34 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of April 1, 2024

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34 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of April 1, 2024

After gaining a lot of goodwill in the wake of her infamous tax controversy and very public split from Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué, Colombian singer Shakira has watched much of that public support unravel the last few days. 

In an interview with Allure published earlier in the week, the Queen of Latin Music gave her months-late opinion on Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, telling the beauty magazine that her two sons “absolutely hated” it because it “emasculated” them. The timeline was quick to point out that her 9- and 11-year-old sons definitely don’t know what it means to be emasculated, and speculated that the singer was using them to parrot her own thoughts on the film. Days later, in an appearance on Hot Ones, the “Whenever, Wherever" singer told host Sean Evans that she cringes at her older music, calling her signature yodeling “exaggerated” and “a little bit rogue.” 

All of which has had the timeline begging reporters to do one simple thing: stop asking Shakira questions. 

That said, Shakira’s odd press tour wasn’t the only thing raked over the coals this week. Other digital burn victims included a teacher’s conniving coworkers, men with less than sexy prose and a spam bot from Bikini Bottom.

Grip Bayless @talleyberrybaby.2d ... Good for them. CHAKA CON @KMonique__22 I went to the front of my class and said we're going to listen to Chris Brown's first album. Tell me why the entire class sighed and somebody yelled here she go with this bullsh*t! de Amo des Williams R. Abbott Elementary Willand R. Abboe Elementary GIF ALT 58 5,044 77.2K 1.4M
Ahmed/The Ears/IG: BigBiz... 9h ... Kendrick bout to post this on Instagram tonight Nerd Nash @NerdAt... 5/7/16 CG J Cole music work every time 73 3,440 38.9K 1.6M
defleppardfan94 @lemonade_g... .1d ... Jen @Cabbage_snatch_ Any dude ever when sexting: mmmmmmm 1:56 PM . 7/13/22 Twitter for iPhone 57 134 1,507 95.4K
taddy mason @no_goblins . 2d ... LIONA @LIONA578994150.30m o O K M 3 В 1 0 1 del 39 family mir.i.am @jewbyboobie Ok Mr. Krabs 2:22 PM 4/2/24 from Earth 37 Views 6 75 1,192 35.3K
Cowboy Noxeema Jackson @... 16h ... This is another reason not to befriend your colleagues. One of them heffas ratted on her. 9 WAFB WAFB @WAFB . 19h Teacher faces termination after calling in sick for 2 days to attend a concert, district says tinyurl.com/ 5ekreusb?utm_s... 104 6,863 69.9K 1.7M
rob @OkButStill 1d ... i don't care for this woman. this is what i imagine the wife of an SS officer looked like 258 711 19.8K 1.9M
Read Let This Radicalize You 15h ... A billionaire bought this platform and is now removing videos of how the products from his most valuable company don't work. Elai @elaifresh.3d Cybertruck drives off lot, immediately breaks with critical steering issue This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner. 54 6,211 33.5K 813K
Thanks. @Grandeza 1d Thought this was some steak Weed Twitter 6IXER @reallymeech. 1d Goodmorning yes I smoke better than you, yes this a 40 dollar eighth, no you can't hit it 386 9,402 115K 4.8M
ROYALE @royaledareal1·1d ... imagine seeing this bitch off shrooms KELLEY @Patriotmom... ...2d In what world would this be considered normal? FC GJUSTQUEEN88 426 1,428 20.1K 1.6M
thottery barn @gaystation4.2 2d ... they look like theyve been doing this for the past 700 years hourly anya taylor-joy @ev... .2 2d anya taylor-joy and malcolm mcrae eating anatomically correct heart cakes at their wedding CG 77 12.9K 180K 4.9M
laila @surroundedheads.2 2d ... Noam Chomsky is a crazy name like you sound hungry as fuck 150 8,623 88.3K 4.1M
rare insults @insultsrare. 3d ... crust @freakingaverage god really made me 5'6 wtf 8:33 . 1 24 Jul 20 Twitter Web App 96 Retweets 1,173 Likes Apollo @Xiv_Apollo 1d Replying to @freakingaverage Не put the 6 inches some where else 1 10 crust @freakingaverage 1d no he did not 2 87 358 4,701 138K 4.4M
Coco @THEEREALCO.4d My Grandfather called me to tell me it's flowers at the front door for me bc he wanted me to start my week off happy..... i get to the front door and it's nothing there.... Today is April 1st..... 168 2,575 46.3K du 950K
Ewan @ewan_tough. 1d Ignored a letter from Specsavers saying I'm overdue and eye test, and I shit you not they've sent another one with a bigger font 30 932 18.9K 318K
