17 Crazy, Funny or Unbelievable Ways People Lost a Court Case

One guy played a Michael Jackson song to sway the jury
17 Crazy, Funny or Unbelievable Ways People Lost a Court Case

Courtrooms are some of the goofiest places on Earth, which is probably why several reality court shows have remained in syndication for decades. Judge Judy didn’t invent the phenomenon of people being stupid in court, she merely profits off of it. To that end, Redditors have testified about some of the funniest ways people have lost their cases. From a guy who used a Michael Jackson song to sway the jury to a dancing Myspace diva who lied about her bad back, these defendants put Judge Judy guests to shame.

. 4y It was Independence Day your honor. A day to celebrate the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for. A day to celebrate what this country is. So yes, judge, I DID do some meth. For freedom This was in a drug treatment court
DSA_FAL 4y When I was clerking for a judge, a defendant wrote to the judge trying to explain that the two bongs found on the floorboard of the car were actually his girlfriend's but he was afraid to speak up earlier because she's on Section 8, and drugs are forbidden for Section 8 recipients. Mind you, he was on probation at the time the cops pulled him over and it didn't matter who owned the bongs, he was still in violation of his probation for being in possession of drug paraphernalia. His attempt to get out from his charges not
Gabrovi в 4y My brother was on a jury back in the days of MySpace. A woman had been hit by a big rig during foggy weather. She was suing for a back injury. The last day of the trial they ask her if she has a MySpace account and brought up her site for the jury to see (I think all profiles were open then). There's a picture of her dancing on the hood of a car and right next to it is a text exchange of her saying that she shouldn't go out too much because her lawyer
Muhabla 4y Was sitting in court for traffic violation, the guy in front of me had a speeding ticket, to fight it he pulled out a large stack of papers, about 3/4 of an inch thick. The stack of papers was a law he pulled out from the 1990's from a different country. The poor judge had to read through. ... 4k
pixeL_89 . 4y It happened to a friend. Не hired a lawyer to sue his university for charging a fee that he wasn't supposed to pay. Не discovered, at the very hearing, that his lawyer sued the wrong university. ... 179
sevenliveslater . 4y My sister told the judge that the light wasn't that red. Then he said he was going to suspend her license and she said II but my dad already took it away ... 26.3k
 . 4y In city court, I once saw a guy try to fight a littering ticket by saying he didn't throw the cigarette on the sidewalk, like was alleged. Не threw it in the grass. ... 267
Dlorn e 4y Flashing his gun at the witness during a deposition.
lynellparedez . . 4y Judge - Why are you late? Defendant. -  My momma didn't wake me up. Judge -  How old are you? Defendant - 42. ... 3.4k
 . 4y I took a guy to small claims court. His defense was I didn't have the product, so I couldn't ship it to him, obviously. The judge was like but you took his money? The guy: Yea, so I could buy the product and ship it to him. Judge: Did you do that? Guy: Not yet. Judge: do you have his money? Guy: No, I had had an emergency and had to spend it. That was that, I won.
cat2323 . 4y I was working as court staff in a hearing where a guy was accused of robbing a grocery store. The defendants lawyer was arguing that they could not identify the man in the surveillance camera footage as his client. While the footage was being shown to the court, the defendant leaned over and said loud enough to his lawyer do you think they can tell that's me in the video? ... 131
MaiqTheLawyer . 4y I watched a friend try a DWI case. Her client testified that she wasn't drunk while driving, and therefore not guilty, because she was actually high on meth at the time. My friend put her head down and started hitting her head against the desk. GUUUILLLLLTTTTYYYYY ... 15.6k
CHUNKY_BLOODY_QUEEFS 4y I was in traffic court and the first guy to go before the judge got pulled over doing some crazy speed, like 140mph. The judge essentially told the guy to say he wouldn't ever do it again and that it was a mistake, and in return, the judge would drop the ticket fee and the points on his record. The guy countered with, well, I drive that fast all the time, so I'm really good at it, and I don't think it was dangerous at all because of how good of a driver I am. Guy could've walked
 . 4y After argument from the Assistant District Attorney, the judge asked defense counsel why he should allow the defendant to remain on his own recognizance. Defense counsel looks up, obviously searching for any reason he can because he knows his client is a dirtbag and this is what he comes up with .....  Because his girlfriend lives in the apartment above mine and l'll hear her crying all night. Defendant remanded to jail. ... 983
Cryoarchitect . 4y A short one. The judge recused himself from a criminal case, publicly stating that he knew the defendant and he was a son of a bitch and guilty as hell. ... 7.8k
ToxicOstrich91 . 4y I observed a case where the plaintiff attorney played Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror as his closing argument to evoke an emotional response in the jury. Не lost. ... 721
Perhaps9k·4 4y I only hit him, he fell off the building himself. -А stupid person who spartan kicked my uncle off a highschool building. ... 2.4k
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