30 of the Wildest Experiences People Had in Abandoned Places

‘We came across a dead cat with a Get Well balloon tied around it’
30 of the Wildest Experiences People Had in Abandoned Places

Curiosity is one of the more beautiful traits we possess. Plenty of discoveries never would’ve been made if the discoverer in question looked at what was before them and said, “Yeah… no,” before swiftly evacuating. Still, there are certain obvious situations that many horror movies tell us to avoid: going into an abandoned mansion, going into an abandoned hospital, going into an abandoned factory — you get it, abandoned places are majorly off-limits. 

Of course, some people don’t heed such warnings, which is how we get bone-chilling tales like the ones below. Bless these Redditors for venturing into places they never should have and somehow living to tell the tale.

SouthNCE 4y ago Edited 4y ago So there's a moderately well known abandoned mental hospital close to my town, a few months back a few friends and I went to explore a bit. (not a rare thing for people here) We found this setup of a few folding chairs and a couple of old mattresses with blankets and whatever else you'd imagine on them. We chilled there for about 10 minutes and then went on with our adventure upwards. Pretty uneventful from then on, a few really cool graffiti murals, awesome view from the roof. When we were coming back
EpicMeatSpin 4y ago I explored part of an old Nike or Atlas missile site one night with a few friends. As we were leaving, someone started shining a laser pointer at us from the woods. Somehow, we couldn't actually see where they were even though that's usually pretty easy to do with laser pointers. I still wonder if it was just a laser pointer and not a laser sight instead. + Share 8.6K ...
KrakenWarg 4y ago So I take a lot of time lapses of nature and stuff. One clear night I decided to drive out to the middle of nowhere to get a time lapse of the stars. I found a lake that seemed like a cool spot to shoot and set up. About 20 minutes in I hear a noise and look up to see a light above me. Sure enough a drone is right above me just hovering. It freaked me out so I booked it out of there. I later learned I was trespassing on government property. + Share
ihavetwoarms 4y ago I should be thankful this is my creepiest story. So I was at an abandoned medical school in a pretty bad city with my friend. My friend told me homeless people squat there but only on the first floor, she even said one of her friends sat their backpack down and had it stolen by one of them in plain sight. So we avoided it and explored the second floor. We kept hearing random noises like someone loosely following us so we kept on guard but never saw anything. We were then in this room and heard
horribleflesheater 4y ago I was on the other end of this. There was an abandoned nunnery on the coast behind a suburban development, a very creepy but beautiful place. I loved it because it had an entirely stone chapel, any sound you made inside had true reverb- an echo a second long almost. I brought a friend in to make some recordings in the dead of night, as we're leaving a group of laughing neighborhood kids came in on us crouched in the dark over a bunch of electronics. They ran faster than I've seen anyone run before 1.7K Share
 4y ago Edited 4y ago The area I'm currently in is a touristy beach place so being winter it's completely devoid of life, there's a lot of apartments/hotels around that are just shells, no windows or doors. At 2am I went to go to the local garage to grab some smokes as we were running low, it's dead quiet and you can hear the teeniest tiniest sounds. I was walking past one such building when I felt like I was being watched, I looked up and around but I couldn't hear or see anything, so I carried on walking
eye_booger 4y ago My friends and I were exploring an abandoned restaurant in this beach town one winter night. We snuck in through a broken window on the shore side, to avoid being spotted by any cars driving by. Overall, inside it was your typical abandoned restaurant, but was still really cool to check out. There was a long bar, tables tossed about, etc. We walked downstairs into a wine cellar, and started walking through the labyrinth of hallways (the basement was deceptively larger than we would have expected for a beachside restaurant). Anyway, we wander into this room off
Thatsaclevername 4y ago There's an old flour mill on Harbor island in seattle, it's been abandoned and locked up for awhile. My buddies went through a pretty serious Urban-Ex phase near the end of high school so we were going to all sorts of weird and interesting places in the area just checking it out. Got chased out by cops a few times, usual stuff. Anyway, inside this flour mill we're working our through some of the regular block areas, and our buddy swears he heard something. We all stop dead in our tracks, lights pointed down, just listening. The
