29 Tasty Backstories to the Food We Love

Hungry? This history lesson might just solve that for you
29 Tasty Backstories to the Food We Love

Even though were better than weve ever been at keeping food safe and healthy, people still manage to find things to complain about. GMOs, gluten, organics, etc. Well, buckle up. It turns out these foods and drinks have wild, weird, interesting histories that should make you completely forget about whether their packaging is recycled.

CRACKED COM V 0 In ancient Ireland and Scotland. butter was such a valued .commodity that it was used to pay rent and taxes:
Bread actually predates agriculture by four thousand years. Archaeologists found the charred remains of 14-millennia-old bread at a hunter-gatherer si
Dr. James Salisbury invented Salisbury steak as a treatment for his patients with anemia, colitis, gout, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, tuberculosis, a
Attila the Hun's army cured meat by placing it under the saddle. As they rode, their horses' salty sweat would gather around the pieces of meat, makin
Vindaloo was actually exported to India by Portuguese explorers. Although a mainstay in most Indian restaurants, vindaloo is originally a Portuguese d
29 Tasty Backstories to the Food We Love
In France, French toast is known as pain predu, which means lost bread. The name French toast came about in the 17th century in England. Poor Euro
Back in the 1900s, before the waffle cone was invented, ice cream was served in small glass cups and sold for a penny - aptly named 'penny licks.' Cus
Although Macarons were popularized in France, they're originally from Italy. Catherine de' Medici's Italian pastry chefs are believed to have brought
Cheesecake came before cream cheese. The roots of cheesecake can be traced back to ancient Greece. Instead of using cream cheese, the Greeks simply po
Pozole, a traditional Mexican stew, has origins in cannibalism. re-Hispanic people prepared it with the flesh of human sacrifices during festivals. Th
CRACKED CON The original chocolate chip cookie recipe was sold to Nestle for $1.
Frozen concentrated orange juice was GRADI invented by the U.S. government. Facts Seiam 04 i4gars240 Prepared) Petassium 4-0mo %Protein 00 Servins Cal
Even In-N-Out doesn't know the origin of the name for their ever popular secret ANIMAL FRIES. OL CRACKED CON
Eggnog was invented in medieval Britain. Because the ingredients were expensive, the nobility used eggnog in toasts to show off their wealth. CRACKED
CRACKED CO COM Ancient Romans used the precursor of the modern wedding cake in marriage ceremonies. The groom would break the cake (made out of wheat
In the Middle Ages, bread was used as a plate. Trencher bread from Wroclaw, Poland People ate food off of thick, flat slices of trencher bread (which
Ever wondered where all those fortunes in your cookes come from? Thank Donald Lau. burn You will in 30 years. out Donald was the Chief Fortune Writer
Coffee was originally consumed as a food before it became a beverage. Years before the innovation of coffee as a drink, coffee berries were mixed with
Fred Baur, the man who designed the Pringles container, had some of his ashes buried inside a classic-flavored one. Original Prin OBiLE WIN'TER les GA
The first meal eaten in outer space was a beef and liver paste in a tube. At the time of the first space explorations, no one knew if humans could swa
Processed cheese is considered to be an all-American food, but it was originally made in Switzerland (and shipped overseas) by Walter Gerber and Fritz
The Mayans once used cocoa beans as currency. They even faced the same problem as contemporaryl banknotes and coins - counterfeiting. Mayan forgers wo
For centuries, pizza was sweet food. Ingredients like jam, currants, and milk were common in traditional pizza recipes. Savory pizza recipes, with ing
CRACKED COM Thomas Jefferson made ice cream big in the U.S. In the early 1800s, everyone paid attention to what the president served his guests, and J
CRACKED COM Peanut butter was created as a health food for rich people. It was invented as a way for patients at very high-end health resorts to get l
KRellogals The creation of Pop-Tarts was a result of innovations in dog food. toster pastrine In the early 1960s, General Foods used the technology th
The recipe for pound cake was created to accommodate the mostly illiterate cooks of the 1700s. For simplicity, it called for one pound of each of the
Danish pastries are actually French and were introduced to Denmark because of a bakers' strike. At the time of the strike, the pastry was already popu


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