24 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, June 4, 2024

What are the chances?
24 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Some people have taken issue with what The Bear has been cooking up. According to a report by Variety, rival networks and industry strategists have been silently campaigning the Television Academy to trigger a review of the hit FX series and force it to compete for Emmys in the drama category as opposed to the comedy one. But since that’s unlikely to happen before this year’s Emmys, the series could end up breaking 30 Rock’s all-time nomination record despite being more drama-leaning and not as laugh-filled as other 30-minute sitcoms like Abbott Elementary or Hacks.

Over in Oklahoma, the cast of Twister has brought a whole new meaning to the term method acting. Director Lee Isaac Chung revealed that production took place during tornado season in the Sooner State. The Minari filmmaker said the “tough” conditions caused issues and delays, but Glen Powell, the star at the center of the storm, still promised that “audiences won’t have seen anything like this.” 

As for the timeline, the forecast there calls for a lot of laughs. Today’s funniest tweets include a telltale sign of the recession, a cat ready for battle and a computer’s perspective of the workday.

The Greater Hater, M.S., B.A.S. 1d ... This is how you know the recession is here Sean Garrette @seangar....2d It's an Alizé Summer AL ze HAND EVANG Alizé imported from France Exotic passion fruit, cherries and ginger delicately blended with premium French Vodka Bleu Passion LIQUEUR 16%ALC.BY YOU 89 2,261 12.6K 853K
rohn jawls @rohn_jawls 1d ... I'll be honest. I think the Europeans may be adequately prepared for the concept of very large schnitzel OPE Midwest vs. Everybody 1d Midwest foods that would kill a European 105 769 31K 1.1M
left at london @LeftAtLon.... .21m ... eminem lyrics since 2009: Ms. Grace Kuhlenschmidt 1h i built a squatty potty out of mahogany 4 196 2,294 25.9K
JT (pissboy fanatic) @Jtaylor0_3.1d ... Made the manager who doesn't fw me laugh I must sway the non-believers. 4 2,066 42.3K del 1M
Deonandan @deonandan 1d Oh, Dawn. I've got some bad news for Local Madman you. Dr. Dawn Michael @DawnsMission Did you know that you can get genital herpes from the Pfizer Covid shot? Imagine how many relationships were destroyed over this because they thougth that their spouse cheated? 11:02 AM Jun 1, 2024 5,494 Views 923 1,561 38.3K 1.3M
jay @jayythewave. 21h ... when i text interesting this how i be looking 31 9,576 62.4K 1.7M
Jensen McRae @Jensen_McRae 1d ... criminal minds is so crazy they were like what if we make one of the characters the hottest nerd imaginable and then never let him be happy for even a second 145 10.6K 85K 2.7M
Best of Dying Twiter @bestofd... 21h ... crying Yann LeCun X @ylecun. 1d I'm a scientist, not a business or product person. 155 115 3.4K del 400K Elon Musk X @elonmusk.1d What science have you done in the past 5 years? 410 500 3.4K 932K Yann LeCun 8 @ylecun. 1d Over 80 technical papers published since January 2022. What about you? Yann LeCun scholar.google.com 435 775 9.7K 607K Big Tech Alert @BigTec... 22h @elonmusk is no longer following @ylecun - 51 2,394 33.8K 850K
Alex Goodwin, Ph.D. @AlexGo... 14h ... Her testimony this sunday at the church is gonna be one for the books abc7NY @AB....17h Eyewitness News 74-year-old woman pronounced dead in hospice care found breathing at funeral home 7ny.tv/3x561VN BREAKING BREAKING NEWS NEWS 19 1,943 7,405 341K
Michael ос @vMichaelv.17h No way ol JEHOVAH JONES WITNESS 252 12K 152K 5M
Dr Helen Ingram @drhingram 22h ... Is that.. a cat in full armour? 575 10.2K 145K 4M
JRR Jokien @joshcarlosjosh.20h ... Berwyn Choobs @sabatonf... 1d It would feel so good to drop kick gollum full force 20 2,547 25.2K 1.1M
mother superior @vileslug 1d ... Ghost kitchens are running outta names at this point Top offer Buy 1, get 1 free Red. 30 The T 19 EDITION Red 3. Burger Shurger 4.6 35-50 min 14 155 2,990 108K
thomas violence @thomas_vio... 16h ... every year i try to piece together what pride month is in the US and from what i can tell it's temporary corporate branding changes plus several weeks of some of the most indoors people in history arguing online about whether bisexuals are allowed on floats 20 98 1,196 40.5K
birdie @dangbozo 1d my uncle got divorced when I was younger because his wife cheated on him. however she had a really yummy cream cheese dip recipe so whenever we made it they called it whore dip 46 1,609 59.5K del 1.6M
ricardo @LOVESLCKCHAES....1 1d ... twitter user discovers the concept of an album @7cunts. 1d This is where it starts, she got her first real hit with espresso and now she's gonna release more songs with a sound that sounds like espresso's but isn't quite the same x.com/Sabr... 12 1,581 34.3K 929K
Rachel Elizabeth @hotghou... 18h ... their actors on actors would go crazy 26 1,398 22.9K 637K
Marjorie Taylor FE!N @AliceCl... 19h ... Got kicked out of pride e:/ my bf was playing too rough with the other guys in the cishet boyfriend enrichment area 42 4,699 73.1K 1.2M
greg @gregmontrell. 1 18h My friend just told me everybody business and said how I been , baby , I'm doing fine I'm good 280 1,636 11.9K 410K
miks! @fruityfemmes.2 21h society is changing today's sex Letterboxd teens Your life in film. 59 3,324 37K 665K
Jack @jackpnwilson 1d ... I still think about this often MESSAGES now David Just saw your gross little ex MESSAGES now Liam Just saw David in the bus stop 21 1,756 57.7K 1.5M
Emma Loffhagen @emmaloffha... 1d ... just discovered how americans pronounce niche, need a moment 3,025 3,577 45.7K del 9M
Invis @invis4yo· 1d ... What my computer screen sees while I'm at work 33 3,541 15.7K 671K


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