40 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Didn’t even see you, dude…
40 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Two familiar voices are making their way back into Frasier Crane’s orbit. Variety reports that OG’s Dan Butler and Edward Hibbert will reprise their roles in guest appearances for Season Two of the revival series. Butler and Hibbert played two very different KACL radio hosts — Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe and Gil Chesterton respectively. The casting announcement comes just a few months after Kelsey Grammer expressed interest in bringing back as many Frasier and Cheers stars as possible, including Brian Cox’s Harry Moon and David Hyde Pierce’s Niles Crane, though the latter has seemingly shut the door for good on reprising his role.

Meanwhile, much of what Daniel Radcliffe knows about the world comes from a rather surprising source: our favorite yellow denizens of Springfield. The Harry Potter star told Comic Book Resources that “so many weird facts and things” as well as his sense of humor were “formed in some way by The Simpsons.” Radcliffe has parlayed his love of the series into three different appearances on it and went on to say that adult animation (and reality TV) is mostly what he consumes, confessing that he’s never seen “heavy, hour-long stuff” like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad. So if you plan on convincing him to watch The Wire, you’re going to have to animate the entire series.

Over on the timeline, we’re liking some hysterical tweets even if Elon is hellbent on hiding them. Today’s funniest ones include those about Taylor Swift’s commitment to air travel, the Letterboxd user who probably really loves Passion of the Christ and Ozempic for your toes.

picardie aurora @picardie_aur... . 15h ... people who get off at my bus stop have a certain wisdom all too rare in the world today. people who get off at the bus stop before mine are doubtless idlers. people who get off at stops after mine have ways that are foreign and uncertain but one imagines idolatrous 5 1,812 16.4K 330K
@OkitaSuperFan • 15h To me, this is just a regular bed PARiS 2024 Anti-s*x Beds Have Been Installed in Rooms of Athletes For 2024 Paris Olympics IGNITE 1,713 7,499 141K 8.8M
Alf(ie) @alfiebiggs03-19h Why's he got half a beard CITIUS MAG @CitiusMag.19h 2.34m!! Gianmarco Tamberi! European champion! Pulls out the springs from his spikes before celebrating! The home crowd goes WILD! Rai 2HD CC TAMBERI 2.31 234 7.26 2.29 2.31 2.33 x xx xx C' HIGH JUMP FINAL 266 1,889 64.9K 5.2M
Brisk God @brisk_god. 20h ... I'd love to go back in time and blow people's minds with my incredible knowledge Ok so how do we get Electricity? I don't know 100 2,459 52.6K 992K
kay @agitslop_ 19h dawg you are on LETTERBOXD. BIO Adult Male I Film Reviewer | Devout Christian | Evangelical Protestant I Pentecostal | Continuationist 5-Point Arminian | Politically Independent | Economically Moderate I Socially Conservative I Pro-Life | Statist Rationalist | Pragmatist About Me: I am not a film critic. | am an adult Christian male who... more STATS FOR 2024 48 317 8,661 . 247K
© sh wn! @sshawnnnnnnnnnn- 22h ... by god she will be on a plane one way or Sqil another kam @sophiesfries.1 1d I'm crying why my flight stanning tay downnn 149 12.7K 236K 5.1M
Anna Krauthamer @AnnaKrau... 21h ... me missing my flight to montreal bc i didn't know you needed a passport to go canada has become my 'mispronounced word' for my friends. whenever i'm about to do anything they go do you need a passport? it's not even a funny joke. and i must live with it for the rest of my life 39 67 2,595 96.5K
