26 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of April 1, 2024

Why do they do this…
26 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of April 1, 2024

This week has given us an unhinged amount of discourse online. One TikToker sparked a fierce debate by claiming that Saturday Night Live doesn’t hire any hot women. After sending the Twitter timeline into a frenzy, the conversation made its way to the “Hot Topics” table on The View where Joy Behar reminded everyone that the sketch show is “a comedy show, not a beauty pageant.” While she might be right, she must’ve forgotten that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a cast member for three seasons. More literal earth-shattering news developed as California and New York briefly put aside their differences when a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck New Jersey and rattled the tri-state area. For the first time in years, people were tweeting “did you guys just feel an earthquake???” from bodegas instead of overpriced supermarkets. 

In between it all, we had a whole new batch of groundbreaking tweets from the funny people on the timeline. This week’s most hilarious ones included those about the unbridled joy of awful movie trailers, a tattoo that needed God’s intervention and the pop star made for Fortnite.

Hollywood Deals @LocalDingus.4d you sure about that bow zach @zach_idiot.4 4d i ain't never seen a big boy killing on a duke NC S 3 12 442 9.7K 687K
Rudy JUULiani @RudyJUULianiV2.22h Me in my bedroom shadowboxing the hat man after taking 35 Benadryl izon ATTA 23 6.2K 8 310 393K
MR.BLEUPRINT @chefbleuprint. 1d phone prolly die while it's charging.. but this cute tho RBIE в @TheQueeenp 1d I'm so extra but idcc 24 1K 26K 1M
Chris @KrisSkulls 2d she looks like she would cost 1,200 vbucks cal/holly @strawbeebap.3 3d girl what are you doing... CC ل TikTok @itsjojosiwa 330 6.9K 121K 5.2M
hails @fr1zzlefry 1d Не looks like a newly discovered fish bella @skull_party13.2d Why did he think this hairstyle was the move 11 680 9.6K 195K
Griff @JGrffs . 2 2d This looks like one of those posters on Facebook that one of your friends who knows nothing about film production shares thinking it's real JOKER Joker Movie @jokermovie 3d 19.84.24 The world is a stage. Trailer April 9. #JokerMovie PHOENIX GAGA FOLIE JOKER THE WORLD IS A STAGE 10.04.24 WARNER BROS 23 462 8.5K 367K
clay @hanfjob 14h girlfriend is like the wife of dating 6 43 604 du 20.3K
matt @computer_gay.1 17h callie actually Follow @eggshellfriend God i love new york. Where else in the world can you get a sandwich 5:02 PM 11/2/22 From Earth Nonna Alvarado @ItIsMeA... 1d Being gay in NYC teaches you that it really doesn't matter if your face card declines 100% so long as your body fat is below 10% 4 99 3,087 90K
Will @ghoul_alert.1 11h Still obsessed with my dad's boomer friend who believes that transgender started on 9/11. Two towers... two genders... gone... 2 18 182 4,397
Kaitlin Grady @_kaitlingrady1 17h ... banks will email you to let you know that you have a new message in your Online Banking Mailbox and the message is We are your bank 21 2,044 32.7K 591K
Rhine Stoned Cowboy @... 20h ... least favorite coworker just asked if I was into movies Me: Eh I guess so, as much as the next guy! I just saw dune 2 and enjoyed it Coworker: Have you ever seen White Chicks? 49 112 3,481 del 105K
manicpixiememequeen @mp... 15h ... on Sans THE DOCO QUEEN i've lived so many lifetimes since then popculture @notgwenda... 1d the character posters for Barbie were released a year ago today Ryan Gosling Margot Robbie He's just Ken. Barbie Barbie Barbie is everything 11.21 8 5,980 62.2K 1.6M
character actress georgie rae 15h ... this poster understands one of the sluttier things on earth is a sneak peek of a man's stomach when his shirt lifts up accidentally FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpd... 1d A new IMAX poster for 'CHALLENGERS' has been released. Starring Zendaya, Josh O'Connor and Mike Faist. HER GAME. HER RULES. EXPERIENCE IT IN IMAX
Lateef @LateefSaka 15h And my plastic straws are the problem. Kelvin @Juravim. 1d Is this the best gender reveal ever? CG GIRO BOY 5 1,385 9,208 302K
Benjo Juco @baenjojuco 8h ... Ok anya taylor joy timothée inshallahmet 1d she's giving me body dysmorphia 16 831 7,659 198K
soup @thrluv.22h ... stop piercing your babies ears!! give em a throat tat instead, that's way cooler 29 3,266 24.6K del 633K
Graham @GrahamC47.4d Во Burnham is aging fast sadly KNICKS NEW YORK KNICKS @nyknicks . 4d Jason Bateman in the house KNICKS 9 319 18K 820K
maha @mahaaaay 2h - the woman was too stunned to speak Today Trending in United States 4.8 in NJ 1,343 posts isnt this your type + 10:47AM 72 3K 45K 1.3M
gal kilmer @beepupkin 5d ... pov you turn to me at the cinema after we watch the worst trailer ever put to screen 16 1.2K 19K 503K
jay !! meowboy supreme @onetiredb0y . 5d did this about 7 months ago and i still think this is objectively one of the funniest desktop backgrounds you can have Finder Fie Edit View Go Window Heip A a R Sun 31 Mar 4:25pm 3 So Ser. m kan..g DE half final... P den birdie 315 Mac. H Ser_g Ser.m kcal help... FNS... - dolp... - BLA...3 230.1Q 1 we en 2A... So Scr... DUG pott huh For - dolo. BLA... - Sor.m plea For. 2 dolp...f at Rob...g - Adv...x C 2 DE form See rom FCD A dolp...f boo... e Afte...x IRIO until
Jalen @jjjjjjalen 2h Earth was tryna tell her to take this tf off The Rogue Princess @ShenaeCurry 2h she caught the earthquake during a grwm CC TikTok @jessie_jolles 11K 83 1.5K 403K
TISEMITE من Clay @clay_c0le.3 3h thought this was a parlay Will Manidis @WillManidis 1d yearly reminder that the CEO of America's largest private prison started as a correctional officer and climbed up Presidenticeo Oct 2009 - Present 14 yrs 7 mos Greater Nashville Area, TN President Aug 2008 - Oct 2009 1 yr 3 mos Greater Nashville Area, TN Senior Vice President Aug 2007 - Aug 2008 1 yr 1 mo Greater Nashville Area, TN Vice President Dec 2000 - Aug 2007.6 yrs 9 mos Greater Nashville Area, TN Director of Strategic Planning Aug 1999 - Dec 2000 1 yr 5 mos Greater Nashville Area, TN Director, Proposal Development Aug
h @jamtoastaurchai.6d Btw I have been called out for this exact behaviour lol Replied to your Close Friends story Soup Who isn't allowed to see this h @jamtoastaurchai. 6d Love when you see someone's close friends story and there's no discernible difference at all between this and their regular story like what exactly are you trying to gatekeep here and from whom my new close friend 1.4K 9.2K 17 849K
alan b. @inceptstellar. 5d mother @cillianmr. 5d dad or daddy? 11 2.2K 21K 541K
Enriri @enrihannaaa 3d RIP Sue Sylvester, you would have loved this oums* see @ooumsgh . 3 3d Je suis tellement choqué c'est atroce -25 adidas 7.4K 127 97K 3.8M
mia! @boiledkorn 4d #1 radiohead fans STAR Daily Star @dailystar 7/1/17 Five things that should NEVER go near your vagina bit.ly/2t25KPz 166 634K 2.1K 18K


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