheels this device up to her vagina and asked her if there was anything she'd like to say. ... 5.3k

what_the_a . 4y At a gyno appointment when I was 19, I was all situated on the table with my legs up, fully exposed. The doctor was adjusting her wheely stool, it slipped, she lost her balance and went headfirst into my spread eagle crotch. Reflexively, I pulled my knees together, essentially putting her in a headlock with my thighs. It all happened in about 3 seconds but felt like an eternity of unending embarrassment and shock.

Alterran . 4y 1st year resident. Was assisting during a TURP (Transurethral resection of the prostate). The senior patient was mostly unremarkable in any way, till halfway in the procedure when he suddenly had an epic erection. We had to halt the procedure because the resectoscope was too short to reach the prostatic tissue. (and trust me the resectoscope isnt short at all). The guy had freakin godzilla between his legs. ... 699

jeffp12 . 4y When they put me under for a colonoscopy, I came out of the anesthesia and asked how my penis ensmallment went. I do not recall this. ... 2.1k

Nrlilo . 4y The only time I had a prostate exam (was 31 and they wanted to rule stuff out) the doctor handed me a box of Kleenex and said he'd step out so I could clean up. I had no idea what he meant and just pulled my boxers and pants up. Few minutes later as I exited the exam room I realized all the lube he used leaked through my boxers and pants. I had to head home to change before heading back to school. ... 219

SA5KGUY 4y I was getting snipped. The two Dr's are making light conversation and I was asking about where they got their degree from etc. And one of them chuckles and says to the other. This guy thinks we're doctors.... It was funny and set a good mood. Later as they are prepping snipping etc. The Dr is asking what I do. Turns out he was interested in buying something that I sell. Не asks me how much it would cost and I think I replied honestly doc your in a hell of a negotiating position. Не laughed so hard

pj0993 . 4y One time I was doing a routine pelvic exam on this lady, noticed she had some discharge. I asked her if she had any itching/discomfort/etc. and she said no. I told her what I saw. She sat there thinking for a second and then goes Ohhhh that's just CUM! She had sex with her boyfriend in the car in the parking lot of the clinic right before coming in for her appointment and he blew a gigantic load inside of her. ... 209

HurricanesNation95 . 4y Patient here - My first urologist appointment i had to get a prostate exam as a 23 year old I was fairly nervous. I asked the Dr. Hey Doc this isn't gong to hurt is it? Не replied... not for me

Darogaserik . . 4y Not me but my brother. Не came home one day really embarrassed. Не had to have a prostate exam and the doctor told him he would be right back. My brother stripped down completely and got on the table, all fours. Не doctor came back and told him he could get mostly dressed, and he just had to lean on the table a bit. Не knew we were all going to laugh but told is anyway. ... 149

StanePantsen . 4y Gynecologist's report said my vagina was unremarkable. I took offense. ... 8.1k

Jay_Dub_daddy . 4y Patient here. When asked to step up and sit on the exam table, the motion made me rip a giant fart. I was mortified. ... 3.5k

jayboogie15. 4y Patient here : doctor asked my parents to a moment alone with me to tell me the reason my nuts were hurting was me jerking off too much. Spoiler : I was.

Zer_0 . 4y Wrote 'hello' on my ass before the procedure. ... 1.2k

Estcher . 4y This happened to a friend of mine. Не was getting his age fifty physical and was bent over the table about to have his prostate examined. Не had a Blackberry mobile phone in his clothes hanging nearby. This is back when they were new and the weird buzzing sound was pretty much unknown. The doctor was just about to insert a finger when my friend's phone buzzed. The doctor, startled, asked, What was that? My friend said he had one of those rare moments when the perfect come back came to him. Не replied, without missing a


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