29 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of June 3, 2024

What does he know about good movies?
29 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of June 3, 2024

Now that the Fantastic Four cast has been announced, the wait has begun for Hollywood to officially cast another iconic quartet. 

Earlier this year, Sony announced that it planned to team up with Sam Mendes for a four-film project centered around each member of The Beatles. With production set to start next year, the rumor mill is swirling about which actors will play John, Paul, George and Ringo. Many names have appeared on casting wish lists, but they’ve been widely dismissed by other cinephiles as “Twitter brain rot.” Four in particular, though, seem to have a good shot at it: Harris Dickinson (as John), Paul Mescal (as Paul), Barry Keoghan (as Ringo) and Charlie Rowe (as George). The only issue with them, per one Twitter user: They’re way, way too pretty for the Fab Four. 

The English rockers, however, were far from the only victims of the internet’s harshest critics this week. Other digital burn victims included Ashton Kutcher, a RuPaul look-alike and a streaming service that might as well be the moon.

trin @lovelltrin 18h ... ?!???????!!?!? trin @lovelltrin 19h this is how it feels slowly becoming uglier and uglier by the day GIF 19 2.2K 127 del 39K Follow @walkerpants Is this about @amyschumer? 11:01 PM 6/5/24 from Earth 1.9K Views 58 Likes 18 2.1K 30K 12
santana @_tugofwar 1d the Beatles biopic could have been a great opportunity to cast four young, working class british actors but alas we are stuck in the twitter school of casting. 52 2.1K 35K 826K
unhinged and feral @bitterlasagna.1 1d ... get her some glycolic acid or retinol or SOMETHING OMGGGG Curiosity @MAstronomers.4d NASA's Galileo spacecraft acquired its highest resolution images of Jupiter's moon lo. 2 22 270 8K
Eliza mortes @FuneralVazio 2d ... The Godfather 1972 1/2 Whatever... overrated as hell The Godfalher You watched Pixels 2015 HOLYYYY SHIT 556 111K 2.8M 11K
Brajon Brondo @ChinaFentanyl 17h ... In the film The Departed (2006), set in Boston, actor Jack Nicholson refused to wear a Celtics cap, due to his well known love for the LA Lakers. Не had no problem, however, saying the n-word 30 seconds into the movie 23.0 kB JPG 58 1.2K 33K 1.6M
d-day @deltabeeps• 1d how did they make liquid dry d-day @deltabeeps.1 1d this better be minging Refrigerate After Opening San 5 Broken 14FEB25 1233 Calapse TASTE OF THE ISLANDS PARADISE PUNCH LEMONADE SHAKE WELL FLAVORS BITS 16 FL 0Z mL) (1 PT) (473 260 2.5K 54K 1.1M
Dena Driscoll @bikemamadelphia. 2d ... This is why we had the American Revolution. ENDON - SERIES - ص P P P RZ At 96 427 4K 540K
Cowboy Parkers @cuddapotato 15h She canceling the show if she saw this sitting in the dressing room BeyHiveHD @BeyHiveHD.21h Which song is Beyoncé singing live in this dress ? COSTUME D R UKI 55 541 to 340K 9.8K
R. Kellys Playground @monkeybarscout • 1d Every great degenerate gambler started here BIG BASS PRO SWIPE CARO To PLAY DELACONS 4 aid BASS BONUS 1000 4 TICKETS 50 TICKETS 25 TICKETS UT MANDLE TO START FOR FAL MARKET SPID BAS - will to PRO 456K 7.4K 395 36
chris @chriisorourke . 1d maybe you should try identifying as employed Post connor Follow back @c8nnor Reckon mum wants me to get a job or what? Today 14:50 Recruitment Solutions Workforce 01633 486980 Vibe recruitment 01633 289510 Central recruitment solutions 01495 528500 Staff 247 01633 485222 Thomas recruitment 02920 393444 Acorn recruitment 01633 660000 + iMessage connor @c8nnor 1d I swear it's pride month every month all of a sudden. If you want to identify as a hoover crack on and l'll respect it none of my business, but fuck off making everything in life about you... 20 530 15K 408K
Fin @gofinurself . 22h oh 360 open.spotify.com I i TEAPUE Von dutch open.spotify.com like insaneeeeely good Mom Does she not know how to sit or stand like a human? M 23 17K 467 264K
emilio @emilio_oilime. 1d my chipotle bag on the pickup shelf: Butt Stuff @DMbuttstuff.1d poor guy MEMENTO MORI CIRSTY HATE BURIED HOPES 120g RIP SUFFER EV NOTHING LASTS Suffer BOREO OF FLYING PALL SMIT 31 2,448 81.3K du 2.2M
