17 of the Wildest Things Seen by Bag Checkers

‘Full animal spine’
17 of the Wildest Things Seen by Bag Checkers

Yes, it’s the gig they’ve signed up for, but it’s hard to overstate the potential horrors that await anyone who has to check another person’s bag. Sure, there are certain things they learn to anticipate, but no one is prepared to find a suitcase full of cooked oatmeal. It’s a scenario that prompts plenty of questions that will likely never be answered, and that person also now has the permanent mental image of a suitcase full of cooked oatmeal

The bag checkers of Reddit have formed a single-file line and named the most bizarre things they’ve seen chilling in someone’s bag. Raw meat, anyone?

CustomsCartman 11y Customs official here. Full animal spine, not professionally butchered, fresh with bits of flesh attached. Being brought in for voodoo/african witchcraft type ceremony. It took four people to restrain the woman when we took it. She reacted like we were holding a knife to her child's throat or something. Result: I have a curse on me, not the first actually. Edit: I am not American fwiw, so all you posters linking to US regulations that's not the exact reason. Though I assume most countries would stop bloody carcasses in passenger bags. ... 1.9k
Notlandshark . 1 11y While working at the airport, I checked a bag that contained an entire goat, including the head. In pieces. Bloody, hairy pieces taped up in plastic bags. ... 857
Soundsfast . 4 4y On border patrol someone had like cured snakes in juice in mason jars. They made it weird and gross enough so officers wouldn't further inspect. Turns out there was lots of heroin stuffed in them. ... 913
ryanrows . . 11y I was working as an usher for an event that did not require tickets, let alone a bag check. Nonetheless, a woman insists that she show someone her bag to be safe. Inside: assorted regular purse items, a box of magnums, anywhere between $2500-$5000 cash, a razor, and a burrito. I had to confiscate the burrito.
MooKids 0 4y Didn't even need an x-ray, it was in plain sight. Working a baggage pier in the sorter, coworker drops off an odd sized item, looked like a regular folding table at first in one of our clear plastic bags. Coworker tells me it is an S&M table. Being the new guy, I thought he was messing with me, but then I looked closer. It was a folding table, but on one side was a T-shaped item labeled The Jackhammer down the side. On the other side of the table were some silver handcuffs. So it was an
TheQueryWolf . 6y Not an airport worker, but my uncle is. They once had to arrest a man because he brought a suitcase full of guitar strings. Like, just guitar strings. ... 244
ZoomJet 7y Recently on a flight. Guy just ahead of me is screaming with security about something. As I get closer, it starts to make sense what it is. Meat. A shitton of meat, packed raw into his suitcase with newspaper lining it. It's the wet, sloppy kind - not in a plastic bag, not sealed, open. Open. I have no idea what some people think sometimes. ... 42
highschoolblows.1 11y Oatmeal. Not like dry oatmeal either, it was an entire suitcase filled with cooked oatmeal. They lined the inside with plastic so that it wouldn't leak. ... 2k
NoHandsEjac.1 11y Approximately $25,000 worth of Magic The Gathering cards, pics to follow ... 1.6k
Smoothynobutt. 4y Not really weird, but a guy came through with legit gold bars. Не was Asian and mentioned they had been in his family for a very long time. They were completely black on the X-ray, and he asked for a private screening I was the one who checked out the bag. I don't remember how much they were, but it was kinda cool since I'd never seen real solid gold bars before. In the 4 years I was TSA, I never once found a gun. I probably wasn't a very good agent. ... 1.2k
 11y This past summer in Ecuador a guy tried sneaking four live iguanas onto the plane. ... 2
CrudJimWasTaken . 11y I work as a baggage handler for a couple airlines in Canada. By far the weirdest came from a guy moving from Victoria to Montreal. His bags included: a regular checked bag, a very large (1.5 meter) taxidermy tuna and a USED toilet. Oddest mix-up was a guy who was pulled aside in security, taken to a private room by police and CATSA agents to be searched and interrogated about a bomb in his bag. Turns out he wrapped his cell charger around his phone and placed it on top of a Mars bar. Apparently it fits
GreenHiiipy . 11y Former TSA agent in my family who worked at JFK was asked this last July. His response? Не found an entire box of powdered donuts in one suitcase (About 3 boxes). In another suitcase, a bag of donut holes (roughly 50 in all) and a crate of gorilla glue. (the box of like six glue bottles.) No idea what this man had in mind. ... 8
HavenKane . 11y I worked reservations for an airline for a while. Had a lady call to make sure it was okay to bring a frozen turkey as her carry on. Apparently she didn't trust her daughter-in-law to buy the right kind for Thanksgiving. We couldn't find any reason that she couldn't, but I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when she went through security. ... 148


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