30 Funny But Effective Pieces of Advice

30 Funny But Effective Pieces of Advice

“Never watch TV while assembling a baby bed” sounds hilariously ominous, but it’s likely a good piece of advice. Now that you know it, you’ll likely think of it if you’re ever given the task. I mean, maybe you’ll watch TV anyway, but won’t you be a little nervous about screwing up this bed for a baby? 

That’s exactly the kind of funny, but effective advice Redditors have come forward and shared. If you’re looking for the simple secret to living a long life, a Broadway-esque way to get rid of wasps or a bizarre solution to the hiccups, keep on reading.

Express_Topic_4081 . . 1y My grandad lived to be 95. I asked him what the secret to a long happy life was. Не told me to mind my own business. 1.5k

BigT2190 . 1 1y A wise man once tole me: Buy a plunger before you need a plunger ... 365

Pyromanizac. 1y If you pretend to be more confident, over time you'll just become more confident and you won't have to pretend anymore. I was told this in high school and it stuck with me ... 304

Lt_Dickballs . 1y To improve your posture, pretend that you are shooting lasers out of your nipples and trying to shoot people in the head. ... 48.1k

-Blixx- . 1y Never watch TV while you are assembling a baby bed. It's my go to advice for parents to be. ... 256

 . 1y you can get into a lot of places wearing a hardhat and a high vis vest ... 531

Inttegers . 1y If you can't decide between two equally good options, flip a coin. If you're disappointed with your result, go with the losing side. ... 210

zephood75 . 1y Rinse your cereal bowl straight away. That stuff sets like concrete ... 15k

SauloJr . 1y Feeling sleepy? Turn your head back and look at the ceilling/sky for 5 seconds. Edit: To wake up a lil bit*. Also, seems to work the opposite way for some people, sorry ... 3.4k

Pavlos_UK · 1y Never miss an opportunity to have a piss. ... 498

butterflyslinky. 1y If you're ever writing something and get stuck, find a way to incorporate the word moist into the piece. It's an inherently unpleasant and unusable word, but trying to get it in there will get your brain working and produce more writing. ... 495

Sinelas . 1y Holding your breath for a prolonged time is extremely effective at getting rid of a boner. Instructions are clear, do not, I repeat do not hold your breath until you die, or you may end up getting your boner back. ... 23.9k

Ocsttiac o 1y When writing an e-mail, leave the recipient field until last. ... 31.4k BMLortz . 1y And add the attachments first! ... 14.2k

 1y Do Jazz hands in front of wasps and they'll fly away. You'll look like an Idiot, but its working

 1y My wife changed my world a while back when dealing with a bad attitude from my son. She simply asked, What do you think is going to come from this? I apply that to most things I do now. ... 2.5k

Yah-ThnPat-Thn . 1y If you have arthritis or some kind of injury in your knee, walking backwards for 10 minutes a day can help it significantly. It sounds crazy, and you will look crazy while doing it, but it really does work.

PhoenixEgg88 . . 1y The stupid 'Explain your code to a duck' thing. It fucking works. I explain things that dont work bit by bit to my kids stuffed animals and i can guarantee i spot the error 10x quicker than just looking for the error myself or running basic tests. ... 85

davedavegiveusawave . 1y Don't skimp on anything between you and the ground. Shoes, tyres, beds, chairs. Even parachutes... ... 316

Grouchy-Doughnut-599 . 1y If you have to deliver a speech or presentation, do a practice run of the whole thing with your tongue out. You sound ridiculous and stumble words but this makes you less likely to do it 'on the night' and less nerves. ... 92

Typical-me- . 1y From my 7 year old daughter... still laugh about it today. If you're ever in an awkward situation with someone or need to just go away- you could always pretend to choke on something. I don't know where this came from but it's funny AND it works. You just run away to get a glass of water. ... 1.3k

limegreenbunny.1 1y Get someone to warm to you by asking them for a small favour - not asking to do something for them, but asking them to do something for you. I have no idea why this works, but it does. ... 20.3k

erox70 . 1y While walking with a full glass or tray of water, try walking naturally and don't pay attention to the water. Your natural gait is even and level (assuming you don't have one leg shorter than the other or anything like that), while walking slow and trying to keep the water level will have the opposite effect. ... 273

YeahYeahButNah . 1y Heard on reddit a year ago. If one person is an asshole during your day then they are an asshole. If everyone is being an asshole during your day then YOU are the asshole ... 128

Onyx_Sentinel . 1y When someone tells you about their problem, just repeat what they said in your words. That person will like you more as a result. Works every time and everyone can do it ... 467

United_Cow_9719 . . 1y Opening bananas from the bottom is easier. Literally just squeeze the black tip and it just pops open for easy peeling. Monkeys do it cause they know wassup wit it ... 151

diosdetruenos . 1y A trainer once told me don't ever stick your finger (or any other appendage) anywhwere you wouldn't put your dick. I have worked in all kinds of heavy industry settings and still have all my fingers. ... 104

Galaxy-Chaos 1y How to unclog your nose. Close your mouth and pinch your nose so you can't breath. Shake your head up and down until you need to breath. Remove you hand from your nose and breath (through your nose not your mouth). Been doing this for a while now and it's pretty effective. ... 26k

sinisterSoup . 1y A coworker told me that when someone has the hiccups you tell them you're not a fish. The amount of times this has worked has convinced me she's a witch. I have texted her at least a half-dozen times whenever it worked. At one point while I had the hiccups and asked a friend to tell me I'm not a fish. Worked. Fucking sorcery. ... 817

LeskoLesko 1y Stressed, upset, panic attack, ennui? Put an ice cube in your hand. Move it around your hand until it slowly melts. It takes about 5 minutes. Primary Effect: the cold on your skin grabs your brain's attention. You stop thinking about what was stressing you out and feel present in the moment. Secondary Effect: the cold cools your blood, which goes into your heart and slows down the beating. As your heart beat slows to maintain your body heat, your lungs breathe more slowly as well. It forces you to breathe, which calms you down. After 5 minutes

 . 1y Everybody poops. I was talking to one of the higher-ups at my job and he told me this when I expressed anxiety about our meeting. Не said someone told him that once when he was in my position and it puts everyone on the same level; so it makes it less intimidating. Everybody poops. ... 47
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