40 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Well… she tried
40 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Will Reeve will follow in his father’s footsteps and make an appearance in James Gunn’s Superman. While he obviously won’t be playing the titular role that skyrocketed his dad to fame, he will have a cameo as a TV reporter. The role is fitting, as Will currently works as an ABC News correspondent. Warner Bros. obviously used CGI to recreate the late Reeve’s Superman for a cameo in 2023’s The Flash, but this will be the first Reeve appearance to receive the family’s seal of approval, as they had no involvement in the Flash

In other casting news, fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can rejoice, because Glenn Howerton is once again employed. The Blackberry actor is set to join Netflix’s upcoming limited series Siren, a dark comedy that explores the cult of luxury and codependency at a lavish beach estate. Howerton and Kevin Bacon will join the previously announced cast of Julianne Moore, Milly Alcock and Meghann Fahy. 

Per usual, things on the timeline remain super funny, so we’ve got some laughs to carry us into the long weekend. Today’s most hilarious tweets include those about a horse girlfriend, a strange traffic light and Kamala Harris merch.

Just JJ @blueorchid1977·2 20h ... Someone didn't get the memo that pride month is over. COWBO LAS COWBOYS COWBOYS ZOEW CLUBTI COWBOYS 21 ROEWO COWBOYS WO cornors 01 AMERICA'S - TEAM K COW CO SOGRADO QUANTO COWBOYS WBO ny COWBOYS COWBOYS FAN 588 3,974 46.8K 3.9M
$ Dutchess @DaDutche... 1d ... I'm high as hell what you do at a blue light????? 924 4,658 165K 2.8M
Sorcha Ní Nia @Luiseach.8 8h ah no now this is sad news Pop Base @PopBase.8h Ryan Reynolds shot by Hugh Jackman. it's difficution 24 116 4,245 118K
KPB Flow @PurpleReyn... 1d ... Maybe they shouldn't have any more spokespeople........... VNN Victory News Network (... 2d  The Subway sandwich chain has officially ended its sponsorship deal with controversial streamer Dr. Disrespect. An internal memo has instructed franchisees to immediately remove any signage depicting the streamer, and to remove his signature sandwich from all menus. GET YOUR VNN GAME ON WITH DR. DISRESPECT'S LUNCHTIME LOADOUT TRY THE NEW Subway Quietly Ends TERIYAKI TERROR LOW FAT Sponsorship Deal with KIDS MEALS AVAILABLE Dr. Disrespect 238 6,288 73.7K 1.7M
Mamono World @MamonoWo... 16h ... hardest thrift find MANONOWORKD I'm so proud of my Little Hog 27 1,152 10.9K 249K
misguided secret angel on the... 7h girlfriend just moved in. is she uhhhhhhhh is this horse shampoo ... Mane in Tail Mane Association 15 in CONDITION and SH MARRY M 1,026 2,149 58.9K 1.8M
aerith/kalista/ashrah fans ha... 20h ... this picture is going to make me cry - baby 40 602 8,675 189K
bob l'éponge @ghostfacewayne 19h ... saw my great grandma today and she asked if my tattoo was of her this is the tattoo (she looks nothing like that) 34 393 6,146 125K
taryn @peepsaregood - 19h every single one of those bleeped title books is written by the same woman maybe you could just send her an email? Allie @Cluffalo.3d I am literally BEGGING millennial women to write a book that doesn't have a bleeped out swear word on the cover to be edgy What's Eating Us don't let your anxiety run your life PUNISHED by REWARDS NO F*CKS GIVEN TOTA PRICE sarah knight 9.99 - - get your sh°t together life -shanging magic of not giving a f f*ck the LE as SAVE 50% CALM THE PEX BOYS THE grow f*ck no! calm the
@cryst6l.22h ... Don't leave your medicine around me ima google that shit&see wtf going on 66 5,062 39.3K 1M
white guy eating cheetos w/... 20h ... Disney Adult: Our anniversary is actually on Walt's birthday We like to book the Mickey and Minnie suite because it's extra special Hannah-Barbera adult: So Тех Avery's listed as the director of this episode but if you look at Tom's hands I'm pretty sure Irv did this cut, 28 1,207 12.2K 405K
kap @Kaprea14 - 20h ... $999,954.63 bc i spent $45.37 onna seafood boil. cocoicee @ms0... . 2d you have 1M. your ex needs 400k, your current partner needs 600k. how much do you have? 132 5,243 32.6K 1M
Disrespectful Lawyer @eagle... 21h ... Culver's I back the Blue Cuives 122 7,315 60.9K 3.9M
brandon* @brndxix 20h not repping a team but instead just putting the NFL shield on your wall is the weirdest thing in this photo Lauren + @TRUMPGR... 1d So I might have raised a messy 17 year old son, but he sure is smart. You're welcome. FUCK BIDEN ..... TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM! -2024- TAKE AMERICA BACK NFL ..... 706 6,968 202K 6.4M