dr. umaria johnson @notkianna... 4d ... A doctor told you something and you askin twitter (a bunch of fuckin idiots) if the doctor is right Weed Twitter The Guy 1924 @CharlesMiL... 4d So my Dr told me to stop smoking, because it increases my risk of schizophrenia by 20%, is this bull or nah? I am a 30 year old male. 182 13.5K 88K 2.6M
john ( (يريه) @sugxr333x0xo. 19h ... ???? don't ask her anymore questions POP CRAVE @PopCrave.2 21h Pop Crave Shakira on what makes her cringe when listening to her old music: I think used to overdo the cries in my voice. 'Lo-le-lo-le-lo-le!' it's too much. I think it was exaggerated, a little bit rogue. Too much Shakira. 40 6,754 84K 2.5M
ed @erar97 1d you're not a slytherin or hufflepuff... you're 35 David Leatherwood 1d just two homosexuals (one slytherin and one hufflepuff) who unequivocally stand with @jk_rowling SLYTHERIN AMELIA ISLANY ESTABLISHED 162
Skyler Higley @skyler_higley 2d white dudes LOVEEE the idea of rap being fast. 45 109 1,829 62.6K
oatmeal influencer @acechhh 1 12h ... he can't help but look haunted 7 4 368 5,895
alan b. @inceptstellar 2d ... stellan skarsgård in 'good will hunting' kinda looks like if someone tried to draw chris nolan from memory 2 مل = 16 =\x -27 by \z 59 2,102 56.5K 1.1M
Cigs @UsingCigarettes • 3 3d Is this guy a creep or just European Jeremy Fragrance @Jerem....3d Jeremy FRAGRANCE Pose. #jeremyfragrance 674 2,559 78.2K 3.1M
THE BASTIN fk @fk_keegs 2d ... BAUTHERS I ain't over exaggerating but that's one of the worst outfits I've ever seen oh my a pair of Nike tech bottoms with a belt?????????? lu @lulusityy.2d sorry ? CG 40 672 14K 1.1M
Cigs @UsingCigarettes 15h TikToker explains how rain comes from dark clouds in the sky that hold water Dexerto @Dexerto . 18h TikToker explains how restaurants like 'The Cheesecake Factory' use massive freezers to maintain such a large menu The heesecake Factory. 167 5,006 93.8K
sierra @sierralayko 2d ... her and barry have been fighting over the bondi sands self tanner bottle Pop Base @PopBase.3 3d Sabrina Carpenter stuns for SKIMS. 5 378 15.3K 782K
sona @swiftlydunphy- 16h ... i'm pretty sure everybody has the same universal answer for this one Chandler Bing Parody 19h Who would you kiss, marry and kill out of these three? 614 9,334 92.5K 8.4M
Caviar @chantediorx. 1d GOOS PAN L zay @zaytotrilll. 1d Wordsearch got my ahh stressing O DOOBZD =ZANX ZOUX HZAM ONKE ОБ A - - G C - 2 SPAN A C 40 A O - O S يد & ОР A Le 3 3 S BY M O MOUNTAIN Z MOBNING NOAH PAIRS D list: PROMISE RAIN TWO WATER WOOD ANIMALS SunCatcherStudio.co ARK BELIEVE BUILD CREATURES DOVE EVIL FLOOD PORTY -GOOD 152 5,208 63.2K 2M
Serge Gainsbourg @BKWelles. 8h ... LVES OLV am OLIVE kanye west news WOLVES @ima_fix_wolves -EFF WOL MA IMA FIN remember when j cole got his phone stolen out of his pocket by a fan and they called jayz from it but he wasnt answering so they called from their own phone and he picked up 8:39 PM 1/29/19 Twitter Web Client 4 636 Retweets 20K likes 36 1,883 31K 600K
oatmeal influencer @acechhh.2d ... she's dressing like a magician no matter what 8 103 2,423 99.1K
a rat jumping around the с... 18h ... POV: the toddler I was babysitting Carter is seeing Madison i... 1d NEW DUA LIPA SINGLE SNIPPET CG 26 1,530 18.6K 1.1M
ara @aramatize. 9h ... less than 60 seconds in this cole album and i'm hearing bars about rick and morty 14 376 7,163 94.8K
clayton blaha @FerrariJetpack-14h ... my gf just sent me this scaachi ... @Scaachi this is a lovely little short story but most pressingly: all the names in this groupchat sound fake. clayton blaha????????????? jack wagner @jackdwagner Apr 5 one of my groomsmen is in the hospital today because him and another dude hugged too hard this weekend holy shit i watched that happen Matt Krautstrunk holy shit is that from a hug? 1 Reply Brandon Tone Yes BT HAHAHAGAGA Cracked cartilage where my ribs meet my sternum. If anyone Brandon Tone needs a jar of pickles opened hit I'm so impressed
Mark Curban @_RevRun 1d ... Everybody that been in jail wake up early. Josh @JoshuaOgundu 1d Martha Stewart is 82 and wakes up at 5am daily, but people in their 30s find it difficult to get up at 8am 92 7,549 42.3K 1.6M
@Hibzster 12h congratulations & no Pulchritudinous Intellect... 16h And of course we jumped the broom #BlackAmericanWedding Feel free to contribute to our honey moon fund by sending funds to cash app $VIRALDebates Thank you in advance CC $ VIRAL Debates Scan to pay $VIRALDebates 0:05 0 views 123 3,291 24.4K 873K
Punch Cat @PunchingCat.20h ... bro looks like a flea CG 90 5,074 65K 932K


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