25 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, April 16, 2024

25 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Naked Gun reboot has found its new Jane — former Playboy-Playmate-turned-activist Pamela Anderson is set to star opposite Liam Neeson in Akiva Schaffer’s new iteration of the franchise. The Baywatch star, who has starred in a number of other comedies, will take on a sexy goofball role reminiscent of Priscilla Presley’s in the original.

Along those lines, Ready or Not is also getting a new installment — whether we’re ready for it or not. Radio Silence is working on a sequel to their breakout hit, as confirmed by directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin. The duo shared that the script they’re developing is “an absolute fucking banger” that they’re excited to see take life — along with the lives of many others given the sadistic premise. The 2019 film made a star out of Samara Weaving and paved the way for Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin to tackle the Scream reboot. 

All that said, our favorite stars are the ones who makes us laugh on the timeline every day. Today’s funniest tweets include those about one job’s other-worldly travel requirements, Bugs Bunny if he was from the Bronx and a smoke shop for the worst person in your life.

tybuddhaboy @tybuddhaboy 18h ... number one sign of a healthy body is a skin tone that can only be described as blank Tsarathustra @tsarnick.2d Bryan Johnson says he has eliminated almost all his vices and negative behaviors by 'firing' the harmful versions of himself CG IT DIE DO I said, Evening Bryan, 1:25 231 854 32.4K 1.8M
bobby @bobby 11h damn it's crazy to have the power to create a human life and experience the wonder of the world through their eyes, a separate soul tethered to you for a moment then released to the vastness of their own existence. and to just be like. But i wont have as much time for nintendo 16 19 610 31.4K
gale na @poisonjr 11h ... It's crazy that you can no-call no-show at the Supreme Court but not Arby's THE HILL The Hill @thehill 21h Justice Thomas misses Supreme Court session Monday with no explanation trib.al/Wd02F6m 10 674 7,639 154K
S'Ewa'd Head @EwaSR 1d ... the nicest, mildest woman in the office is on a teams call and has just chuckled and said you know, i could go off. i could go off. you wouldn't like it, but i could go off and i've never been more scared in my life. i want her to go off 83 6,916 138K 3.1M
Cody @AltHistCody 18h ... Why is that creepy. He's just old Creepy.org @creepydo... 20h 93-year-old Clint Eastwood 258 1,742 102K 3M
Mediocre Mom @MediocreMa... 13h ... Ok so my husband and I are mad at each other, and I just noticed on the grocery list he wrote A Better Attitude Do I laugh or....? 232 396 7,453 234K
Cooper Lawrence @CooperLa... 17h ... Me: Do you think the cars with the eyelashes are flirting with the trucks with the nuts? Interviewer: I meant questions about the company 6 151 1,722 34.1K
Dr. Karen James @kejames 22h This part of the astronaut application cracks me up every time. Travel Required 76% or greater - Extensive travel required ALT 17 691 22K 499K
Jerms @LordJerms.2 23h damn i gotta do my taxes when i get home, IRS just sent me a picture of my nephew handcuffed to a radiator 34 2,033 14.9K du 513K
my life is a living hell. every m... 15h ... Lotta talk lately about coworkers, and normies, and whether they are completely bereft of thought, or secret hosts to rich inner lives. l'll let you in on a little secret, my friend: every human is both infinitely deep, and also the dumbest creature to ever walk the Earth 19 1,583 13.7K 294K