suh_dewd 4y ago so theres this building in my city that has been abandoned for over a decade. the building itself covers over 40 acres so it's pretty well know by explorers that If the cops come they wont search for you inside but wait for you to come out. the second time I went to explore this building we were looking for a way inside. Keep in mind this is taking place early in the morning maybe 3am. we come across this section of the building that was a large outdoor amphitheatre. we walked down to the center and
omi_palone 4y ago I live in a big U.S. west coast city. In a neighborhood where most homes go right up to the sidewalk property line and have a yard in back, my place is the opposite: house is at the back of the lot, front yard keeps me buffered from street noise. It's a nice, dark little oasis in the city. My house has a double door / split door, so the top can open independently of the bottom. I often leave the top open when the weather's nice. I'm sitting on the couch in the living room, all of 15
malinamint 3y ago There's a big abandoned factory near the center of our city that teens regularly visit. My friend was telling me a story about how she and a group of friends were walking around the ground floor (almost pitch black in places) when they saw a lone chair in the middle of a big room. They started joking about how it looked like the type of place a kidnapper would tie a victim up, when in the distance they heard glass being smashed. They all took one look at each other, turned around and got the hell out
MrFunktasticc 3y ago Wow, I can't believe I have a place to tell this story. When I was in middle school we went upstate in the summer. There was an abandoned house in the woods we explored. Top floor was pretty pristine - the beds were made and drawers/closets shut with stuff neatly arranged inside. There were bats. The lower you went the more disordered. The basement/garage was in complete disarray. Books and random crap thrown around. Beer cans and used condoms. We went to the far end of the house where the wall partially collapsed and that's when we saw
stopfelnolm 3y ago Exploring an abandoned prison part of the ceiling collapsed. It didn't hit me but it was close enough to knock me over. I guess junkies used it as a place to shoot up because I fell on an old needle. I got tested to make sure I didn't get anything from it but it scared me enough to stay away from abandoned buildings to this day. + 12K Share ...
Alert_Discipline_213 e 3y ago Found a bottle of some liquid in an abandoned drive in theater building. Knocked it over and the concrete starting smoking and we got nosebleeds instantly. Still no clue what it was but we got the fuck out + 3.7K Share ...
mike-4510 Зу ago A group of us went into an old abandoned care home. (We got in legally). It was pitch black and I mean the type of darkness where you cannot see you hand in front of your face even when you let your eyes adjust. Fortunately we had a few light sources with us. After walking around and finding copious amounts of evidence that there was squatters staying there (not at the time of our arrival thank god). We found ourselves standing in a room filled with graffiti but not graffiti from a paint can. This was spelled
 3y ago I used to walk around an abandoned building near a forest which was initially a child hospital in the 70s, a refugee housing in the 90s and a language school for Chinese students till 2007. Since then it's abandoned. The students left quite suddenly, so I found diaries, certificates and even food. It was interesting since the place was not vandalized at that time. Once I was inside the building again when I realized someone else was walking upstairs. I never left this place so fast, jumped over the gate and headed to my car. When I
mtblanche14 3y ago Broke into an abandoned house in the village I grew up in in England back when I was a teenager, maybe 15 year ago now. Was with a couple friends but broke off by myself and ventured upstairs, when I turned at the top of the stairs I saw a figure standing in the darkness just staring at me. I bolted out of the building as quickly as I could and my friends heard me and panicked, they weren't far behind. Went back there a couple of weeks later with a bigger group to prove my story
ericshmurda 3y ago Found a dead deer on top of an old grain mill. All of the stairs were removed so people couldn't climb them. Getting up there is hard enough without carrying a deer carcass on your shoulders. I think about it all the time lol + 1K Share ...
xxTurd 3y ago Edited 3y ago Late to the party but used to work for a guy renovating houses. He'd buy dumps for like 5 to 10 thousand that had been abandoned for years, we'd fix them up, and he'd rent the houses out. His daughter would go to houses to take pictures after he bought them since he'd buy a lot of them site unseen because they were so cheap. One house she went to take pictures at and she was kinda creeped out by the basement and did not want to go in. She just opened the door,
hollycreep 4y ago We were exploring an old school and just after we came up from the basement with only one entrance and went downhill to some rubbish, we heard a cough behind us. We ran as if a pack of wolves was chasing us. Luckily, there was a manmade hole in a fence that led us out of the property before anyone could catch us. Just a few minutes earlier and we would've been caught by whoever this man was. Something trivial like a cough can be incredibly upsetting 32 Share ...
