35 of the Funniest Tweets from April 24, 2024

That’s not where the bowls go…
35 of the Funniest Tweets from April 24, 2024

The astronomical success of Barbie along with the accolades for The Fall Guy have people recalling another beloved Ryan Gosling role: Holland March, better known as one-half of the titular Nice Guys. Twitter users have been begging for a sequel to the Shane Black 2016 crime comedy for some time now, and they finally got their answer, though it’s probably not the one they wanted to hear. Gosling recently told ComicBook that Angry Birds of all things likely killed a potential Nice Guys follow-up. “So much of a sequel is decided by the opening weekend of a movie, and we opened up against Angry Birds,” he explained. “So Angry Birds just destroyed us.” 

Looks like your mom’s favorite mobile game wins this round.

Speaking of Barbie, the billion-dollar doll opened the floodgates for a slew of toy- and game-based IP to enter the development sphere with projects based on everything from Monopoly to Hot Wheels. While not new to the world of adaptation, Clue is also benefiting from this feeding frenzy. Sony Pictures just closed a deal with Hasbro, granting them TV and film rights for the murder mystery game, along with the ability to reboot the 1985 classic that first brought the whodunit to the big screen. 

There’s no game-playing, of course, on the timeline. But there are good old-fashioned jokes. Today’s funniest tweets include those about a cat with a little getaway, an NBA player who should leave and a bug’s life.

