31 of the Craziest Theme Park Experiences

Imagine being threatened by an entire family
31 of the Craziest Theme Park Experiences

Everyone knows that a good amusement park has to have boardwalk games, funnel cakes and the opportunity to get sprayed by vomit on a high-velocity roller coaster. Sometimes, though, the fun turns to chaos, and before you know it, an entire family is threatening to knife a park employee over losing $10 to a claw game. Or things go so far off-the-rails that somebody hurls a pumpkin at a guy’s throat. 

In that vein, here are some of the craziest amusement park experiences Redditors have had that were more than worth the price of admission. Now, anyone up for some fried pigeon?

kirball 7y A family of Irish travellers tried to get on a ride with a big backpack so the onloaders asked them to remove it. The ride guys noticed it was strangely heavy and felt like something was moving when they went to store it for them so they looked inside. Chickens. They'd been sneaking chickens onto the rides. ... 384
QTVenusaur91 . . 10y My friend was on Nitro in Six Flags NJ when his phone fell out of his pocket at the top of the first drop. The phone was dropping at the same rate as the ride and was floating in front of him on the way down and he was able to grab it. Fucking lucky as hell ... 56
TinyBahamut . & 8y I was stuck upside down on The Demon in Six Flags Great America. I was at a light angle (on my way down the loop, just barely) and it just was uncomfortable beyond reason. I was stuck there for almost an hour and it was really hot. Sitting on metal in heat plus being upside down is a terrible, terrible combination.
NeedsMoreTuba . 6y College student got upset when I told him he was too big to ride the 25 cent helicopter outside the arcade. There wasn't much I could do to stop him since it didn't require a ticket, so being unable to fit inside the actual helicopter, he climbed on top and held on to the fake propeller. Moments later I hear an epic bang against the side of the ticket booth. The hydraulic spring(?) thing on the bottom of the helicopter had broken, swaying him back and forth like a mechanical bull before flinging him off, right into
loreola . 8y Someone threw a small plastic pumpkin off of a ride going probably 40 mph and it hit me directly in the throat while I was standing in line ... 422
TheWorstGuitarist - 6y A Jamaican dude who must have been 6'10 told me he'd kill me because i wouldn't let him on the teacups. There was no room, I told him he could go on the next lot. ... 2.9k
ButtsinGerman . 6y Worked at a trampoline park for two years. Had a 13 year old kid shit his pants on the trampoline (yes 13). Mom calls Yells at me for letting this happen, saying I should've shown him to the restroom or some shit. I think she was just livid that her 13 year old shit his pants, and refuses to accept any sort of responsibility for the situation. Still had to clean up shit tho ... 337
SpaceCadetTooFarGone . 6y I didn't work there but I was present in 2007 at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky. The ride was called the Hellevator at the time and a cable snapped, severing limbs. That scared the shit out of me. I must add, I didn't witness it first-hand but saw the riders being removed and it was bloody as all hell. ... 130
CharForceOne . 6y I work at a go kart track, watched a woman break her leg and get a concussion after spinning out, panic throttling, and driving the wrong way up the track and getting hit head on by her husband that was going 40mph. ... 65
LovelyJubbleyy 10y My shoe came off on a roller coaster and landed in a lake, I just went home after that. ... 283
TempleMade_MeBroke . 6y I worked those not-quite-rigged games where you pay $2 to try to win a stuffed animal or basketball. One family was so upset over losing $10 that they threatened to wait for me at my car and knife me after work. The whole family. ... 7k
cheesewedge12 . 6y Worked at a water park in high school. They had one of those slides where you get dumped out into a big funnel and rock up one side then back down and up the other until you get funneled out. Well one of the workers wasn't doing his job right and let several heavy people into one group tube and went way over the weight limit. They went up one side, kept going, and fell 40 feet to the bottom of the funnel. I heard one of them died. They shut down the ride for a while after
budterz 12y When I was about 6 or 7 my family went to Disneyland in CA. I was riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with my mom. That ride has a drop down lap bar that holds in both riders sitting in the cart. My mom was obviously much bigger than me so the lap bar did not secure me. About halfway through the ride I slipped out of the seat to the floor of the cart and was hanging on for dear life as we flew around the turns ( the sides of the carts are open). You should have seen the
ilejk . 3y So I went to this carnival with me and my gf. She really wanted to go on the ferris wheel as a date thing. Anyway as we start to descend from the top my glasses get what I assumed was bird droppings. When we got off the wheel in better light it was cum not bird droppings. ... 28
ledtomadness . . 9y Worked at a Six flags as a sound technician, so I spent most of my time backstage with the characters and actors. One time I walked backstage to find a headless Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo having sex, costumes just unzipped, not off. Not exactly a horror story but definitely scarring. ... 112
