23 of the Funniest Themed Parties People Have Attended

It’s time for a Tetris party
23 of the Funniest Themed Parties People Have Attended

Holiday party season usually means an onslaught of gatherings that require wearing an ugly sweater. While this was once unique and slightly interesting, it’s time we break from tradition. Some of society’s greatest minds have cooked up much better themed parties, and we need to start following in their footsteps. One Redditor, for example, attended a gathering where the entire theme was a surprise party for the pizza delivery guy they’d ordered from. Another attended a Tetris party where people had to keep reconfiguring themselves all night. That’s real fun. 

We rounded up more interesting party ideas below, and if they don’t inspire you to go all out for your next rager, you’re a lost cause. 

blagojevich06 . 10y The Berlin Wall Party: The party needs to be in a venue that can be divided into two sections, ideally a two storey house. One section is the West and the other is the East. In the West, everybody can dress how they like and bring their own alcohol - whatever they like. However, no sharing of alcohol is permitted and no communal alcohol is provided. Everyone has to rely on their own supplies. In the East, everybody wears the same grey tracksuits and a single brand of cheap beer is provided. People may not bring their own drinks. If anyone
CANOODLING_SOCIOPATH . 10y pun party. Attempt to dress up like a pun. The concept isn't that great but I saw some great costumes. The best was the guy who dressed up as a premature ejaculation. Не decided to show up wearing only pants, nothing else. Then people would ask what he dressed up as he would say he just came in his pants. ... 2.7k
drfaum . 10y The Player Hater's Ball. Everyone dresses as ridiculously pimped out as they can, and you spend the night insulting each other. ... 1.8k
the_zechman 10y My favorite theme I've seen is called Tequila Mockingbird You dress up as characters from books BUT, it has to have an alcoholic twist. ... 2.3k
lividcats 10y Wizard parties. Everytime you finish a beer you tape it to the rest of your finished beers, thus creating a staff. The bigger your staff the higher class of wizard you are. You can boss around all wizards below your class to do literally anything you want them to (usually within reason but not always...). You can also have staff duels which are basically sword fights. If your staff breaks it becomes as small as the half in your hand and you have to continue from that point. Makes for a night of a lot of drinking due
mispeledwurdz 10y The Communist Party. Wear mustaches, big coats, accents, etc. Red Army Choir album on in the background. Drinks are vodka and beer. Potatoes and bread to eat. Propaganda posters and USSR flags all over the walls. At midnight, the USSR falls and Freedom arrives. Basically everyone is drunk and having a good time by Midnight and then Uncle Sam (Literally my friend in an Uncle Sam costume comes from upstairs) kicks the party into Liberty-overdrive. Wide variety of alcohols are wheeled out, kick ass food served, modern music. Everyone gets to rip down the posters and sheds the
TheRealWadeWilson 10y Snow pants or no pants is an old favorite of mine. ... 45
uses-reddit . 1 10y viagra and sweatpants ... 1.9k
AIGrythim . 10y Dungeons & Drag queens ... 1.3k
albert_of_lion . 10y Best party theme I ever saw was Zero Dark Thirsty. You can only imagine how that party turned out. ... 10
nellfromthemovienell . 10y Tetris. Everyone came dressed as a shape and then we would spend the night re-arranging in different configurations. ... 525
Cryano . 10y I've always wanted to throw a party where everyone dresses in costume appropriate to the year that corresponds with their house address. If your house is at 1889 Whatever St, you come dressed in Victorian gear. 104 South Nonsense Blvd? Dress in a Roman toga. Any number above the current year, you get to dress like Captain Kirk or make up weird futuristic shit. ... 1.2k
shnebb . 10y 1. Everyone buys shitty costumes. 2. Each person puts said shitty costume into a trash bag. 3. Bring bagged costumes to party. 4. Randomly distribute costumes. 5. Put on random costume. 6. ??? 7. Party! ... 143
Sarcastic_Redneck. 10y Dress as your favorite alcohol drink's typical drinker. I went as Jack Daniels sporting some coveralls and Cowboy hat. ... 541
ShirtlessRob 10y A-B-C Anything but cups! Best party ever. Everyone bring a non cup to drink out of (ie dog bowl, old scuba helm, cone, leather bag). Can't put most cups down so everyone gets extra hammered.. ... 1.5k
katmelv . 1 10y tell everyone a different theme and ask them not to discuss costumes with each other so its a surprise for everyone at the party! ... 60
yossarianlives54 . 1 10y Come as you were - everyone dressed as they would have in high school ... 1.8k
bodhemon . 10y The best party I ever went to was $5 for invited guests and you received $500 in Monopoly money. Then you make wagers with people or dares all night and the person with the most Monopoly money gets the real money. I made out with at least three different girls and ended up going home with another one. It really picked up when I realized I could 'dare' people to make out with me ... 117
maedma13 . 10y The best costume party that I ever went to, where everybody put in colossal effort, was themed; I can't believe you wore that. We all just dressed up as ridiculously as possible and watched as the the hilarity ensued. It probably wasn't the most original but holy shit it provided for some good laughs. I went in an Elvis Presley Sex Fetish costume; flares and ALSO assless chaps. Other costumes: someone wearing nothing but an adult diaper and a pacifier, somebody wearing a Borat bikini, people dressed as Pimps, Hoes and a vast sea of horrific Hawaiian
BeadleBelfry . 10y My friend is having a John Hughes themed house- warming party in two weeks. I'll be going as Duckie from Pretty in Pink. ... 401
smitherinos . . 10y Rubiks Cube party! Turn up wearing different coloured clothing, then swap with people and leave wearing one colour. Genius. ... 2.9k
boringusernames . 10y A recession dressin' party. You can only wear a total of $15.00 (or some other predetermined amount) of clothing. You must have the receipts taped to the articles of clothing. So you can choose to wear cheap exterior clothing and no underwear or just wear slightly more expensive underwear. ... 968
lola0220 . 10y On Friday I went to a party where the idea was to throw a surprise party for the pizza delivery guy. We made signs and got silly string and then ordered pizza. When the guy delivered the pizza we yelled surprise and sprayed silly string. The guy didn't react much which kinda sucked but the idea was really fun. After that we ate the pizza and got drunk. ... 218
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