25 of the Funniest Tweets from January 4, 2024

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25 of the Funniest Tweets from January 4, 2024
@TweetXan_. 1d We heard you're lactose intolerant Vusi.Mz @YouDunnoVusi.2 2d Imagine pimp my ride in this era we living in 363 13.2K 87.4K 8.8M
Hannah Posts @HannahPosted.1 1d ... Trying so hard not to be mean rn michaela okland Subscribe @MichaelaOkla Just found out pickles are cucumbers I can't fucking breathe 8:25 PM 02 Jan 24 10.2K Views 3 Reposts 2 Quotes 150 Likes 6 Bookmarks Bill Buttlicker @Grateful420... 22m ... Replying to @MichaelaOkla this is how i felt when i figured out raisins 1 3 del 455 michaela okland @Michaela... 22m What about raisins 3 8 466 Show replies 201 3,683 87.4K 2.7M
Mike Beauvais @MikeBeauvais14h ... TORONTO 4 Oh, no. AVERYDADI I was dreading this one. 52.2K 150 3,635 3.3M
wild TikTok screenshots @w... . 1d ... when people say they + were weird as a child but i used to ask my mom for a raw russet potato so I 72.6K could go outside and ... gnaw on it sadly in the 803 rain and pretend I was living through the irish 2308 potato famine ti Repost > 53 1,291 35.9K 704K
Vinny Thomas @vinn_ayy 15h ... Shannon Sharpe just said Hello and Katt Williams was like: l'll begin with a list of everyone who I think is untalented in alphabetical order. After we finish up with that i'm gonna tell you about all the people who stole from me 46 2,124 11.9K 534K
kenzie @pk_kenzie 11h Matt Stone and Trey Parker just called an emergency meeting HUNCHO @huncho 11h BRO STEPHEN HAWKING ENJOYED WATCHING NAKED MIDGETS SOLVE MATH Hold on one sec. Wait, are you telling me that Steph frequented the island for pleasure? Yes, Jeffrey loved to have intelled ne island so he could reward them for ck for humanity and for other darker Did Jeffrey ever talk to you about Hawking' S proclivities? Yes, he liked watching undressed mi omplex equations on a too-high-up chal 10 740 9.7K 286K
kenzie @pk_kenzie 1d How some of your Steamboat Willie ideas sound Drew like a dark, fucked up version of the hamburger helper mascot haha. Just a glimpse into my dark reality. A full stare into my twisted perspective would make most simply go insane Imao TM 17 861 10K 186K
regular birv @murderbirv 17h ... on the hunt indeed Sign in fake email job 28 2.1K 32K 845K
Swolecialist @BlackLanterrn 11h ... Take your unalived ass back to TikTok, we say SUICIDE and MURDER on this app bitch 24 403 4.3K 116K
Taylor Schumann @taylorsschumann 22h Reached into a pocket of my diaper bag only to find a handful of cat food. When asked about this, my 5 year old said, in case we see some cats 148 701 19K 530K
Benjamin Percy @Benjamin_Percy-1d The neighbor kids made this... I'm moving. 279 1.4K 24K 1.1M
Bazih RE) @Wiederbetatiger 1d this the type of shit your uncle posts onto facebook with his full name and all mr online @Absolunar . 2d gn ONEED A HUG LIKE THIS! 308 9.9K 147K 10M
Nicholas @NicholasPas5 - 1d ... ??? Steven Yeun ل Age 40 years EVEN the real was the I SYON the Image: Don Arnold, Wirelmage rish BLURAYANGEL @blurayangel. 1d If Steven Yeun is done with Marvel, bring him on over to DCU as Nightwing 20K 79 371 1.1M
sean @DilettanteryPod . 15h I love these tiny drama queens i Quite Interesting @qikipedia 1d Dik-diks mark their territory with tears. (Image: Heather Paul) ALT 13 2.1K 30K du 1M
Michael Gold @migold 1d Los USAI e NEW DEL the foremost economic indicator of our time NEW 1m ago George Santos price drop Get a personalized video for $350 now. 16 489 12K 534K
eidel @orbitsasylum. 1d mind you francine actually has a husband and children that love her Hunter @poshspicelatte. dd MONEY WEALTH TALKS WHISPERS 123 1.7K 28K 1M
Ashley Talks Comics! @ComicGirlAshley 21h ... Kingpin gonna snap his fingers and half of all affordable housing is gonna disappear DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm. 1d Brad Winderbaum teases that Kingpin will be like the Thanos of the street-level MCU. (Source: youtu.be/PFDKNfAyYb8?si...) 129 5.9K 92K 3.4M
@endofloves 1d the trench coat and tie combo... it's almost like... well i shan't say. Cailee Spaeny Updates @oliverquicks • 1d Genuinely insane that this is the man y'all constantly bully about his looks. 67 529 8.8K 757K
Jane @JaneOst_ 1d Please continue making these videos that show the layout and entry points and locations of valuables inside your mansions garçon @boymolish.2d Saltburn gave rich people a trend to do and I love it TikTok @ ellie__e 0:15 7.4K 110K 2.7M 116
Shasti @sh44sti. 1d kublai khan to marco polo: hip drop tackles are safe and effective @n... 1d advise me white boy 20 1.7K 14K 755K
WitchDoctorDB @db_witch . 1d ... would the human equivalent of this be like a bunch of nooses hanging from the sky 279 2,048 48.6K 1.5M
clare @sadderlizards.20h hey come over we're finding the beauty in everything. yes even in the mundane 26 6,427 26.1K 735K
astro @anonynaut-2 23h imagine having 30 ft floor to ceiling windows and your view is a brick wall Art of Architecture @art.... 1d 235 4,045 85.5K 2.2M
beer person @CantEverDie•16h ... why does womens basketball and other womens sports have women cheerleaders. they should have male cheerleaders with slutty little waists 143 5,923 67.1K 1.5M
jordy bo bordy @bordyjojordy.1d ... he never responded btw jordy bo bordy @bordy... 9/1/23 let her cook As seen on my Mom's fridge The hell'd you do to get that whole damn beach to yourself?! Today 9:49 AM i farted loud asf 422 752 28.7K 5.5M
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