30 General Now-You-Know Facts They Didn’t Teach in School

30 General Now-You-Know Facts They Didn’t Teach in School

Like Blink-182 said: School sucks (we know). Yea, theres the whole getting up early thing, bullies, homework and lame teachers. On top of that, though, its all the things that don’t happen at school that really bum us out. For example, think of all the radical now-you-know facts that they never teach you in the hallowed halls of the public school system. Case in point: We bet you didnt know about our boy Ken Allen, the orangutan, who not only escaped multiple times from his zoo enclosure, but actually taught other animals how to escape as well.

Heres more about that and 29 other interesting tidbits about pop culture, art, science and more… 

A man punched a hole through a $10 million Monet painting Не was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Не is banned from art galleries until 15 months after his release. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Art Net

In the 1870s, people in a town in the West staged fake gunfights and robberies. It was basically a show for passengers who were coming to town on the new railroad - it might have all been a ploy to boost tourism. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


Velociraptors probably. weren't actually cunning, cooperative pack hunters. It's a popular image in both pop culture and science, but some scientists now think they attacked the same prey but didn't cooperate much. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


There was a mystery on the Apollo 10 mission that's never been solved. NASA Owas NASA Six days after the 1969 mission started, as the astronauts prepared to leave the moon's orbit, a turd floated by. All three astronauts denied it was theirs. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


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