28 Inventions That Failed Their Task Successfully

That’s what you get for trying!
28 Inventions That Failed Their Task Successfully

Failing is hard. But it’s important to remember: Nothing important has ever, ever been accomplished on purpose, so the best thing to do is to just give up the minute you encounter adversity.

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CRACKED.COM EYELINER WAS AN OLD-TIMEY FORM OF SUNGLASSES. Ancient Egyptians were among the first to wear eyeliner. They didn't do it to look fabulous (although they probably did), but to reduce the sun's glare. There's also evidence it was effective at preventing bacterial infections.
COCA-COLA WAS ADVERTISED FOR ITS HEALTH EFFECTS. Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Соса-Соӏа was born during a health craze for sodas in the late 19th century. Its creator, an Atlanta pharmacist named John Pemberton, claimed it cured everything from depression and nervousness to morphine addiction. The secret ingredient was cocaine, which was later removed from the formula. CRACKED.COM
CRACKED.COM CHAINSAWS WERE INVENTED TO HELP DURING CHILDBIRTH E STIHL Because the past is a horror movie, early chainsaws weren't used to cut trees, but human bones. The first medical chainsaw is credited to two 18th-century Scottish doctors, and it was used to saw through the pelvic bone during difficult childbirths.
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