29 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Iconic Comedies and Sitcoms

29 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Iconic Comedies and Sitcoms

Do you know what says an actor is committed to a role? Spending three hours trying to record a bad answering machine jingle. Thats exactly what Jason Alexander did for George Costanzas answer machine. More on that and 28 other Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes facts about famous comedies and sitcoms below…

BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS Drivers thought it was funny, but not CAR SPONSORS BigRed net TALLADEGA NIGHTS CRACKED.COM THE BALLAD OF RICKY Bosey Fake sponsors (c) you sloset chew Big Red, then people you! are everywhere, but real car backers were nervous. Jeff Gordon's sponsors didn't feel like it was a great fit for them, says the NASCAR champ. I understood. I was disappointed, but I understood.


BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS Ferrell and Cohen took home an MTV MOVIE AWARD TALLADEGA NIGHTS CRACKED.com THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOSEY The actors scored the coveted popcorn trophy for Best Kiss 2007. No one was surprised when the two locked lips once again during their acceptance speech, eventually rolling around on the floor in a fit of erotic passion.


BEHIND-THE-SCENESE ACTS ADAM MCKAY'S IDEA FOR THE SEQUEL INVOLVES QANON. STEP BROTHERS McKay revealed that if the long-awaited sequel was ever to be made, it would revolve around Dale and Brennan being deeply involved with the QAnon movement. CRACKED.COM


MARSHALL SARAH Mila Kunis learned HOW TO SURF while FORGETTING FILMING IN HAWAIL. I The actress had a lot of days off in SCENES between filming, SO she could U really hang out and do whatever. Tough gig. BEA CRACKED.COM


Tina Fey's first name is Elizabeth, like her character's. Tina comes from her middle name Stamatina. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED.COM



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