20 of the Funniest Cases of Vandalism in Wikipedia History

‘Chris Jericho invented Canada’
20 of the Funniest Cases of Vandalism in Wikipedia History

We really don’t take enough time to appreciate that there’s a repository of all the world’s knowledge on a device that fits in our pockets. This is literally the future that science-fiction authors could only dream for us. Just a generation or two ago, you could argue all night with a friend about some meaningless trivia. Lengthy grudges would be held, battle lines drawn, mutuals required to pick sides. Nowadays, you can just google it. And Google will probably bring you to Wikipedia.

But Wikipedia is a double-edged sword, and not only in terms of only nerds caring about it. The whole reason it’s so vast is because countless people contribute to it — there’s just no way a single person, or even hundreds of people, could know all that stuff. But since it’s open to anybody, that also means any joker off the street can pop in and add something totally wrong. Hilarious, maybe, but wrong. They usually get swiftly corrected, even if the person issuing the correction is laughing their ass off.

Those people answered the call when user Kisaoda asked r/AskReddit, “Editors of Wikipedia: what’s the best troll edit you’ve ever had to correct?”

 . 8y ago Not an editor, but I've learnt from Wikipedia that twenty one pilots music genre is lol
SafelyGatheredln 8y ago A professor of mine would log into Wikipedia once a week and add that the college town was the schnauzer capital of the world. I thought it was hilarious
mleclerc182 8y ago Somebody once changed all the 's' in the word lisp to lithp.
Poofengle 8y ago I've had to correct a bunch of 3.5 floppy dicks
ZombiePumkin 8y ago Wikipedia taught me that bitches named Helga come from Norway. I think somebody had just gotten out of a relationship
i_am_gud 8y ago About, oh, 7 years ago, I looked up Religion on wikipedia. The entire entry had been removed and replaced with just Jenny is a lesbian. One of my favourite things I've ever seen on the internet
PattyCakes1 8y ago Chris Jerichos wikipedia page for a while said he invented Canada
 8y ago For a brief moment, Michael Crichton's Wikipedia page read that he had died after a long battle with a velociraptor instead of cancer.
Unstriped 8y ago I had to remove Lou Reed from the list of past members of Baha Men. I actually learned about this fact through a TIL post here on Reddit.
attilayavuzer 8y ago Chad Le Clos dying by the hands of Michael Phelps
crowdedinhere 8y ago There was an edit made that said Hope Solo, the (former) goalkeeper for the USWNT, was the daughter of Han Solo. And there was a small paragraph written about their life.
Drankzappa 8y ago Edited 8y ago Someone edited our high school's Wikipedia page changing our assistant principal's middle name to the fucker and said our school had the lowest prices for marijuana in the state.
natland89 8y ago Have a mate who edited himself into the Hollywood Star Walk of Fame page and stayed there for good few years, a couple of guides added him to their maps as well because of it
timidforrestcreature 8y ago I once did a presentation on nuremberg code and copypasted the picture from wikipedia, someone had photoshoped the bush administration as the nazis you could barely tell. Fortunately I caught it in time.
fennourtine 8y ago Not an editor, but fell for a troll edit. When I first heard LaRoux's song 'Bulletproof', I looked them up on Wikipedia and read that the lead singer has only one leg, and had gotten bullied by audiences calling her 'peggy'. I told several people this, and generally looked like an ass until I looked it up and saw that the edit had been removed.
Sciencetist 8y ago The Wikipedia vandalism page once had a screenshot of the following example of Wiki vandalism on an article about diamonds: Diamonds were created by a wizard 5,000 years ago. So simple, so sweet. It was eventually removed - probably cause people kept reading that example and then editing the Diamond page.
Sagarmatra . 8y ago On the Wikipedia page for the Emu War, it used to say in the little overview box the casualties. For the Australians it read: 1 machine gun Dignity Had me in tears every time.
 8y ago I still have a screen shot somewhere where when the Burj Dubai was on fire last year (literally, it was still actually burning) and someone had already changed the building status section which usually says complete or under construction to burning. I didn't correct it initially because it was technically correct.
gronke . 8y ago There was a story once about some minor league ballplayer who had his page edited to say his nickname was The Melville Meteor. No one checked it, and it stayed up there long enough that news outlets saw it on the Wikipedia page and started using it in articles. Once that happened, they had legitimate sources to use for the reference, meaning that it was now able to stay without being removed. And thus, the ballplayer became permanently known by that nickname.
r0224 8y ago Way too late for this, but I once googled, googled, solar eclipse as there was one about to happen in a couple of hours. Google was just starting to do the thing where it prominently shows you the answer to your question, so it came back saying: A solar eclipse is when the sun explodes, destroying all humanity. Source: Wikipedia By the time I clicked on the link it had been fixed. I was probably the only person who actually saw that as the answer on Google.
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