19 Funny, Bizarre or OSHA-Violating Incidents Witnessed by Construction Workers

These fellas are keeping antics alive
19 Funny, Bizarre or OSHA-Violating Incidents Witnessed by Construction Workers

So many construction worker traditions have fallen by the wayside. They no longer sit on a precariously high beam while dangling their feet and eating a homemade sandwich from a metal lunchbox. They also no longer catcall women with the same vigor they once did. But despite these advancements being for the best, we needed to know if construction workers were still getting up to some kind of antics on the job. Thankfully, they are. Whether it’s a port-a-potty problem, a dildo discovery or a pant-shitting incident (there’s multiple), the tales from construction workers below let us know they’re doing everything they can to keep old traditions alive.

GOnarch1988 . 3 343d A guy spilled some gas on himself and someone joked around saying, just burn it off.... so of course he lit it up and realized what he did and swan dived into a mound of snow.... no injuries but pure entertainment. ... Reply 17
itrytosnowboard . . 204d Working across the street from a jail. Prisoner escaped onto the roof. DOC officers had the lull operator lift them onto the roof to catch the guy. Fun day. ... Reply 4
bitter_pumpkin649 . 1y I was walking a site when I start hearing weird noises so I turn the corner and I see two big guys in a scissor lift and it's not moving up and they are trying to jump to get it moving but it's only a 500lb capacity scissor lift so I suggest one get out and sure enough, it starts going up then I told them to lay off the food truck for a bit.. that shit was hilarious ... Reply 74
MrRayV . 1 1y Had a guy drilling into a concrete ceiling to locate the area but above him was a porta potty. Drilled through that porta potty and made it rain on himself. ... Reply 8
RKO36 1y We called the hall for a guy. Не ended up quitting in the middle of the shift a few days later, but that's not the interesting part. Не apparently showed the entire crew his dick within two hours of getting on site the first day. Some such story about how a crazy wife or girlfriend cut it up. People, man... ... Reply 43
SLC_Skunk 1y My apprentice came in hungover, went and hid in the walk-in closet and passed out on the osb floor. On his 3rd day. ... Reply 81
mount_curve . 1y Grown man looks me in the face and says do you think they send you home if you shit yourself? I was like haha idk dude: let me go check * wanders off * ... Reply 139
Dire-Dog . 1y We had an oddball guy years ago who would disappear for 30min to an hour each day. No one knew where he went. One day I was sent to go looking for him since we had a big pour going on. Found him jerking off in an old jobsite trailer. We kept him around for a while after but we made his life a living hell. Не quit after a week of everyone teasing him. Rumor was he'd been jerking it to undies so we called him 'grannie panties' ... Reply 38
prkchop7 . 1 1y Guy ran out of TP. Cut the front of shirt from bottom up and took a chunk. Same guy shit his pants and took the hose into the blue room with him and proceeded to use the bidet. The amount of water coming from under the door was hilarious. ... Reply 57
Dire-Dog . 266d A guy at work shit his pants but then he made the mistake of telling his supervisor. It took about half an hour for the entire site to know what he'd done lol. Someone misread the plans and a house was built facing the opposite direction it was intended. ... Reply 71
CategoryTurbulent114 . 1y I worked with a guy named Burt and one day he showed up with a huge bag full of loaves of bread. Не sat it down on our table and said hey my daughter works at Panera's and brought a bunch of extra bread home if you guys want some of it. So one of the guys grabbed a loaf and it was hard as a rock. Не threw it at me and I caught it and he said he could be a wide receiver. And then we had a good fight with 50 loves of bread.
 1y Found two dildos in the ceiling at a dentists office we were renovating. When we went back the next day to show fellow carpenters, they were gone! ... Reply 11
Whistler45 1y This ones messed up: Two framers hanging out the night before had an argument. They came into work the next day and keep working together. They start talking about the night before an then get into it again. One of em tells the other, if you keep talking I'm gonna smack you in the face with this hammer. Well the other one keeps talking shit and gets smacked across the face with a hammer. It sprays blood across the tile wall. In 20 minutes one has gone to jail and the other to the hospital. I went back
Bulky_Football_8747 . 1 1y Guy rips is pants just below his pockets, he completes the rip and begins to walk around in daisy dukes. Couldn't keep it together when he came walking. ... Reply 60
particularswamp 266d Doing a 9 pitch roof and ripped a giant fart. When my coworker smelled it he started laughing and gagging so hard he slipped and slid down to the last board we had before the edge. We never stopped laughing. Might have laughed to the ground. ... Reply 45
xlitawit 1y I was doing a remodel on what was to be an FBI office. Weird shit in there, btw, super-reinforced walls for the interview room, my boss said it was would be where they handcuffed ppl to the wall, HVAC had bars in it so nobody could do a Die Hard and crawl through, bulletproof glass, etc.. Anyway, they said, tomorrow, your ID will be taken at the door, all phones will be kept at the desk, if you need to use the bathroom, you will be escorted. Half the painting and drywall guys got arrested on the spot
dagr8npwrfl0z 1y Police show up on a residential job and ask for everyone to line up in the driveway.. woman walks up with another officer with one of those tall poodle dogs in tow. Lady points right at the new guy, says that's him right there , got it all on camera  even her rolling in it motioning towards the dog. New guy turns beat red, and the officers escort him into a cruiser. Found out later he jumped a fence and took a shit in the neighbors yard. Their dog found it, and proceeded to deposit it on the
1 TheArgonDon. 1y Had a drunk insulator slashing at people with his knife, go up a scissor lift about 30 feet, threatened to jump. GC had to talk him down... Weird day ... Reply 91
No-Valuable8008 . 1y Apprentice goes to the toilet on site. Builder I was working for wasn't paying his store accounts, so the portaloo mob came to pick it up unannounced. They spoke to no one and just strated craning it on the truck, meanwhile the apprentice is mid shit and opens the door in the air to tell at the crane truck guy to put him down ... Reply 73
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