gr cie @hugetulip.1 1d Toebesity yasmin @ycsm1n.2d they're just making up insecurities now Toe Tuck Surgery For Toebesity (Day Of Surgery) 1,776 730 120 4,146 62.3K 2.7M
kate wagner @mcmansionhell 12h ... me when my friends don't text me back at 11pm on a weeknight Luhaenten @luhaenten•20h Absolutely besotted with Tchaikovsky's tone in this letter If you do not want to write, at least spit on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, and send it to me. You are not taking any notice of me at all. God forgive you - all I wanted was a few words from you. 4 415 3,665 150K
MILLIY N @blackhautte. 1d ... just got my ceiling fan installed, no more being hot MITHIGAL HTS THCK THAT 733 3,180 52.9K del 2.7M
CoKane @KanesCabDriv3r. 12h ... Why didn't you say hi to me at the bar Me at the bar: 21 1,371 30.1K 1.4M
.exe @lilj_eep2.14h ... Post violet @daintysloth.8h before u forgive her for cheating just remember he had her on all fours saying shit like yeah u like that? and she's moaning so intensely she can barely get an answer out cause he's hitting that good spot the way u never could 44 20 307 del 25K OnlyHereToSeeitallGoDown Follow @HereToSeeItBurn She cheated because | was emotionally unavailable. Never because I don't hit that spot from the back 3:27 PM . 6 6/11/24 From Earth - 705 Views 7 373 4,394 100K
чай @fatpussyhex-19h ... i love texting my friends like a desperate ex like i miss us stinkkkk u gots to call me i'm losing my fucking mind 282 14.9K 73.4K 2.1M
Billy @tweetsbybilly. 12h .. Told my fiancée that I cook when I'm stressed. Tell me why this lady looks me in the eye and calls me a pressure cooker 113 2,801 19.2K 519K
clara @kendallroyz. 16h CELEB BuzzFeed Celeb @Buz... .1d Ben Affleck Is Apparently Leaning On Matt Damon Amid Reports That Не And Jennifer Lopez Are Living Separate Lives buzzfeed.com/elle... 12 1,737 35.7K 1.1M
RIONS SAW SGATE LIONS GATE @Saw.14h hi i'm Billy and @Discu... 16h 4F DiscussingFilm The first 7 'SAW' films are now streaming on Disney+ (with Hulu subscription) Disney+ 497 5,094 68K 2.8M
helen katherine @HzZ... 1d ... this is so evil Imfaooooooo Only1Ray @ItsRayRa... 1d One little argument and she wanna lock my glasses up 86 6,885 73.2K 4.1M
Derek Kramer @DerekKramer49-1d ... Turn off the PS5 David Fischer @DavidFis... 1d The Dolphins just won the Super Bowl. What is your first action? 60 1,541 38K 1.7M
@schoolgirlbezos2 21h Free chicken sandwich? alexis @aallexisz. dd unblock WHO 8:00 AM 7 Your Morning Summary Cash App $ Unblock Me sent you $55. 33m ago Notification Center X Free Chick-fil-A Sandwich 2m ago Receive a Free Chick-fil-A Sandwich (Original or Spicy) as a thank you for completing our survey within 2 days of your visit. Click here or visit the News section! CIIICA-III-A 1/111 ayo Chick-fil-A® Mobile Ordering Receipt Thanks for allowing us to serve you. Chick-fil- M A logo 218 pts Account Start order Order receipt Thanks for allowing us to serve you 146 1,868 42.9K 1.2M
megan @bloodsimpIe 13h ... he looks like a minion that asked gru to become human Sofia Coppium @indianlo... . 19h 92 3,380 89.1K 3M
peepoopoopoo @peepeepoop... 21h ... never letting your irls see your twitter is what the founding fathers meant by separation of church and state 50 11.7K 51K 899K
PERNICUS @SexbeanPemicus • 1d ... She's doing tricks on it. She put it in a box and sawed it in half 16 887 8,035 del 186K
derek guy @dieworkwear 20h ... i think your wardrobe proves this is not true Rishi Sunak @RishiSunak.1 1d You will always be better at spending your own money than the government is. 351 3,053 44.5K 1.9M
