22 Totally Wild Stories from Disney Park Actors

22 Totally Wild Stories from Disney Park Actors

The alleged “Happiest Place on Earth” is a real shitshow behind the scenes. Not only are Disney Parks notoriously demanding workplaces, but they’ve also become a playground for aggressive children who are all two seconds away from projectile vomiting. 

Unfortunately, the kids and puke are the least gross part of the job — dealing with Disney Adults™ is much, much worse. Imagine having to stay in character as Nick from Zootopia while evading a surprising amount of horny Furries

Redditors have shared some of the wildest experiences they’ve had under Mickey’s watchful eye, and they’ve got some doozies. By the way, if you think you’ve been having secret sex on the Epcot monorail, it’s not secret. All of the employees can tell.

overnight_cm_girl . 10y overnight cast memeber here. Please PLEASE leave your cremated loved ones at home. stop dumping them in Haunted Mansion. They just get vacuumed up and disposed of. ... 1.2k

GaryOster. 6y There's a story that goes around the parks about a Belle getting it from behind by a Gaston, both in costume. They got walked in on, and without missing a beat, Belle gasps and says, Don't tell Beast! Talk about dedication to character. ... 341

Azov237 . 10y Probably a little late, but I was working in the kitchen at Cinderella's castle when this family of 4 came in for their dinner. About half way through the dinner the husband politely stands up and taps his glass for attention. Не announced that his wife of 15 years has been cheating in him for over a year. The entire place stood still in shock. Не motioned for his kids paid the waitress and left the wife crying at the table. ... 2.1k

ShireBeware 273d Somebody offered me 400 dollars to have sex with him while in my Goofy costume *(makes awkward Goofy laugh) ... 16.5k Frosti-Feet . 273d Face down, ass up. That's the way we like to Hyuck ... 25.8k

Sarkuvaria . 5y Part creepy but mostly crazy story here. We had a rich guest come in to Club 33 (super secret yet not so secret restaurant in New Orleans Square) for the first time I believe and he wanted a private room and some Disney princesses to have fun with and wondered if any of the hostesses or waitresses were interested when we told him we could not accommodate him. ... 1.5k

Goyteamsix . 4 4y I watched Jack Sparrow talking to a kid when the kid started puking everywhere. Не said too much of the ol' apple juice eh? been there myself! even ran out once!. All the while, the kid is just projectile vomiting everywhere. ... 27.6k

Joker0091 . 4y I wasn't a character but was a cast member. I was walking from backstage into the park. If you've seen the transitions, they are S shaped to keep people from peaking in. I was pushing a dolly/hand cart. The ones we used had 2 long supports sticking out from the end. As I was going though Winnie the Pooh was walking in from the other side. I hit him/her square in the leg with it. Hearing Winnie the Pooh say Fuck! was a pretty damn funny. ... 30.1k

whodis_itsme 273d I was Chip n Dale in Land and some dad came up with his kids, I was doin my thang and having fun with them. When it came time for pics the dad comes over to join us and all is well until after the picture when he asked for a hug so I gave him one. Не squeezed, pulled away, grabbed his kids hands, smiled and said,I didn't know Dale was a girl under all that fur. I played it off at the time but it made me really uncomfortable that he had actually squeezed hard enough

reloadfreak . 273d I knew a friend(a guy) who wore Minnie Mouse costume. Не told me almost all guys would put their hands around his waist. Не wouldn't dare to talk or else they will hear his manly voice and that might pisses them off.

Jeffclaterbaugh . 273d Not a cast member but either Mickey or Minnie cut a very audible fart while posing with my wife and me. It must've been awful inside that dutch oven of a costume. ... 8.6k

Jordaneer . 2 273d Former см (Custodial, not character performer) but taking a piss backstage and having a guy walk in and come up next to me in full Jack Sparrow costume and makeup startled me for a second. Also seeing two of a character is always amusing ... 1.4k

Heil-Hydra . 8y Monorail pilot here. People have sex on the Epcot monorail at night a lot and act like we don't know. We always know. ... 2k

LonelyHarley 10y -During Gay Days at Disneyland there is a lot of sex in the bathrooms. Had a friend working Custodial and cleaning a men's restroom when two men were obvious going at it in a very full bathroom during the middle of the afternoon. Disney cast members are not allowed to go in and stop them or otherwise cause a scene, so he had to wait til they were done. In walks a man with his son, who is very mad that he can't use that stall, screaming, my son needs to go poopie!

