25 Doomed Movie and TV Relationships

Why do we get emotionally invested in so many high school sweethearts?
25 Doomed Movie and TV Relationships

Movies and shows are all about relationships, of both the platonic and romantic variety. But the weird thing is, a lot of those friendships and romances make no sense once you think about them. Its not just that some couples or besties have no future together. Its that they wouldnt even know each other in the first place. For example…

The Breakfast Andrew and Allison Club might be the worst romance to ever grace the screen. They have nothing in common, have wildly incompatible perso
There is barely a shred of similarity between Ted and Robin from How I Met Your Mother. But yet they end up together in the end. Ted is convinced that
Why are Bart and Milhouse friends? Bart is a brash troublemaker and Milhouse is an anxiety-prone wimp. CRACKEDCON
TRANSFORITERS SAM AND BUMBLEBEE So an alien creature whose biology and culture is intrinsically different from ours decides to waste precious time awa
CRACKED.COM No couple in Doctor Who made less sense than Martha and Mickey. Mickey was a lazy slacker, Martha was a medical student. Aside from their
In Clueless, Cher realizes she's in love with her ex-stepbrother, Josh. Even though they're not related by blood, it would still be weird. They were l
Notting Hill Will and Anna's relationship is anything but romantic. Anna is a movie star who dates Will while she is in a relationship with someone el
In Warm Bodies, R wins over Julie by shielding her from a fall. A few days earlier, R was a zombie and he ate Julie's boyfriend. Somehow that doesn't
CRACKED ANAKIN: Creepy Immature Stalker PADME: Dignified Queen and SSTAR Senator WARS What Could Go Wrong?
S BIGBANGTHEORY actress/ waitress Ph.D. in turned sales rep experimental physics extrovert introvert mocks the nerd nerd culture What will they talk a
The fact that CRACKED c COM Eric and Donna stay together for the majority of the series makes no sense. That 7Os Show Yes Eric and Donna are neighbors
CRACKEDCON DRACOXIRAL I still don't understand how Goku and Chi-Chi are married. She constantly yells at Goku because he likes to train and fight. She
MR. ROBOT ELLIOT AND SHAYLA So we are supposed to believe the schizophrenic who cries himself to sleep because he is so lonely can score a girlfriend
STAR THE RISE OF SKYWALKER AR KYLO REN AND REY It's ok to play with the trope of good girls liking bad boys but most would draw the line at space me
CRACKED CO ALF In the 80s society, having won the Space Race... You want Us to believe Willie Tanner would've endangered his family to get to know the
John is lying to Claire and Claire has a serious boyfriend... but those are pretty ypical hurdles to overcome in a rom-com. WEDDING CRAU CRASHERS Howe
In Back to the Future, Marty is a cool high school kid and Doc is a weird, old scientist. It makes no sense that the two of them would ever cross path
Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff's romance comes out of nowhere. They barely interact, and when they do, it mostly consists of... ...deception... ...
We think of Jack and Rose as one of Hollywood's iconic couples, but were they? TITANIC The class-driven ship accommodations would've made it nearly im
That Jackie looks down on Fez for being a foreigner 70s through all of That Show '70s Show. But then at the end of Season 8, she wants to be his girlf
At any other high school, the popular kids would bully Screech into oblivion IF they gave him any attention at all.
CRACKEDCON Parks and Recreation It's impossible to believe that a no-nonsense medical professional like Ann would not only date an immature moron like
GRACKEDCO Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Harry shouldn't have ended up with Ginny. Firstly, she's his best friend's sister, which inhere
Jonathan and Nancy from Stranger Things are only a couple because they experienced something traumatic together. Before that, he was her stalker and t
I never understood why Ferris and Cameron were best friends in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Most of the time, when they weren't fighting, Ferris was eith
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