27 of the Funniest Tweets from April 5, 2024

We used to be a proper country
27 of the Funniest Tweets from April 5, 2024

What, like it’s hard?

Reese Witherspoon is set to bring Elle Woods back to screens with a Legally Blonde spin-off series for Amazon MGM Studios. Though it’s unlikely that the actress herself will reprise her role as the plucky Woods, she will be producing as Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage take on writing duties. News of the show is a sidestep from the long-gestating third installment of the original series that was announced back in 2018 but has yet to move forward. 

Amazon is no stranger to serializing beloved classics for modern audiences having most recently done it with comedy thriller Mr. & Mrs. Smith. There has yet to be an official renewal announcement for a second season, but if things go right on Emmy night, audiences may see Donald Glover and Maya Erskine spring back into action. Interestingly, though, the studio is opting not to submit the show as a limited series or in the comedy categories. Instead, they’re submitting it as a secret third thing: a drama. The submission choice makes it clear that the network is taking the breakout show very seriously.

Meanwhile, the timeline is still taking comedy seriously and delighting us with some of the most humorous takes on the internet. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the hefty lengths someone went to steal a package, the only reason you should reach out to an ex and your least favorite coworker’s favorite movie.

manicpixiememequeen @mp... 15h ... on Sans THE DOCO QUEEN i've lived so many lifetimes since then popculture @notgwenda... 1d the character posters for Barbie were released a year ago today Ryan Gosling Margot Robbie He's just Ken. Barbie Barbie Barbie is everything 11.21 8 5,980 62.2K 1.6M
good reddit @GoodReddit2 21h ... r/notinteresting Join u/alberto_OmegA 9h You can unscrew the screws from the train windows using your screwdriver 16 447 13.5K 229K
... @molotovbeer . 21h This is literally the dream, it's basically the meaning of life Lovers' Guide @guid... 1d Do you see anything wrong with this picture? 8 213 3,787 139K
noa @thenoasletter. 54m this is an insane way to announce your divorce After a long tennis match lasting over twenty years, we are finally putting our racquets down. In 2023 we jointly filed to end our marriage. We have always prioritized our privacy, and have been quietly working through this change. We forever share in our devotion and love for our children. We sincerely appreciate your respecting our family's wish for privacy. 7 683 6,708 257K
RICKY @Rickyismsss.33 More pictures of the devastation #NYCEarthquake2024 #onthescene VIV de vliy the Dea A 4562 MIX COURTEST PROFESSIONALISM NYPD RESPECT 6 53 1,086 26.5K
character actress georgie rae 15h ... this poster understands one of the sluttier things on earth is a sneak peek of a man's stomach when his shirt lifts up accidentally FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpd... 1d A new IMAX poster for 'CHALLENGERS' has been released. Starring Zendaya, Josh O'Connor and Mike Faist. HER GAME. HER RULES. EXPERIENCE IT IN IMAX
Armando Melendéz @tacoguy... . 14h ... More than the A's payroll @DrM... .19h Dr Money Trees How much did this cost? FIVE BURGERS GUY and FRIES E GUYS ES SHAKES SHAKES SHAKES FIVE SHAKES GUY ERS and FRIES VE GUYS SHAKES S VA 18 450 8,248 338K
Lateef @LateefSaka 15h And my plastic straws are the problem. Kelvin @Juravim. 1d Is this the best gender reveal ever? CG GIRO BOY 5 1,385 9,208 302K
Benjo Juco @baenjojuco 8h ... Ok anya taylor joy timothée inshallahmet 1d she's giving me body dysmorphia 16 831 7,659 198K
internet hall of fame @Int... 8h ... The size of a tiber optic wire capable of supplying a home with high speed internet. #StopCopCity @micahinATL It occurs to me that I really have no idea what the internet is 156 369 15.1K 350K
Doth @DothTheDoth. 3h The earth wants us dead & I respect the hell out of that. 15 933 3,626 75.6K
dylan saba @shaabiranks.. 43m @hotgirlhala.40s حلا was that an earthquake just now in brooklyn derecka @dereckapurnell 46s is there an earthquake in new jersey just now? 3 1 Joe Weisenthal @TheStalwart.53s Earthquake in NYC? 1 8 235 Arielle. @distraughtemoji·54s omg earthquake!?!?!? 1 2 52 @nancycartnite 1m What happened to that guy who had gay sex in the US Senate? Is he single? 1 16 617 4,185 67.2K
@doxie_gay 14h ... a true gentleman holds the door open when you enter a room Talking ، 30 3,277 27.1K 509K
Dr Helen Ingram @drhingram 20h ... We've reached that point in the week where we would all benefit from seeing some baby bats eating bananas 207 7,125 39.3K 1.8M
hush @tinned_fish13h Very confidently gave someone directions that I am now realizing were incorrect 4 122 2,453 37.1K
Mrs. Game & Watch @mswhit... 18h ... a lot of you don't know what hear me out really means, for example mine is the chicago dogs ketchup mascot in a trench coat RS 1CLUB VERS CASINO 45 513 8,588 300K
computr @love___bug.19h emailing my ex girlfriend X From om Samosa sauce What's that sauce you used for the frozen samosas 7 50 1,305 28.9K
Brooks Otterlake @i_zzzzzz 14h ... I love to turn on ESPN and witness the worst moment of some 19-year-old's life 5 26 633 26.3K
Rat Mic @sliccmic 20h when i eat a mango i close my eyes and pretend im a gay little monkey in the jungle 14 1,589 11K 364K
ус @yc 22m ... Local news just said an east coast 4.8 is a west coast 6 like it's a men's rights podcast Jerrick White @BostonJe... 28m 4.8 is huge for an east coast earthquake x.com/Phil_Lewis_/st... x.com/Phil_Lewis_/st... 6 272 1,642 81.4K
:) @zpyce. 14h ... $20 used to mean something 81 6,768 47.2K del 927K
Brandy Jensen @BrandyLJens... 18h ... falls under my rule sufficiently funny crimes should not be prosecuted philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_.18h A thief disguised as a trash bag was caught on camera stealing a package from a home in Sacramento abc13.com/porch-piate-s_. 68:90 91 66-20 work SZAM CC Storyful 84 4,715 69.9K 1.9M
president of benslie nation 18h ... she definitely just complained about chris pr*tt on the wrong parks and rec gc When you are talking about someone and then realize they are on the group text 34.6K ... 232 602 You exist in the context 9 281 12.7K 274K
jess @abolish_jess 1h ... i i was talking to my psychiatrist when the earthquake hit but i didn't want her to put me on antipsychotics so i just didn't acknowledge it 9 242 4,769 del 72K
-/Kapt'n Krunch/- @KaptainK... 19h ... i don't spike drinks at bars Bulbul @lostbydestiny.3d Boys what's stopping you to dress up like this ?? 31 983 17.7K 304K
Sam Adams @SamuelAAdams- . 1h ... and earthquake and an eclipse inside 72 hours is enough to turn anyone into a medieval peasant 5 297 2,502 48.3K
soup @thrluv.22h ... stop piercing your babies ears!! give em a throat tat instead, that's way cooler 29 3,266 24.6K del 633K


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