 4y ago When I was younger we were exploring an abandoned hotel, I think it was four stories. Everything was still inside all the beds with sheets, furniture, curtains and plumbing. Being the group of dumbass kids we were we started breaking things. My buddy threw a night stand across the room and hit the wall. Out of the night stand fell a few ziploc bags of kids underwear. Just after we heard a loud bang from the floors above us. We of course dipped right out and never spoke about it or went back. There were probably some
1-1-19MemeBrigade в 4y ago I was exploring the office complex portion of an abandoned factory and the floor was carpeted, masking any footprints. I knew there were exterior security guards, but I thought they just hung out in their truck outside the front door. It was a nasty suprise when I crossed paths with a guard conducting an interior patrol on foot. I've never ran so fast in my life. 70 Share ...
drunkdino973 4y ago I was exploring with some of my friends one day in a real sketchy part of a real sketchy city (smart, I know ) and we came across what was clearly a recently used sleeping bag. Looking beyond the sleeping bag, we saw a leather belt fashioned into some sort of noose hanging from the ceiling. I've never dipped so fast from somewhere in my LIFE. On our way out we came across a dead cat with a get well balloon tied around it...worst experience with urban exploring ever + Share 128 ...
AidenGus 4y ago My father does architectural salvage for a living, and I help him out from time to time. When he was touring Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts, he was following two other salvagers and the foreman through the attics. Upon turning a corner, they all paused and stared. There, sitting in the middle of a shaft of light from a shattered skylight, in an otherwise empty attic, we're two children's Easter Baskets. + 180 Share ...
 4y ago I spent 2004-2009 living in a dilapidated warehouse that had a space over it converted into an apartment. In exploring the warehouse beneath it before moving in, a buddy of mine and I were discussing how the place smelled and was haunted. In making jokes about it we started laughing when something shattered on the wall near us. We were seriously startled and contemplating what it could have been when when someone shouts Shut the fuck up! and there's a homeless man throwing what I assume is a second bottle at us from across the space. In
drunkdino973 4y ago Oh another good one! I was exploring an abandoned rehab near my house with two of my friends and it had just freshly snowed, literally while we were exploring. I was approaching one building there when I looked down and saw a very large set of obviously men's footprints in the snow, heading into the building. We continued anyway (we always went prepared to defend ourselves bc you really never know) and we opened the door....to a completely silent, empty building. There was a staircase to a tiny loft and we went up, only to find that
Jesse0016 4y ago My friends and I grew up in a town that had a large abandoned psychiatric hospital. People went in there all the time and we decided senior year of high school to sneak in at 2ish am. We get in with flashlights and start just exploring. We get up to the third floor and start hearing footsteps. We turn the flashlights off and hide in a room. We watch this big black figure shuffle by the door and down the hall. We ran the opposite way to another stairwell and got the fuck out. I'm sure it
drbdrbdr 4y ago There was a decommissioned Naval Base in the town I grew up in. We used to sneak into the old barracks and one time i turned the corner into the hallway and found a lit cigarette on the ground. There was nobody around from what I could see or hear. We noped the fuck out pretty shortly after that. 395 Share ...
nidenikolev 4y ago Edited 4y ago My friends and I explored an abandoned psych hospital in Suffolk County, Long Island. After checking out the building with the cafeteria and bowling alley, we decided to leave by exiting through the patient room window that we entered in. I realized I had left my flashlight back in an adjacent patient room, so I told my friends that I would quickly grab it. When I went to the other patient room to retrieve it, I noticed that the door was closed and a light flicker was occurring on the other side of it.
 3y ago There was a coffin, a real coffin. We were in a abandoned factory that some rich family had owned, and there was this one room with a bunch of personal stuff, letters from the fifties, furniture, old photographs, clothes, even booze, like someone's home had been put in there. In the middle of it all a coffin. I swear. The room was gloomy, it was a late summer afternoon, no power and we didn't have flashlights. My friend was like we gotta open this coffin, we can't leave unless we do, we gotta and straight up lifted


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