17 of the Funniest Ways People Got Revenge on Their Horrible Co-Workers

It’s toothpaste sandwich time
17 of the Funniest Ways People Got Revenge on Their Horrible Co-Workers

Many employers insist that their workplace is “like a family,” and while they mean this in a positive sense, anyone who comes from a dysfunctional family knows there’s another way to interpret that statement. The main objective of having a job is to do the work and get paid, but things tend to be less simple and straightforward when you factor in tyrannical bosses, annoying co-workers and forced team-building exercises. Juggling all of those variables is enough to push anyone over the edge — especially if someone also keeps eating your lunch

Redditors have clocked in to share the best ways they got back at their problem-causing co-workers, and according to one of them, revenge is a dish best served as a toothpaste sandwich.    

prustage 6y I worked for an architect who never attended to detail and had a load of failures as a result. On the day I refused to give the go ahead on a design that I knew would fail - because of problems in the unimportant detail - I was fired. The last thing I had to do was supervise the printing of company letterheads, business cards and AO drawing sheets. They were supposed to say McDonald, Sweet and Partners, Chartered Architects. At the last minute I altered the proofs to say McDonald, Sweet and Partners, Chartered Artichokes Of course, not being a detail
 . 6y I once had a colleague I hated (he was very condescending and really arrogant), so I put an extra Bluetooth receiver in his computer for a computer mouse and kept the mouse in my drawer. I would just open my drawer and it would mess his shit right up. Kept it going for like 2 months. Не was about to murder the world when I thought I better stop. ... 20.2k
camfunction 12y Company I worked at for many years fired me without warning. My boss was a fucking strange guy, and I had seen him fire other people without warning as well. Не always offered to let people stay on for 60 days so they could find new work. But they would have to sign a document stating that they were voluntarily walking off the job and waiving all right to unemployment. When he fired me, he also gave me the option. I did not accept, as it seemed a lot better deal to have unemployment in case I could
PM_ME_AMAZON_DOLLARS . 6y I worked for Playboy clothing for a four day runway show. We were told we could have a number of clothing items in addition to our pay. I had my eye on one shirt in particular that I really liked. I wasn't too fond of most of the other clothing. After the second day they told a few of us they didn't need us the last two days, which meant we were out of a lot of money. And it was now too late to work for another company for the same show, so we were pissed. They
beefwich 12y I stole the hubcaps off his car about fifteen times. No shit-- he just kept buying more of them. After the fifth or sixth set, he started getting hyper paranoid and I thought it was getting mean-- but then he filed a formal complaint on me for not holding the elevator for him. So I just kept doing it. I think it came down to a matter of personal pride for him. Не was going to show that thief that he'd spend $100,000 on hubcaps if need be-- but he'd outlast him! Sometimes I'd go a few weeks
theshinepolicy 12y I used to work at a sandwich shop/bakery in Nashville and my shift started at 6 am. The horrible, prissy bitch manager would call your ass at 6:01 if you weren't there and flip her shit. I had taken a weekend off to travel to New York to play a show (shameless plug), and when she realized she forgot to take me off the schedule, she tried to get me to cancel my trip. When I said we had already booked a show, she told me my music sucked and the girl singer of our band was too
 12y I worked at a large nightclub. Our rated capacity was 1000 people. We got a new general manager that turned into a complete asstard. Не would make comments about employees and constantly make fun of them. Не would also tell the same stories over and over again. One day when me and my buddy were closing the place down and doing the nightly reports I saw a jar of jelly beans on the general managers desk. I proceeded to rub my hands all over my sweaty balls and run them through his jelly beans. I then just dipped
 12y I had a manager at a clothing store who just went on a power trip anytime the boss was around, tell them how much she was selling and that the store basically ran only because of her. She would use her ID card to ring up our sells. Anyway. Valentine Day came around and I bought one of those huge box of chocolate shaped like a heart and put it in the backroom with a note from the Boss (whom was married), telling her how much he cared for her and that he wishes they could spend more
 . 12y Someone kept stealing my lunch at work, and me being the pacifist that I am decided to just mention it casually to my wife. I didnt think it was a big deal, but these were the sandwiches that SHE made for me every day. She decided to make a special sandwich for me which consisted of Bread and tooth paste. I put it in the fridge and after lunch it was gone. I dont know if the sandwich was actually consumed, but I told HR about it and they thought it was so awesome, they gave me
0124NN . 6y I was in a big meeting (50 managers/supervisors) and two high level guys made fun of my car (Subaru Outback) in their presentation. I had access to their personal info (phone #, address, emails) and sent it to the Subaru sales group, asking for a test drive/quotes/ etc. They got spammed pretty well for a while. ... 1.1k
thatgirl153 12y Our company was giving us employees an appreciation lunch and had requested a small group of employees to plan and execute the event. On the day of the event upper management got a stick up their butts and decided that the planning committee was using up too much company time. They told us that any of us who worked the luncheon (serving and cleaning up) would have to do it on our lunch breaks or stay late to make up the time. We of course found this unacceptable. Prior to the luncheon we had a huge meeting where
cohampton . . 6y Popcorn in the microwave set on high for 30 minutes. ... 31
GeorgePukas 12y Only kind of related, but had a verbally abusive boss who would make physically impossible demands and thought she was queen of the workplace... which she was cause her supervisors let her do whatetever, even after I reported all this. So during one of her tantrums in which about 12 hours of work is being laid on me at 4 PM that has to be done by tomorrow, I tell her, fine I quit. YOU CAN'T QUIT! YOU HAVE TO GIVE 2 WEEKS NOTICE. What? No I don't, good bye and good luck with all that work that
thedevilsdictionary. 1 12y Called OSHA ... 370
xylerium 12y Simple. Posted an ad on Craigslist for an insanely good deal for a 42 Plasma. Left co-worker's office #, cell #, and email as ways to get in touch. Lather, rinse, repeat. ... 228
GraphicsNightmare . 6y I deleted the documents containing login details for all the marketing strategy files, social media, webservers and my documents. Excluding those deleted files, my brain is the only other place all those passwords are saved. The company lost 40% of annual profits in the next 4 weeks. You sack me for nothing, you will pay with everything. ... 71
316nuts . 12y Worked at a company that did phone surveys. Probably 250 worked there at any given time. Prick boss pushed and then tripped me-.a practical joke gone awry. I had worked there many years and ran system back ups on the weekend. Nothing fancy, just babysit the computers after typing in a few lines of unix commands. Thanks in part to this, I had just enough access to the system to crash the entire dialing floor for three hours. 250 sitting, doing nothing, .being paid on crunch day. Didn't get in trouble. Felt good, man. ... 187
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