Adam Johnson @adamjohnso... 23h ...  soon everyone can use Al to make good movies V Variety @Variety 1d Ashton Kutcher says you'll soon be able to render a whole movie using Al. You'll just come up with an idea for... 121 1,330 22.1K 830K
ayan. @artan_ayan 1d Well un-eye them. And with haste. 21 @21metgala 1d Disney is reportedly eyeing Austin Butler and Dua Lipa for the roles of Hercules and Meg in the live-action Hercules movie. 355 12.2K 175K 5.6M
Liam Nissan™ @theliamnissan. dd Saw my first Cybertruck in the wild 863 8.4K 131K 2.2M
jeremy @jeremylovesyall 1d david zaslav when a director makes a good movie: YOU FORGOT THE iSLOP!! Reel Updates @worldofreel.1 1d MICKEY 17 being delayed to January 2025 has to do with BONG JOON-HO not getting final cut on the film and Warner Bros wanting to release a more accessible version of the film.... 7 960 413K 16K
Blue @blueroseroyalty. 3d Dive bar is officially allowing people to consume alcohol POP CRAVE @PopCrave.4 4d Pop Crave X/Twitter announces that it is officially allowing adult content on the platform. You may share consensually produced and distributed adult nudity or sexual behavior, provided it's properly labeled and not prominently displayed. We believe that users should be able to create, distribute. and consume material related to sexual themes as long as a is consensually produced and distributed. Sexual expression, whether visual or written, can be a legitimate form of artistic expression. We believe in the autonomy of adults to engage with
john @johnsemley3000. 4d worst movie ever made incoming POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave 4d Johnny Depp will play Satan in Terry Gilliam's new film 'The Carnival at the End of Days.' 56 46 1.1K 48K
lou @christiansbale. dd harris as john lennon is crazy ugly actors weren't available ? FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.1 1d Harris Dickinson, Paul Mescal, Barry Keoghan and Charlie Rowe are rumored to star as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison in Sam Mendes' upcoming 'THE BEATLES' biopics. (via @ThelnSneider theinsneider.com/p/sam-mendes- b...) INLOO 5 104 1.5K 59K
Treb @treblaw 4d might as well be airing this on the moon FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 4d Luca Guadagnino's 'CHALLENGERS' will begin streaming on MGM+ on July 29th. 70 2.3K 90K 5.1M
Ranch Devereaux @theJacko 1d 27 seasons and I couldn't even name a single contestant or winner if my life depended on it @MrPopOfficial - 1 1d Mr. Pop MR. POP JUST IN: Season 27 of The Voice will have Adam Levine, John Legend, Michael Bublé and Kelsea Ballerini as coaches. MG AK E NGIN H 86K 1K 5.4K del 7.2M
mount bellyache @mountbellyache- 3d i agree that she's talented but calling her The Talented Beabadooobee makes her sound like a magician. if a magician had that stage name i wouldn't blink POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.4 4d Happy 24th birthday to the talented Beabadoobee. 22 2.6K 73K 1.8M
Dary @Dary0ush_ 6d Eating meat and hanging out with men, buddy you are celebrating pride. @DuragRebel.5 5/31/24 Durag Rebel 2 filets for lunch before go get drunk on the golf course with my buddies. Sorry LGBTQ+, , but White Boy Summer starts tomorrow and I'm getting a head start. 130 13K 195K 4.1M
kate bush's husband @airbagged . 2d ... oh hell no not the jfk ballcap MAJOR HEAD MISPRIZED TRAUMA POSSESSIONS 23 264 5.3K 135K
maha @mahaaaay - 3d if i placed 231 bets and only won 10 i would kill myself BR Bleacher Report @BleacherReport+3d MLB has banned Tucupita Marcano permanently for betting on games involving his own team Не won just 4.3% of the 231 MLB-related bets he placed B-R Pittsburgh BANNED 36 1.1K 20K 2.2M
S @propaganda91.4d Is that Rupaul TOYS KIDS CHOICE AWARDS 09H26M138 00:30 22:40 14 887 13K 399K
Liam NissanTM @theliamnissan 1d Wow, someone just parked a Kenmore refrigerator outside my office 2K 2.7K 36K 568K
MA LE во @Melo_Malebo 23h ... Microwaves be like: Here's your hot bowl of cold spaghetti. 235 7K 47K del 1.1M
Zachary Ruane s @ZacharyRuane. 17h This looks like a poster in a real movie for a fake movie that a character in the real movie appears in. CHANNING SCARLETT TATUM JOHANSSON Will they make history... or fake it? г DYMINA FLY ME TO THE MOON IN CINEMAS JULY 11 28 349 7.3K 123K


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