31 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Video Games

We almost got Ivan the Space Biker instead of Gordon Freeman
31 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Video Games

Sick of playing video games? Of course, you aren’t, but we bet you can’t play a video game this very moment or you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading instead of tapping arrows. If that’s the case, why not read a few video-game fun facts about your favorite way to pass your limited life on this planet? After all, the amazing developers spent a lot of time creating that game you’ll only play through once, so you might as well spend a few moments appreciating their effort through trivia about the work they accomplished.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim lets players identify the dragon in the introduction...if they get close enough

THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM LETS PLAYERS IDENTIFY THE DRAGON IN THE INTRODUCTION, IF THEY CAN GET CLOSE ENOUGH. CRACKED COM In the opening cinematic of Skyrim, a dragon begins to wreak havoc and allows you to escape execution. Getting close enough to the dragon will show his name on your HUD, revealing he is Alduin, the harbinger of the apocalypse throughout the Elder Scrolls series.

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Street Fighter was born during a dull meeting.

STREET FIGHTER WAS BORN DURING A DULL MEETING. 100 STATEST FRIENTER Capcom programmer Takashi Nishiyama was getting really bored during a long meeting, so he started thinking about martial arts games, and the boss fights in those games, and wouldn't it be cool to make a game that was all about those boss fights. CRACKED.COM


Pokemon GO made people hunt for monsters literally everywhere.

Pokemon GO made people hunt for monsters literally everywhere. 35 GRACKED COM The gaming phenomenon caused people to break laws like trespassing and loitering, and various venues (like holocaust museums) ended up banning it.

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You could fit all the game developers of Pokemon Blue and Red into a minivan

BEHIND-THE-SCENES SFACTS YOU COULD FIT ALL THE GAME DEVELOPERS INTO A MINIVAN. Ken Sugimori Junichi Masuda Koji Nishino art director composer planner Shigeki Morimoto Tetsuya Watanabe GRACKED.COM programmer programmer It took 6 years with a team of only 8 to bring the original game to life. By comparison, it took 100 individuals to make Let's Go: Pikachu & Eevee, an updated retelling of the first generation of games for the Nintendo Switch.


The Gamecube V2 Keyboard Controller was probably the most difficult-to-hold controller

Gamecube V2 Keyboard Controller CRACKED.COM Finally Gamecube players have the ability to swear at others in online chat. They just need the most difficult-to-hold controller possible to do it.


"No More Heroes" wants you to erect a sword.

No More Heroes wants you to erect a sword. 1 . CRACKED.COM The Wii game, unusually horny for a Nintendo release, has more than a few suggestive portions. The most egregious is one you can't avoid, which charges Travis' beam katana by vigorously pumping the Wiimote, causing the limp weapon to become rigid.


Capcom was against mirror matches

CAPCOM WAS AGAINST MIRROR MATCHES. STREET FIGHTER Why would anyone want to play the same character? the top brass said when the American team pitched the idea. Meanwhile, players were frustrated they couldn't do exactly that. The idea got traction eventually, though, and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition came out. CRACKED.COM


This game actually hurt people who sucked at it.

This game actually hurt people who sucked at it. CRACKED.COM The PainStation, a German creation, is a two-player Pong-like game. Players can get shocked, whipped, or burned by the console.



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