Lindsay Fickas @lindsayfickas 1d ... Hey friends. I'm okay but a little shaken up. This morning, my car started spinning in circles before coming to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road. When I got out to see what happened, I found this. 115 149 1.8K 53K 1.4M
Kei$ha @GlamazonJay 1d I know God was probably up there like I just don't know how many times I have to keep putting these two together before they get it lol. Diamond Brown @HereIsDime 1d I'll never get tired of saying that my fiancé and I met when we kept having the seats next to each whenever we'd go to movies by ourselves x.com/daveedanna/ sta... NEMA PSYCHO A ECILAMO SECNIMA 29 4K 41K 1.2M
debs @gentlesbeard . 1d jk rowling naming an italian gay hogwarts student Kris @KrisSkulls . 3d what are you eating that's oomf President's Choice la Chrix & Président® FAGOTTINI WITH GARDEN VEGETABLES AUX LÉGUMES DU JARDIN - - PALLO retite - - adidas PÉSS SUN - - the 350 g II READY wh and ة - - RUSSIA - - 67 9.5K 106K del 2.7M
calamari cOck ring @desivirgil 1d Experience Drag Race before Communism Ripaul ALL STARS RuPaul's Drag Race @RuPaulsDragRace : 1d Drag queens save the world! 8 iconic queens return to #AllStars9 streaming FRI MAY 17 on @paramountplus! DRAG QUEENS SAVE THE WORLD MIV RACE RuPaul DRAG ALL STARS Paramount+ ORIGINAL NEW SEASON STREAMING MAY 17 23 762 7.9K 418K
@NebsGoodTakes 1d Neb I sharing this to my older relatives on facebook to see what happens 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - dd Apes on horseback have arrived in Venice Beach for 'KINGDOM OF THE PLANET OF THE APES' (Source: switchflipjones/TikTok) MUU @switchilipiones CC TikTok @ switchilipiones 24 1.5K 25K 884K
Spectra: 1970s Immersive Sim @Spectrathega... 1d ... has anyone else been seeing this ui lately? its been getting pretty distracting SCHARFFER BURGER SINCE H...IDS HANDS PFF OFF Seriously DARK - Wilking на CHICAL Network Y X В Pick Up A 65 3.7K 52K 1.2M
AP @amplifiedpoop2. 1d It's called a fucking movie theatre and it already exists Lucas Crespo E @lucas_crespo . 1 1d What if Netflix built theaters for subscribers? NETFLIX 203 22K 229K 4.6M
molly @heymolls.1 1d off work late? hungry, but too tired to cook? trv a big spoonful of peanut butter gettyimages Credit BrianHagiwara eating a big spoonful of you will certainly not regret peanut butter 347 2.3K 74K
David Ruff @dcarterruff - 1 14h Imagine looking into the crowd and he's looking at you like this GEORGE 176 2.5K 52K 2.4M
xanath @xanathgum 21h the way that he dgaf Jesse Case @jessecase 1d 2 hours. 2 hours, searched. 3.1K 1.2M 19 51K
Lego Triller Moth @legotrillermoth - 1d michael cera assembling the nepotism avengers DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 1d First look at Michael Cera in 'CHRISTMAS EVE IN MILLER'S POINT', also starring Francesca Scorsese and Sawyer Spielberg. The film follows a family who gather for what could be the last holiday in their ancestral home. 26 1.1K 26K 1.1M
Keith Nelson Jr @JusAire 1d ... Overheard on a flight Flight attendant: Do you want overnight oats? Passenger: Why are you selling us food from last night? 23 486 3,088 142K
Neil Renic @NC_Renic 1d ... Me: I'd like to copy and paste from this pdf please Adobe Acrobat: no worries, I took the liberty of stacking each word on top of each other in a vertical column, adding mysterious symbols, and removing every instance of the letter 't' 81 4,165 64.5K 1.3M
dille @nescartridges 19h how it feels sometimes to wake up after randomly napping 179 11.9K 94.3K 2M
minor smith @online_shawn 23h ... I'm in a group chat with a mail carrier and he shared this letter DICIO SAD FOREVER 200 116 2,131 51.6K 1.8M
ZA @vvsdolly. 21h ... grown people drama be different like wtf you mean she got an apartment in your name ?!?!?!?! 111 1,964 16.6K 477K
iced pee @stupidtrashboy- 12h ... They left the meat off my toco Brandy Rittenhouse В 5 reviews a month ago Take out | Dinner | $10-20 They left the meat off my toco Helpful Not Helpful 14 382 7,076 155K
bennny @Driftwould2.1d This hat is calling out to me like the green goblin mask Pepto Bismol .... PEPTO-BISMOL 58 2,937 28.9K 996K
matthew ellis @matthiasellis 19h ... One time in undergrad I put off writing a paper until the day it was due and I woke up at 4 am and wrote 15 pages in one sitting, and it turned out totally fine and I got good feedback. It's the worst thing that ever happened to me and I wish I could go back in time and undo it 709 10.9K 145K 5.7M
Greg Gallant @GallantGreg 15h ... Wife just asked if she could read me a poem while I was watching the game like she's the villain in a beer commercial 1 48 1,029 66K
bald nigga change @_TrillScott. 1d ... A place to live don't make sense to you, you dumbass bitch? keke @keairaalise 1d apartment with no car is SOOOO dumb to me 561 11.4K 96.4K 3.5M
Dan Regan @DanRegan_Comedy-1 1d ... My wife trusts me with a joint bank account but when I'm loading the dishwasher she always walks in the kitchen to get something. 45 1,800 48.4K 2.6M
tate @50FirstTates - 1 1d ... i have no comeback for this Today 8:49 AM i got off work!! Ayy let's ago!! 1 Reply Go** Read 8:50 AM Ayy let's ago!! mario ass text Subject + iMessage 92 7,147 131K 1.9M
adam @burgerkrang 20h ... the guy at my gym who just laid back on a bench and had a stack of little caesars parmesan packets fall out of his pocket is honestly flexing harder than anyone else rn 7 49 781 21.8K
Claire @clairecdowns. 1d Uh Animal lovers were upset when President Lyndon В. Johnson was photographed lifting his beagles, named Him and Her, by their ears. Others did not understand the uproar; former president Harry S. Truman said, What the hell are the critics complaining about; that's how you handle hounds. (9] Him died after he was run over by the presidential limousine.  67 1,051 29.8K 1.1M
PointlessHub @HubPointless 1d ... Turned to my wife in the theatre and said That's Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle a little too loudly I think people heard 48 1.5K 23K 475K
KILLER MEG (Interdimensional entity..) @horse... 1d ... Oh grow up Not in word list COCKRING G к o с I R N Delete Enter 50 3.7K 72K 1.5M
Dan @dannah_montana.17h Hi I'm in this picture and you posted without my consent can you please take it down Curiosity @MAstronomers 17h Us from Mars. Earth 55 9.5K 131K del 2.7M
Thom Jabbar (Squirrel Hole Truther )).22h ... Our plans are measured in centuries. Pop Ting3 Pop Tingz @ThePopTingz • 23h Kylie Jenner is rumored to be pregnant, expecting a baby with Timothée Chalamet. 26 1.1K 8.5K 312K
skooks @skooookum 1d ... men love gossip but we're stigmatized for doing it so we were forced to invent insider trading 26 997 10K 456K
Jenni @hashjenni 1d Look what that money make a bitch do N Netflix @netflix . 3/10/17 Love is sharing a password. 154 29K 174K 7.4M
ettingermentum @ettingermentum . 1d What is going on +12282224788 now From Trump: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!... 35 154 4.2K 82K
ettingermentum @ettingermentum - 1d Sending this to my girlfriend with no explanation President Trump 5m ago My farewell message Tomorrow | could be thrown in jail. I hope M this isn't goodbye 27 2.5K 45K del 1.1M
gal kilmer @beepupkin -4 4h I LIKE YOUR PRIDE SHIRT. HEAT @MADEbuJiMBOB 5 365 4.5K 124K
Ari @shanae_ari - 1d ... 123RF agreem enter П Lab 123RF® | 123R sara @snugtf. 1d if you dislike bugs you should unlearn that because it's kind of embarrassing to scream in fear when you witness the creation of the divine 55 6.5K 35K 1.1M


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