32 Real Facts That Sound Fake But Aren’t

32 Real Facts That Sound Fake But Aren’t

The world is a mysterious and strange place. There are a lot of things that make no sense no matter how hard we try to figure them out. For example, did you notice that our seas contain around $700 million worth of gold?! We also bet you didn’t know that the largest peak on the planet is not Mount Everest? And how about the fact that the largest living organism is not a whale, but a 2.4-mile fungus?

Want more facts? We’ve got ’em — 32 of ’em to be exact. Scroll on for more…

The Battle of Waterloo was a windfall for the denture industry. CRACKED.COM Dentures were often made from dead people's real teeth -- often soldiers, specifically. Sadly, the Battle of Waterloo produced about 50,000 dead soldiers. Some chomper mogul saw piles of dead young men and said Hey! Free teeth!


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