23 of the Most Hilarious Wikipedia Pages

One of them covers a contentious bathroom argument
23 of the Most Hilarious Wikipedia Pages

We really don’t take enough time to stop and be amazed by the fact that we hold a repository of all the world’s knowledge on a device that fits in our pockets. You can tell because we don’t do that at least 57 times per day. There used to be a time when someone would wonder aloud who invented Silly String and everyone would just say, “Yeah, wow, I don’t know,” and go on with their day, but now you can tell them it was Leonard A. Fish and Robert P. Cox. They were trying to invent a medical product. Yeah, seriously.

In fact, there are a lot of funny stories like that on Wikipedia. Humans are a hilarious species, so it’s only natural that our comprehensive history would include a lot of wacky hijinks. As a result, when user EveryGoodUNWasTaken asked r/AskReddit, “What is the most hilarious Wikipedia page you know of?” Redditors didn’t have to dive very far into their bookmarks to answer.

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