depths of wikipedia @depths... 15h ... for the sixth month in a row, Skibidi WIKIPEDIA The They Toilet has gotten more pageviews than Kamala Harris on English Wikipedia Skibidi Toilet Kamala Harris Official portrait, 2021 49th Vice President of the United States 87 1,978 25.1K 706K
Pamela J. Hobart @amelapay.1 17h ... Pro tip, meal prepping is a great way to ensure that you always have food that is cold, a little old, and not what you're in the mood for 132 6,475 77.7K 2M
Carley (snob) @carleypero. 1d ... Today 4:15 PM Yeah I'm doing a little day drinking Define a little Read 6:00 PM Today 6:00 PM I'm drunk Yeah Delivered 54 2,621 26.1K 1.1M
jt @JayTeeT0dd·1 1d ... Е.М. Hudson @EMHudsonlives 21h ... 23 Dudes can literally just sit around and name old sports players and just have the best time. 2,857 25.8K 198K Kyle Boggs @kgboggs 4h ... Decades of gender/sexuality research tell дрок us this is a dude thing because some men still don't have social permission to create direct bonds with other men; those bonds have to be indirect through sports talk, women, etc, which is one of many ways heteropatriarchy hurts men too 46 11 59 Crash_Override ... @crashx55 Replying to @kgboggs and @EMHudsonlives Any relation to Wade Boggs? 4:29
Sarkastik Observer @SiyaSi... 18h ... They look like the founders of a startup that will end up in a senate hearing. cinesthetic. @TheCinest... . 1d Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey photographed by Martin Schoeller for Interstellar (2014) 51 3,487 29.5K 711K
Jessie Marie @jonthemarq 13h ... Holly Rowe down there fighting for her life E E 1 RICKEA JACKSON D 6'2 Tennessee D1 BEST 2 KAMILLA CARDOSO D 6'7 I South Carolina AVAILABLE EXT Fever WHISK DRAFT24 1. CAITLIN CLARK I 6'0 IOWA T ORDER 164 4,000 40.1K 1.2M
J.A. @TheeGreatJA· 20h ... My job just drug tested my coworker but they took the hair from her wig 205 3,287 70K 2.7M
louisa @stabfreeman 10h ... not jojo siwa's rebrand flopping so bad that she accidentally jumpstarted someone elses career @JOSEIBBH 19h Brit Smith's Karma's A B*tch is now the highest-charting version of the song on US ITunes, surpassing Jojo Siwa's Karma. ESSED 46 5,627 76.2K 1.6M
T @secondcityy 16h ... first of all, lower your voice shared an album with you You frequently use Grindr during Work Focus. Do you want to add it to allowed notifications? Don't Allow Allow 1h ago Like 31 2,277 51.6K 915K
@memecha... 12h ... chaotic memes an eye opener. ABSOLUT VODKA + = VODKA DESTROYS ICE THE KIDNEYS = + DESTROYS OUZO ICE THE LIVER MASE SK + = DESTROYS WHISKEY ICE THE HEART GORDONS + = DESTROYS THE BRAIN ICE GIN Follow TONY+ @chuntichino_ Looks like ice is the problem 281K 8,950 436 12
Andrew @Dub_A.12h Aurora, Minnesota DICK HEADS the ROC GRO TOBACCON KRAOM NEWYORG PEN CBD KAVA SH Ср Scrude HOL THED ... THCVDEGAN TO Avil Cartolar her 1 33 310 12.3K
Fesshole @fesshole.1 1d ... FESS HOLE My boyfriends been cheating, so I joined a dating site found it on there and been catfishing him. He's due to meet the other me in a bar in 10 mins blissfully unaware I'm there with a suitcase of his clothes whilst my dad's changing our locks. 784 2,931 133K 9.8M
daniel barnes @Danny8bit - 1d ... Gedia not the what's up doc martens NICE Nice Kicks @nicekicks.3d Timberland 6-Inch Bunny Boot Customs 51 5,756 52.8K 1.5M
he/theyo kojima @sleepdealerrr. 1d ... im guessing it's gonna be the second one Pop Base @PopBase. 1d Childish Gambino announces he has two albums coming-one of which will be the final Childish Gambino album. 70 4,087 I 3.9M 149K
Ashley Winter MD II Urologist 15h ... My 15 month old woke up in a crabby mood & I was about to make her a frozen waffle & she started screaming for it so I handed it to her thinking she would reject it and instead she straight up ate it frozen. 444 214 11.3K 473K


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