EarlSandwich0045 273d I dated a girl that played one of the fairies for the Tinkerbell place. Beyond the pretty much daily occurrence of old dads hitting on her (she was 19 at the time) the weirdest thing to happen to her was a woman with a 4yr old little girl was all excited to get a picture with Tinkerbell, who was busy, so my ex volunteered to do pictures and entertain the little girl while they waited. The woman was a bitch about that idea, rudely saying she was here to see Tinkerbell and not off-brand fairies. So just shrugging

TreyRyan3 . . 273d I had a female friend who played Pluto for a few years. Even though her gender was indistinguishable because it's a fully body Pluto costume, she's would regularly share how often she was groped by kids and adults alike. In costume she looked like she was 6'6, but was only 5'8 in real life. You couldn't tell the gender of any of the 3-4 in Pluto rotation and you could barely tell them apart. ... 2.8k

EddyBuddard . 273d Never was an actor, but when I was a kid at Disney World in the 70s, I watched Chip get into a fist fight with a young 20 something guy. The guys girlfriend wanted him to do a picture with Chip & Dale, but he didn't want to. Chip grabbed him in a head lock and his girlfriend snapped the photo. When Chip let go, the guy came up swinging. Dale had to jump in and break them up, as Chip started swinging back. For a kid of 12, it was awesome! ... 9k

Judge_T 273d I was playing Goofy inside a restaurant and I got swarmed Aliens-style by a hoard of <10 kids. Unfortunately while I was playing around with them the inner hood below the mask slipped over my eyes and I was completely blinded. We had assistants around whom we could signal for help by flapping our arms, but the kids had made it a game of attaching themselves Tarzan-like to both my arms and to raise them I would have had to lift 3-4 kids per arm (dangerous even if I'd been strong enough to do that). I found myself

ExtremePikachu75 272d I was one of the performers for Nick Wilde from Zootopia a few years ago, And if you're not aware; a large number of people in the furry community find him highly attractive. You can just imagine the number of people in that community who flirted with me and/or Judy and whispered some pretty sexual things to us. I think I also had a guy grab Nick's tie like in that flirty way, we had to get him escorted out of the park. The moral of the story is: don't be inappropriate with the characters, we are real

The_Woman_S 273d I was part of the Disney college program and I have my own stories but not as a character. My mom on the other hand, she was a character actor back in the day (60's or 70's). They were testing a new headpiece for the seven dwarf costumes in Disneyland and my mom wore one of them out on a march with Snow White. As a Dwarf, your head is inside their hat, their face on their stomach, etc. Being Anaheim, it was really hot that summer day and as they were going around following Snow White a

leftside72 . 4y I was at Disneyland once and the Sheriff of Nottingham was fake-menacing a child. Не reached out to touch the kid's balloon and for some reason it popped. The character actor was clearly stunned. A new balloon appeared less than 30 seconds later. ... 26.8k

Casparilla . 10y Former cast member here. I spent many years at one of their media companies, but in college I worked at a Disney call center for the Disney catalog. Eventually they opened a new division that was the Disney World Priority Seating call center. So, people would be calling me in Kansas, looking to make brunch reservations at Cinderella's Castle. We were told to never let people know we weren't actually on the property. If a customer asked where we were located, we were told to say I'm at Disney. They would even write weather updates every half

Diehavok 273d Dated an actress , the weirdest she had was a man asking for him to be in the suit for an hour. Не offered her 3k ... 6.2k sarabeara12345678910 273d Which suit? ... 2k Diehavok 273d piglet ... 3.4k
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