26 of the Funniest Insults from Online Gamers

‘You couldn’t hit the broad side of Peyton Manning’s head’
26 of the Funniest Insults from Online Gamers

No one is more creative with insults than an online gamer. People have told horror stories about getting roasted within an inch of their lives while playing Call of Duty with teenagers. There’s nothing like hearing the voice of someone nearing puberty saying, “I’m level 10 prestige in your mom’s mouth.” All you can do is press those buttons hard as hell and pray you end their virtual life. To that end, Redditors have disclosed the most brutal kill shots they’ll never forget, and some of these insults are so good you’ll want to use them yourself.

backflipon . 6y Got sent an invoice for a donation to an Autism charity, Не dedicated the donation to my Gamer Tag. ... 957
1 SNOL MakeYouAGif . . 6y In an FPS I once told someone they couldn't hit the broad side of Peyton Manning's head. ... 373
dabauss514 . 6y I didn't receive it, but someone on my team said it in counter strike global offensive (a first person shooter) We demolished and he said I would call your aim cancer but cancer kills people.
therealpumpkinhead . 6y One of my teammates in R6 siege was playing rook and kept forgetting to place his armor plates down so my friend says god damn you're almost as useless as my dick Managed to insult himself and the rook at the same time. ... 1.8k
celebcharas . 6y Used to play Lord of the Rings Online, and generally that community is very kind, but one day I saw a global chat asking for heals for an instance I hadn't played much so I joined them. We ran several times but no matter what, the tank kept dying. As a minstrel, I was blamed somewhat rightly but no matter what I did, the tank died. Group leader said Celeb, I can explain how to heal for you, but I can't understand it for you.
0dayexploit. 6y That they were going to take my IP address and finsd out where I live- wait for me to throw my trash away and collect a sample of my DNA. Then once they got it checked out kill 6 generations of my family. LoL is crazy ... 169
Megavore97 . . 6y People like talking to you at parties because the music drowns out your personality. ... 2.5k
881001 . . 6y Suck my recently dropped nuts kid was gifted. ... 4.5k
rymaster101 6y This annie has the map awareness of Christopher Columbus ... 1.7k
skoncol17 . 6 6y Quit being a spherical dumbass When I asked them what they meant, they replied, Because no matter which way you look at it, you're a dumbass. ... 19k
d_morning 6y Back in the day on original Xbox playing tom Clancy rainbow 6 3, I was messing around with my teammates, being annoying getting some laughs I say  ' who hates me on que  several of my teammates go probably you're parents I laughed hard! It was true! ... 221
Archorous . 6y You're the reason I support doctor assisted suicide.
Space4Rent . 6y My friend was referred to as a useless piss weasel once. For some reason we found it absolutely hilarious and still laugh about it today. ... 3.4k
TheChanceWhoSaysNi. 6y Switch Heroes Who should I do? Anyone besides Hanzo I would do your mom again, but Roadhog is taken (I was on the team but was not one of the people above) ... 791
hurrdurrmath . 6y In dota2: Not even Noah had to carry this many animals ... 28.6k
dairtobefalco . . 6y Some guy said I sound like my bed smells ... 517
 . 6y After a year of having xbox I decided to sign up for xbox live so I could play call of duty online. My first match some kid tells me im level 10 prestige in your mom's mouth. ... 330
PlanetNowhere . 6y May your balls be infested with the lice from a thousand camels ... 513
Chuubles . 6y your brain can easily be emulated on my casio calculator ... 411
SoldMyMom4Kfc. 6y You sound like you eat cigarettes ... 20.8k
Norrive . 6y Insults about my tiny dick and lack of success with women.... Several times. I am a girl.
ScottyyB . 6y i bet you look like you were drawn with my left hand ... 26.7k
sealedinterface . 6y Well suck my shoe! Kid was afraid of getting banned by the swear filter. ... 707
trevorcorylahey. 6y Options -> How To Play ... 1.6k
IndiHero . 6y My back hurts. I'm gonna need Spinal Surgery after carrying you lazy excuses for teammates. ... 277
vincentsilver . 6y Playing rocket league. I lost. Tell your mom to make your mac n cheese, I'll be home soon. I just kinda stared at that one for a second. As I'm sitting there. Eating my mac n cheese. ... 21k
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