31 ‘Kid-Friendly’ Things That Were Actually Terrifying

31 ‘Kid-Friendly’ Things That Were Actually Terrifying

We're pretty sure the people who make movies and shows for children are having a secret competition wherein they try to traumatize as many generations of youth as possible. We only say that because we have no other explanation for how these scenes ended up making their respective finished products.

Entry by kiwijesus

CRACKEDcO Once Upon a Forest HEAVY MACHINERY Ferngully WILL The Secret of Nimh MURDER YOU

Entry by Brooklyned

with our very Spegial guest the Swedish Chef with the disembodied Gorpse hands CRACKEDCON COM

Entry by Zacinto

31 ‘Kid-Friendly’ Things That Were Actually Terrifying

Entry by exbelle

The Berenstain Bears Specifically, their extremely sharp claws

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