31 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, April 25, 2024

We gotta get the whole gang together for this one!
31 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, April 25, 2024

Lights, camera… what’s that third thing? Don’t ask Chris Pine, because he forgot. The Poolman director shared with Variety that he blanked on one crucial duty on the first day of filming, admitting that his first assistant director had to remind him to call “action.” Pine has described his directorial debut, which he also stars in and co-wrote, as “a blender full of every single film” that he watched during lockdown, with influences ranging from Buster Keaton to Peter Bogdanovich. His blended cinematic smoothie is set to hit the big screen early next month.

Meanwhile, there were a few words that Owen Wilson did know but refused to say. The Wedding Crashers actor was reportedly approached to play real-life attorney and conspiracy theorist Douglas McCann in British filmmaker Joshua Newton’s satirical thriller The Juice. The only caveat? Wilson would be playing someone who staunchly believed that O.J. Simpson didn’t do it. Unfortunately for Newton, not even a $12 million payday could get the actor on board. Newton told The Hollywood Reporter that he met with Wilson, who said at the end of their lunch, “If you think I’m going to take the lead role in a movie about how O.J. didn’t do it, you’ve got to be kidding me.” The show went on without Wilson’s involvement, but Newton is being very tight-lipped about who accepted the role in Wilson’s place.

Nobody on the timeline is forgetting to be funny today, which we’re exceedingly grateful for. Today’s most hilarious tweets include those about a professor ready to study body language, the throughline from Calico Jack to MapQuest and when your bed is the comfiest. 

3 8 SLIMEBALL @darealbaccend - 1d I thought I lost my phone whole time she going thru it wit her case on it 856 5.6K 46K 2.4M
Granite Man @GraniteDhuine. 1d Her: Are you stupid or something? Me: Can you expand on the or something option? 8 236 2.1K 52K
j@PXPIBONES. 1d again i will say this.... traffic isn't real just keep driving it and it won't happen 36- TikTok @ rollinglo GIF ALT J. 31 885 9.1K 216K
Erica Buist @ericabuist. 1d Big Ben has stopped and there are blood covered horses running through the streets of London. Maybe someone should check on the ravens in the Tower because this feels a LOT like a season finale. 52 1.4K 20K 474K
tm @trinitymikayla. 17h white people phrases are so fun like fancy seeing you here 248 2K 20K 555K
M isterD @MisterD78UK- 1d ... My laptop: *cannot find printer* Me: *gesturing* look it's right there 31 1K 11K 199K
ТӨЯСНІЛ @kingtorc 21h Remember when we used to print out 4 pages from Mapquest and travel like pirates? 98 380 3.5K 95K
JC @Tattoos_n_Boots 1d ... Two guys at work got in a fistfight so there's no way we're doing anything but talking about this for the rest of the day. 23 110 3.8K du 61K
Gavin @PrimaryCinema 23h a curious grouping at the opening night screening of CHALLENGERS... 65 1.6K 50K del 1.7M
danny @shckldg 1d yes i'm a triple threat, I'm a gay fat and tired 25 1.7K 5.6K 282K
palestine will be free @mariahforathens. 14h ... when i'm stressed out it really helps to hold all the world's bad news six inches from my face til 2am 40 5.4K 50K du 1.1M
auntie majic @1800buddha• 1d ... White ppl will crawl thru the space between your waist and arm before sayin excuse me 95 4.8K 29K 814K
Jennifer Parker @Mrs_JParker . 1 1d Listen, idk how it works but my bed becomes infinitely more comfortable from the hours of 5:30 am to 8:00 pm. 5 204 2.8K 47K
zaggy @zwagreeus 15h dating a prof Class ended early! Omw back now. Ended early DID YOU END IT EARLY TO HANG OUT No of course I would never do that But maybe Replay 48 2.8K 42K 698K
Flo @__florencee.2 22h ... your payment has been successfully processed 53 32K 9.7K 739K
Monica Lewinsky (she/her) 17h ... you wouldn't last an hour in the asylum where they raised me. 1,431 21.3K 142K 9.7M
Mr. Chau @Srirachachau 1d Why does it look like Gonzo is dead Muppet Pictures @MuppetPictures • 1d Congratulations ! 60 1K 17K 401K
iCod @icod 1d My husband is away all week and I've just badly under stacked the dishwasher and put it on 138 220 12K 472K
Haydn, @bilbosfootcomb . 22h ... I know nothing about modern Spanish politics but my instincts tell me either beloved leftist intellectual or most racist man who has ever lived MareMagnum @tankie_think.23h Spanish politics are so cooked bruh cause what the fuck even is this strange creature? 243 2.1K 67K 4.6M
@oliviatheehye - 1 1d ... Her. C 0:09 Deidre J Owen, Author @deidrejowen.2 2d I'm filling out a medical form online nt Preferred English Castern Language Edo and I'm curious who's out there Efik Egyptian (Ancient) atient Race Ekajuk speaking Old English. Elamite English English, Middle (1100-1500) English, Old (ca.450-1100) Erzya Esperanto Estonian Ewe Ewondo Save and Cont Fang Fanti 262 2 2.4K 81K
soup @objectfool.20h ... gen Z has forgotten about Stock Images DaGamah @DaGamah_ 20h What's even the origin of this image Like why was he tied up while outside 54 2.4K 62K 932K
RK Jackson Atlanta @theerkj. 1d Westminster Police I Central West BCU 1d We are aware of a number of horses that are currently loose in central London and are working with colleagues, including the Army, to locate them 127 10K 109K 3.4M
@am9trine 1d coworker arguing with her man typing hard asl rn CC 0:04 . From all reaction videos 15 578 8.3K del 217K
Frankie Leach @francesleach_ 1d Intro to the new Star Wars film looks good! STOP LETTIN YOUR DOG SHITE HERE YOU BASTARD 848K 39 2.2K 34K
Excellence @EXXO_..15h Sorry for your congratulations Collier 5 o @ezszn_ 19h x.com/ezszn_/status/... Collier Kenneth DEGREE Edwards MASTER'S Applied Technology in Education The Graduating Class of Alabama State University requests the honor of your presence at their 2024 Spring Commencement Exercises on Friday, the third day of May two thousand twenty-four at eight forty-five o'clock in the morning at the New Hornet Stadium 915 University Drive North Montgomery, Alabama 68 3.7K 23K 890K
hellomerio @hellomerio1 . 18h This should be how the rest of The Simpsons goes, they just keep killing off characters until in the end there is only Homer 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 18h 'THE SIMPSONS' has killed off Larry Dalrymple after 35 years. Не has been in the series since the first episode. D 160 3K 62K 1.9M
Hernan Cortes @CyberPunkCortes. 1d ... The HOA can suck my balls, this dude is going on my lawn. 1,360 STATE 571 12K 173K 4.8M
Cody @AltHistCody 1d ... FOZZIE NO Trending in United Stat Hard R Laugh 5,189 posts FAC Trending in United Stat Fozzie Trending with Piggy, G 68 2.6K 32K 1.1M
patheticgirl43 @gaycolinfarrell. 1d welcome back frank sinatra FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 1d Mike Faist photographed by Jack Pierson for AnOther Magazine OHIO 349 6.4K 243K
dahyun the barbie @dahyunscalp 19h ... wowww id kms right there in the office influencer Alexsinos @alexsinos. 1d 30 589 14K 532K
danielle weisberg for hire @da... . 1d ... so a US company has to buy tiktok or the app will be banned??? Well folks, looks like we need to put on the best talent show this town has ever seen. 27 1,213 18.4K del 512K


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