TeakatKitty42.7 7y I worked at Busch Gardens Colonial Williamsburg as a teen. I worked near the train tracks and every day I was amazed how close the ducks would come to getting hit by that thing. Well one day one got too close and got ran over. The heart breaking part was that it was a mallard and his mate spent the next half hour or so quacking forlornly at his corpse until the maintenance guys finally showed up to clean it up. ... 208
SSwords . 6y I was in the guest service area and witnessed a woman screaming at the workers because she had gotten shit on by a bird. They were trying to steer her towards a gift shop where she could purchase a new shirt, which angered her even more. She really believed that the park was at fault, and was yelling what are you going to do about this!? at these poor kids working their summer jobs. I'm glad she got shit on. ... 822
Freshaccount7368 . 5y Lifeguarding at this lazy river tube pool, basically just tell kids to get back in their tubes all day. These two guys like 30 years old are arguing in polish or something floating all around the lazy river. They are on lap two or three of arguing and really going at it. One of them pulls a knife out of his trunks and stabs the other guys tube. Не walked around to the end with his popped tube while guy with the knife proceeds to just hop all the different fences to get outside the park and
biscuit272 6y I am not an employee but I seen this happen. I was at a local amusement park with my kids. There was a duck pond game where you pay $5 pick 2 ducks and if either of the ducks has a star at the bottom wins a stuffed animal, everyone else gets a little plastic piece of crap. My daughters were playing and there was another little girl playing at the same time. The little girl picked 2 ducks and neither of them had a star. The girls dad immediately starts saying the game was rigged and there
dorameawlove o 13h Last year Tokyo Disney reopened the It's A Small World ride and I went on it the day of reopen. It got stuck. For half an hour I sat there with the song blaring away in not-english, which was occasionally interrupted by the vaguely threatening announcement: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE HAPPIEST CRUISE THAT EVER SAILED....HAS STOPPED. ... Reply 4
M1n10nD4v3 . . 6y Guy lost his hat on a suspended rollercoaster and decided to climb the fence to get it back afterwards. Quite literally had his head kicked off by a lady on the ride as it went by, which also shattered her leg.
JN_Lawrence.6y Was running wac-a-mole Some guy lost and punched the winner in the throat. Called security and he was kicked out, and they gave the winner some free stuff to apologize.
Catalystic_mind 6y When I was in high school I was a face painter at a weekend festival involving a blue colored train who has adventures. Obviously we were just doing little trains on the kid's cheeks. However one child threw a huge fit that he wanted his face to look just like Thomas the Tank Engine. Which frankly looks really freaking creepy. However his dad insisted and paid extra. Cue to five minutes after I spend 15 minutes carefully painting this kid's face to have his psychotic mom go ballistic on me that I've ruined her family's day and now
davewinkwink 8y I was riding the superman, ride of steel at Darien Lake near Buffalo, ny and got hit right in the eye with a bug. I was wearing my contacts and upon impact my eye was burning so bad. I was alone at the park. When the ride came to the station the pain was only getting worse. I had to crawl out of my seat and wave to a worker who didn't speak much english. 20 minutes later, help arrived and they washed out my eye and couldn't find my contact. Called my ride and went to ER.
Yay_Rabies . 8y At WDW Florida my family went to Typhoon Lagoon for the day. They have a ride where you get fins, a mask and snorkel and just snorkel through a pool with a reef, fish and cute little sharks. I was a teen and having such a good time with my mom. We're both strong swimmers and we were literally swimming through the ride, dropping the gear, getting back in line and going again. That is until a guy who got in the pool behind me didn't know how to swim, panicked and did what any drowning person
MrFinch8604 . 9y I worked at a certain Amusement Park in Ohio that was considered America's Rollercoast in 2005. That summer, the transformer/generator of a particularly wicked roller coaster of a cyclonic nature blew, and we had to literally pull people back into the station with a rope tied to the car, and about 20 people. Instead of completely replacing it, they just worked at making it useable for the rest of the summer, and throughout the rest of the year, we would have the ride go into emergency shutdown mode at random times. We were told just to try
seestheirrelevant . 8y A bird flew into one of the deep fryers while I was working there. ... 450
Zeolance . 8y I had a seizure on a swinging ship ride. ... 203
Procratinat . 8y People at the last row of the roller-coaster puking when it reached the top and was about to go down to the slope ... 90
HManMoney.9y Someone puked on the sea dragon. Maintainence didn't show up so they just ran the ride until it went away and then they let people back on. ... 866
 . 6y The wife wouldn't let the dad go on a rollercoaster. Не proceeded to have a pretty big meltdown about how he just spent several hundred dollars on American Girl dolls, why the hell can't he spend $5 on a rollercoaster ride. ... 229
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