yugioh mishima @yaoibunga 1d ... Mr I like my Ressentiment @normal_now Tire rotation yeah ill rotate my tires... by driving my car around. Fuck off 2:16 PM 6/13/19 Twitter for Android 13.2K Retweets 82.5K Likes 15 2,351 54.1K 1.5M
Heisjayy X @Jayysen_.9h HR now getting slick. DR41 AFC @datguyf... 10h People that work from home, do y'all take naps during working hours? 143 7,585 34.4K del 1.1M
starrvin @legdayinspo 6h ... passed through here and everyone knew you The Fresh C ve of Gray FORGOTTEN Summer Vibe enter BOTTOM Wharton St Cals Diagnostic orth Auto Renair 11 299 3,077 del 97.1K
I Hide From My Kids @IHideFro... 1d ... 9yo: Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? Me: Depends on the day 9yo: Let's say it's a Tuesday 26 588 9,578 del 113K
Meelz @MeelzTV 19h ... Look like a LeBron Party City costume ad. B-R Bleacher Report @Blea... - 19h First look at Bronny in Lakers' threads bibigo LAKERS 9 Wilson / - - 180 5,756 80K 4.8M
The Frustrating Individual @... 22h ... i don't like when he yells at them but understand he may need to put his foot down sometimes Garfield and Friends Scre... 22h Automated 8 946 13.1K 383K
Heather Hogan @theheatherh... 17h ... Me: Hi, I'm sorry, but I need to reschedule my exam. I forgot my basketball team has an important game that day, so my eyes can't be dilated. Optometrist: No problem! What basketball team do you play for? Me: Oh. I... um... watch the WNBA... on TV. 70 455 14.7K 363K
BeautifulThuggerGirl 2 @nan... 11h ... it's been raining heavily here since 5am, but my baby brother is hell-bent on going to school because it's his turn to write the names of noise makers today 1,071 7,214 43.5K 1.4M
callie actually @myfriendcallie 19h ... Mad at my bf for not doing this Edward Elderman @edwere... . 1d David Attenboough A peek at complexity. When male and female anglerfish mate, they melt into each other and share bodies, forever. The deep sea is so vast that if a male finds a female he latches on and fuses to her, losing his eyes and internal organs until the two fish share a bloodstream. 1 60 1,485 96.6K
dani @earthdenier 23h buddy, do I have an entire musical for you @buffys 1d give an example of someone singing as if their rent is due 89 6,794 65.3K 2.2M
Papa Woof und Krampus un... 1d ... YOU DON'T JUST CAN THE DONT CUSS GIVE WHOLE GIVE UP TIME UP 39 6,992 27.5K 988K
төя CHIA @kingtorc• 1d ... If I win the lottery, no one around me will be broke, and I truly mean that. I will move to a wealthy neighbourhood. 137 9,122 86.4K du 2.7M
amelia elizalde @ameliaelizalde. 1 13h ... kamala 2024 pill container that laughs when you open it. do i have i to do everything 9 394 10.1K 318K
octopus/caveman @octopus... 20h ... Wondering if Jesus ever had diarrhea. I can't find anything confirming or denying it in the Bible and every time I ask a priest they get mad 158 589 7,877 286K
George Wallace @MrGeorg... 13h ... Shout out to Yamaha for being like, Here's a motorcycle. Also, here's a good as shit piano. 150 885 9,030 216K
Tore. -- @ohitore. 1d heavy is the crab that ran the goon 70 11.3K 78.2K 2.4M
scottie pimpin. @tripleogigii 4h ... listening to people that be smoking on strawberry guava mint USBS is absurd Jeremiah Warren @je... 20h I've never quit anything cold turkey as fast as i did with reaction gifs when I heard that gen Z find them cringe - 345 770 41.3K
Matthew Zeitlin @MattZeitlin - 5h ... Online ordering is ruining the bagel shop experience for those of us who still live in society 18 111 2,926 del 114K
Wraith @WraithLaFrentz-19h ... (Sisyphus checking his todo list) oh nice only one task. Should be a light day 294 68.3K 3.928
@cryst6l 13h ... high as fuk and this is the best song ever BLACK EYED PEAS THE EMG Meet Me Halfway open.spotify.com 187 7,645 35.7K 977K
@Da_Gift_Tiff.23h ... My aunt got a scammed on Facebook I'm so sad for her but why tf would Denzel Washington be asking you for money 548 4,689 24.2K del 1M
evil rylee @immrylee.20h I'm sorry your autism makes you weird. Mine makes me funny and better than everyone else. 47 4,589 32.5K del 1.2M
anita @anita4real_. 1d I remember when I tried journaling to stop oversharing with my friends. I wrote like 3 times then read the entries to them 298 4,506 51.1K 1.1M
Matt @pericopapiii- 20h I always wonder what Latinos in weird ass states be doing. Like fym you're Dominican in Alaska 161 3,417 25K 773K
goobert @PissWizard87.14h Getting a boner when my wife tells me she loves me 16 538 4,992 151K
@cryst6l 15h You Were Meant For Me! ... perhaps as a punishment? 15 2,516 18.2K 490K


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