33 Underrated Movies and Shows That Deserve More Respect

33 Underrated Movies and Shows That Deserve More Respect

Theres so much entertainment coming at us right now that it’s pretty easy to miss out on a great movie or TV show (or three). To remedy that situation, we asked readers to recommend great movies and shows that were tragically underrated and unappreciated at the time of their release. Here’s what they told us…

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKED COM THE FOUNTAIN Darren Aronofsky's critical and commercial flop is just as visually ambitious as 2001: A Space Odyssey, and includes one of H

Entry by Adam Nixon

CRACKED COM GREMLINS2 doesn't command the same respect as the classic original... but it should. It's a brilliant satire that pokes fun not only at it

Entry by Ben Jessey

Hello Ladies is overlooked due to Stephan Merchant being without his usual and more famous partner Ricky Gervais. Hello Ladies Yet, Hello Ladies provi

Entry by Ben Jessey

HOW TO BE SINGLE How To Be Single is an underrated rom-com that's funny and has surprising depth. It also avoids usual rom-com conventions by showing
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