24 of the Wildest Things Seen at Rich People’s Homes

For example: A DVD collection stored in a sarcophagus
24 of the Wildest Things Seen at Rich People’s Homes

Not to spoil things too early, but literally every single entry below will make you want to rob a rich person. There’s no reason for anyone to have so much money that they buy a sarcophagus to put their DVD collection in. Listen, we all have to accept our lot in life, no matter what that is, and come to grips with the fact that some toddlers have more money than the rest of us will see in our lifetime. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fantasize about robbing that baby. 

To that end, here are things Redditors have seen in wealthy people’s homes that will make you feel like the phrase “eat the rich” isn’t nearly enough.

ousalsa . 6y Growing up my mother would clean houses for wealthy individuals. There was an elderly widowed woman with large all white poodles. She insisted that my mother clean them with bleach. She would provide 2 gallons of bleach each week. My mother never did bleach them, she just poured out the bleach in the tub. ... 365
terrified_traveler . 6y There was one woman who would wear her brand new Apple Watch on her shoe because she thought it tracked her steps better oml ... 173
Dugsalvador . 6y My wife was a temporary nanny for a billionaire in the south of France. She could only bathe the baby in Evian water and when they took her to the airport to fly home, they gave her a 100 euro note to get lunch with. As if that was the smallest amount of money he could imagine. ... 80
 6y I was a nanny for a pretty affluent family for a summer and on the whole they were really nice and great parents. Two things stood out to me: On one occasion, they had family friends visiting with their three children, so I worked a full day taking care of the five kids while the four adults just hung out in the house, ostensibly working from home but really just drinking wine and hanging out. I understand occasionally having the nanny come while you're there so you can work well from home, but nannying five children whose parents
ldn6 . 7y Heat and air conditioning activated based on sensors built into the house to measure body heat. ... 4.3k
psychotic-chaotic . . 6y I once assisted a Country manager of a big MLM company. Не wanted me to book him a rental car until he gets his own car. Не got so stressed out that the rental car can't accommodate him (it was last minute). His place was less than 5 minutes away from his work, if you walk. ... 1.8k
69poop420 . 6y Didn't work for them, but went to school with their son. The daughter was 19 and had gotten married, so the couple decided to have a test-child that was a small monkey. That was already pretty weird, but then I learned that they also had a previous monkey before that. It had been playing in the laundry while the maid was loading clothes in the washer. Poor thing died. Makes me wonder why they didn't call the test-child thing off after the first one died. ... 1.8k
 7y The floor vacuums that you turn on with your foot so you don't need to use a poverty pan when you're sweeping ... 2.1k
threadbaregypsy . 7 7y When I was in high school, a friend of mine made a very funny comment saying, All rich people have chickens in their kitchens. I thought it was so strange but l'll be damned if there is not some sort of chicken/rooster in every single rich person kitchen I've ever been in. ... 2.3k
 6y Once when I was a nanny, I was housesitting while the family was out of the country. The refrigerator in my apartment broke, so I packed up some perishables and brought them to the family's house to store them until the landlord could fix it. When I brought my groceries back to my place, I realized I had accidentally grabbed something that wasn't mine from the cheese drawer. It was a gallon ziploc bag. Inside that was a smaller ziploc bag. Inside that was a bundle of wax paper. Inside that was a bundle of plastic wrap. Inside
Dtank94 . 7y My ex-girlfriend's mom is a multi-millionaire. Only house I've ever seen with a sarcophagus in their living room. She used it for her DVD collection. ... 1.2k
grassyarse 6y My friend works for a tax lawyer for the obscenely wealthy. Their firm is one of those go to places when you want to take advantage of tax havens. Think Panama-Luxembourg. Не tells me he one of their clients had an issue and called the people he always turns to for help. His lawyers. The problem? Не bought a new jet and only just realized its entertainment system doesn't have a blu-ray player (this was 5 years ago). Find someone that can fix it. Today. Не had lawyers at 3 different firms searching for a solution that afternoon,
BMB012887 7y The dish washer, the lawn mower, and the carpet cleaner are actual people. ... 554
MySecretLair 6y The family that regularly bought complicated Lego sets for their five year old, and then assembled them for him because they were too complicated for a five year old, while he looked on and complained they weren't doing it fast enough, still receive periodic installments of my pity and contempt. Like, dude: he's not learning anything except that Mommy and Daddy were put on the planet to please him, and he's not actually learning anything from the toys. They also bought the kid new toys once a week or so. I just...I can't with some parents. ... 421
Pretty_Wonderful . 6y I was a nanny for a rich family in Vegas. The amount of food they wasted was crazy. One instance I can remember is the woman buying Monster energy drinks for her nephew who only visited her house maybe twice a year. The garage was stocked with cases of the stuff for the kid. When it went bad, they threw it out and bought more. Oh there was also the time they had me run around and buy 25 dollar gift certificates for their annual company Christmas party from 25 different places... in Las Vegas... two days
dick_felt . 6y dog walker here. one of my clients only lets her dog drink smart water. ... 8k
dottmatrix . . 7y Walk-in humidor. ... 3k
WhoReadsfor400 . 6y My sister is a nanny for an NBA player and his wife. The wife called my sister at 9 PM to come to their house for an urgent matter. When my sister gets to their house, the wife tells her take the trash out. That's it. My sister drove an hour round trip to take out the trash.
carpetthrowingaway . 6 6y I nannied for a New York City power couple in 2014. Both were corporate lawyers for national banks. The husband owned more socks than I had ever seen at one time in my life. Drawers upon drawers of them, all navy blue, black, and grey. ... 4.8k
jemimahaste . 6y I remember as an au pair attending Sunday lunch at the kids grandparents house and they had a three tiered cheesecake. The bottom layer was poppy seed, the middle was strawberry and apple and the top layer was chocolate. Naturally I had a very large slice of each!! ... 69
btao 6y Technically behind the garage door... Neighbor won the lottery. Nothing huge, but nice. Не took the lump sum, and upgraded his little ranch to have a big ass garage and in ground pool and cabana. Never was anyone there prior, but after, he had so many friends. One of the first things he bought was his DREAM car, a red Lamborghini. One day in the summer, he was having a party, and his friends wanted him to show it off, so he started it up, and was revving it in the garage when ... it caught fire. Burned
mermaidundercover. 7y The glass door fridge next to the actual fridge that's only for beverages.
 6y Worked for a beverage distribution place in a very ritzy resort area for awhile. Guys assistant shows up and says he needs a pallet of Evian for his bosses house. No problem. We load it on the truck and drive it up to his house. After unloading we ask him where he wants it and he leads us into the garage and asks if we can help unload it. So we start downstacking and carry cases of this shit into what I thought would be the kitchen or pantry. Nope. Straight through the house to the back deck.
2greenToes . 6y Helped my mother in law who was a maid once with a very large mansion in NC. Beautiful house, amazing architecture. They traveled the world all the time. The kitchen had old old appliances from the 70's, the wife's bathroom had a broken toilet seat that was duct taped together. The wife did not rewear her underwear. We were not to go in the basement. I peaked down there, there were clothes three foot deep in the basement where she took off her clothes and just threw them down there. Thousands of pairs of underwear. Very weird
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