24 Super Weird Things People Do When They’re Alone

‘I interviewed my soap bottle’
24 Super Weird Things People Do When They’re Alone

It’s your right to do pretty much whatever you want in the privacy of your own home. But sometimes you’ll do something so weird that even you, as the protagonist of your own reality, will stop to wonder what the hell was going through your mind. Like the person who realized mid-chew that they were gnawing on their own arm. There’s no way to explain away the confusing, animalistic urge that prompted them to chow down, and now you’re likely reading this and considering trying a little munch on your own appendage. 

In that vein, Redditors have copped to the ways they let their freak flag fly when no one was watching, and it’s comforting to know that we’re all being weirdos alone together.

Corgi_with_stilts . 3y Having a silent conversation with someone who is not there. ... 5.6k
Verbal__Kint . 3y My head lamp is on the table next to my couch. I've found myself wearing it while I watch tv. One time I think it was on my head for like 30 minutes. ... 237
RegalEddie . . 3y I lay in bed, raise my butt and wiggle it around. I can see why cats and dogs like to do it. Edit: Spelling ... 476
weedmaiden . 3y I once tried to pick up my own shadow. after I tried to grab it I just kinda sat there for a minute wondering how I survived natural selection ... 45
Lizzymorales . . 3y Blew on ice cream I was eating because I was watching a cooking show where they were making soup. ... 16.4k
abspencer22. Зу I pace through my entire house when I'm on the phone. In and out of every room in a pattern and I have no idea I'm doing it until it gets pointed out ... 7.7k
LTK630 . 3y While scrolling through reddit i realized i i had almost put my nail clippers in my nose (just now btw lol) ... 920
angelavila111 . 3y Apparently i i have this habit when cooking, that whenever i get a spoon and taste the food, i stand I . there lost in thought for a solid 5 minutes without interruption. The only reason i noticed was because a roommate thought i was just fucking with him and called me out on it ... 2k
THE LOV détente MR_System_. 3y I interviewed my soap bottle.
thatonelurkerr . 3y Pacing around my house for long periods of tiem listening to music, talking to myself, and imagining myself in a music video dancing and singing to the song ... 2.1k
CrazyPlato . 3y Planning a massive lecture on a topic I was fired up about. As if I was about to walk into a college class I was teaching. This has happened multiple times.
TyNyeTheTransGuy . 3 3y Accidentally saying my thoughts out loud. l'll be lying in bed and just go why the fuck did I do that? Or what an idiot or whatever inner commentary I have going on. ... 2.9k
littlebloodmage. . 3y I do this to my boobs all the time. I'll be relaxing on the couch, mindlessly doing stuff on my phone and I'll just...grab a titty. ... 706
sol-for-soul . 3y Talking myself through making food as if I'm on a cooking show. ... 92
funkytown67_rh . 3y I will just randomly bite my arm and hold the position until I notice. Just like... Why?
Martin_RB . Зу Reaching home and laying down still dressed then waking up a couple hours later thinking it's early morning and I just got dressed so I get my stuff and start to leave home. Happened to me at least one a week for a couple months. ... 7.7k
 . 3y I always act as if someone is watching me. Like a performance. It's weird and I suspect it ties into my mental health issues. I have done this my entire life. ... 67
bubbaturps . . 3y Deep throating a long necked water bottle. Like seriously what the fuck. ... 171
mydogsbigbutt . 3 3y I have a tendency to hold my breath, I don't know why but l'll catch myself and suddenly think shit I need to breathe, why was I holding my breathe in? ahaha ... 97
ChefBoyD. 3y Being high and just standing in the living room thinking about shit for a good 5 minutes. ... 936
GrillMaster3 . 3y Woke up halfway through a nap to realize I'd fallen asleep face down on the carpet. No idea why I decided that was a good place to nap. ... 5.4k
bransonnnn . . 3y Doing impressions around the house. Meesa called Jar Jar Binks. Meesa your humble serrrrvant. I dont even like Jar Jar. ... 1.1k
 . 3y Caressing my nether regions and legs while talking on the phone but it's not in a sexual way at all it's just like an automatic thing my hand does..like petting an animal lol ... 2.4k
tune-in-freak-out . 3 3y I was mindlessly put a plugged phone charger in my mouth and electroshocked my tongue.... Definitely thought wtf did you do that? ... 137
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