Sami Gold @souljagoytellem 1d It's time for me to ask the big questions that no one dares to ask: Who is Chappell Roan POP CRAVE @PopCrave.2 2d Pop Crave Chappell Roan reveals she turned down offer to perform at the White House for Pride: In response to the White House who asked me to perform for Pride: we want liberty, justice and freedom for all. When you do that, that's when I'll come. 962 6K 8.1M 124K
Chris Towers is the Riley Greene Preservation... 1d ... that's usually how it works Nerdist @nerdist . 1d Fallout Season 2 will continue the stories of Season 1's characters nerdist.com/article/fallou... 58 2.7K 107K 2.8M
Viv X @battleangelviv.20h hold on. what do you mean 7 nights remaining WHAT DO YOU MEAN Vitals Nights 7 Remaining V 637 24K 131 712K
favored by God эїв @kaseyonnuh - 1d Real lovers Imao Wild TikToks @wildtiktokss.2d my grandparents divorced, got Alzheimer's, forgot they divorced, and think they're married again 10 3.9K 45K 1.6M
WarriorPosting @FighterPosting.2 23h I'm arming the pixies. 462 20K 288K 3.9M
leviya @lisco_2000.1d like that's him... that's the 76er Brandon Sowle @brandonsowle . dd Shawn Bradley doesn't get enough respect for wearing both being 7'6 and wearing No. 76 while playing for the 76ers. PHILADELPHIA SIXERS 76 SIXERS 22 2.7K 48K 1.3M
slate @PleaseBeGneiss .1 15h elon: let's allow porn software engineer: um ok? elon: *walking back into the room 5 minutes later* hey can everyone see likes? 105 7.9K 93K 1.9M
Heben Nigatu @hebennigatu.1 15h The Law of Four Loko states that Four Loko can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form of Four Loko to another Justin @j_murray19.2 2d talk to you guys later the CEAL EPIROS AWARD. CUTWATER® ESPRESSO MARTINI 13.00 and VOL LIQUEUR CUTWATER ESPRESSO & COLD MARTINI COFFEE MADE CREAM WITH FLAVOR VODKA, BREW COFFEE 38 3.4K 42K 2.4M
browse horror @BrowseHorror 1d for the TINIEST split second, I thought this was Saw (2004) mick @qluvshorror. 1d BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (2005) GIF 285 7.3K 91K 2.9M
Club Chalamet VEVO @luxurytr... 1d ... Their collab will be at a frequency that heterosexual people simply cannot hear ... ... 1d @PumpkinSpiceCup Carly Rae Jepsen and Chappell Roan have followed each other on Instagram. 4 1,633 19.5K 414K
euskal herria fumar @eusk... 22h ... nueva adquisición m m m bappe 464 6,263 74.1K 4.1M
Stolen Dune @StolenDans.2 2h Quora Digest 9:36 AM Can you pull over a cop? Yes, you can pull over a cop. I've done it. Ye... 34 330 13.9K
@ItsChinaa_. 1d ... 1 argument & everybody medical history gonna be on instagram tyelinj @thetyelinj 2d it's too many messy bitches tryna be nurses baby 139 4,799 25K 1.3M
jake @jakebrodes. 1d ... I do think there's a Goldilocks amount of coke that makes us white people pretty cool and awesome/good at art and fashion and music. Too little and the effects don't unlock the power within, too much and we reinvent predatory usury/destroy the global economy/ invent hair metal Historic Vids @historyin.... 2d Clubbing in the 80's, seemed like such a vibe CC 16 448 7,302 310K
Laura Peek @laurapeek_.2 21h Very attractive young doctor at Kaiser asked if I could say whether the stool sample I'm submitting today would be liquid or solid. isn't it always a little surprise?? I asked with a wink;) 13 59 2,911 181K
Zack Stentz @MuseZack 20h What the hell movie was he growing his hair out that ridiculously for in 2004? Consults IMDB. Ah, of course. Van Helsing. Obsolete Sony @Obsole... 1d Hugh Jackman promoting Wolverine's Revenge for the PS2, two decades ago. PlayStation. REVENSION AOM 287 5,665 80.1K 4.4M
Cody @AltHistCody 13h ... Making a bed anti-sex is easy. Just put me on it. @OkitaSuperFan - 1 16h To me, this is just a regular bed D ARIS 201 Anti-s*x Beds Have Been Installed in Rooms of Athletes For 2024 Paris Olympics 48 1,120 21.6K 703K


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