30 of the Funniest ‘Oops!’ Moments on Zoom Calls

‘Oh my God he stabbed me!’
30 of the Funniest ‘Oops!’ Moments on Zoom Calls

No one could’ve predicted how quickly Zoom would become a part of our lives, but it appears that the video-conferencing app is here to stay. Thankfully, along with the rise in this particular technology comes an influx of comedic gold by way of unmuted conversations and an array of colorful background characters. Case in point: One Redditor recalled the time they watched someone’s fully nude nana slowly make her way across the room. That’s a scenario you don’t quickly forget, and you gotta wonder why nana wasn’t covered up

To that end, other Redditors have recalled the blooper-esque situations they’ve witnessed while on a Zoom call, and if you’ve ever been tempted to use the bathroom when you think you’re muted, maybe just hold it.

DrPorterMk2 . 4y My professor had allowed his daughter to use his device before starting the video chat. We were silent for a moment until we heard the My Little Pony song playing in full volume. My professor was moved into instant shock and anxiety. ... 61
artsfartsncrafts . 3y I was meeting with my project group for the first time when my boyfriend busts through the door holding my cat with the cat butt aimed at me making machine gun noises. Had to keep my mic/video off for like 10 min after due to uncontrollable bouts of laughter. We established the ground rule door closed = in meeting after that. ... 4.4k
CruisingLeReddit • 3y We had a guy in his car, unmutes his mic during a presentation to answer a question, and forgot to mute. Presentation carries on and then we abruptly hear him start ordering his lunch from Burger King through the drive through. Presentation stops, everyone listens to this poor kid order his whole lunch. Another kid unmutes can I get an order of mozza sticks? About 5 mins of laughter before the presentation restarted ... 3.4k
drownednotgod . 3y I was giving a presentation and my cat jumped up on my lap. Не then immediately turned around to show everyone his butt (he wanted snuggles, but you know... that put the other end right into the camera) ... 211
 . 3y My brother was in class and my mother started to scream YOUR ROOM STINKS ... 15.2k
schnit123 . 3y I'm a professor running Zoom classes right now. Just the other day I had a student shout piece of shit! in the middle of one of my lectures. I asked him if my lecture on research credibility was really making him that angry, and then heard oh shit my mic is - ... 13.4k
Crazylivykid . 3y My husband farted so loud once when I was doing online school, the screen focused on me because it thought I was talking. ... 389
FroggyBoi82 . 3y I joined the class on my phone and thought I had my mic muted, I put my phone on my music stand and did some piano practice since the lesson hadn't really started and after I finished playing the first piece my history teacher said that was some lovely piano playing but can we get to the lesson now? ... 435
 . 4y Someone's mum came into my classmates room and told her that she is disappointed and disgusted that she clogged the toilet ... 169
SalemScout . 3y Not me, but mum, who is an attorney. She was on a call for mediation and one of the attendants said I'm sorry, can we take a quick break? My pig needs to be let out. Then he proceeded to turn the camera to show everyone a massive potbellied pig named Truffles, who was sitting there like he was asking to be let out. ... 316
WhatlsRedditlmConfus. . 3y My friend was the admin on a zoom call. Не switched my name to big booty bitch. I then joined a work related zoom call, name was still big booty bitch had no idea how to change it so was big booty bitch for the duration of my summer job training that day. ... 532
moviesandcats . 3y My husband is a chemistry professor. Не was teaching a class via Zoom and overheard a female student say she'd like to punch him in the face.....hahaha ... 4k
 4y Not even 2 minutes into first online live stream class, moaning noises start coming over the stream. Thinking its a joke, professor stops and asks whoever it is to stop. Noises keep coming, and suddenly they get really loud. Next thing we know, someones mom starts screaming and yelling at someone in the background, and sounds of crying are heard. Turns out someones brother was watching *ahem* adult films and accidentally hooked up to his speaker instead of his headphones, although still not sure how one can actually make that mistake without knowing it. Anyway, professor continued on
maznivhooshim 0 3y Was watching game of thrones and it was on a sex scene while in class, but then the teacher gave us a class work and she told me to screen share it but i screen shared the wrong screen ... 6.6k
 . 3y I've been told I killed my 11 y/o's social life by yelling Enjoy the diarrhea at her younger sister when I saw she had eaten an entire box of ice cream bars at once. I was in another room and had no idea my voice carried. ... 4.8k
CaminoFan . 3y My sister was in a Zoom lecture for her university course (all were required to turn on cameras for this specific lecture) and some guy obviously forgot and lit a joint on camera to 30+ other students and his lecturer ... 11.4k
CooCooKazoom . 3y I was in biology and we were listening to my professor as he explained the theories on why some apes developed larger penises than others. My roommate and I were jokingly discussing the topic and he goes, Humans don't walk on all fours because our shlongs would drag on the ground. I was unmuted and my professor just goes, No... that's not right at all. ... 228
 . 3y My mom was making a chilli paste. I commented Smells delicious! Across the back porch. The teacher stopped the lesson and asked if I would be sharing! In another class (a university course), a student left their device with a toddler. The kid somehow unmuted the mic and started babbling happily. It was adorable, but the teacher was annoyed because she had to exit her PowerPoint to mute the kid. ... 1.9k
duston1990 . 4y I was attending my class and my roommate who was in the very corner of the camera didn't think he was visible on my camera and proceeded to take a really big hit from his bong when I was talking so my camera was blown up on everybody's screen. ... 242
KanataCitizen 3y During a one-on-one, my coworker was screen sharing on zoom so we could both see and discuss the changes to a document in real-time. After an hour, we decided to take a ten minute break. I went to the washroom and came back to my computer seeing he still had his screen share on and navigated to a NSFW website. I waited until he returned from his 'break', and I didn't mention anything. Hey, we all make mistakes, and in these trying times, why take away any pleasure or make an interaction uncomfortable? ... 1.6k
 . 3y My sister has serious anger issues. It is to the point that she was playing Murder Mystery on Roblox and screaming bloody murder when she died. I did not k kw she was playing and in the middle of me discussing my book my sister screams at the top of her lungs Oh my god he stabbed me! It was a really awkward situation to explain. ... 286
Plug_5 . 3y I'm a music professor, and one day I was playing an example for my class that was about a minute and a half long. Afterwards I realized that I never turned on audio sharing. I apologized to the students and laughed, and one of them said, it's cool Prof. Plug_5, it's fun to sit and watch you vibe to music.
 . 3y Hadn't had lunch yet and so I brought some soup into my Zoom class. I took a looong sip, straight into the mic. Probably sounded like gunfire to the rest of my class. ... 218
Maggiethedogie . . 3y Another one, a teacher on the older side thought that she had turned the mic off, and started swearing and telling her husband that her students were dumbasses, everyone heard her and told her to close the mic ... 397
IAmNewBillTell o 3y Maybe not quite the same thing, but yesterday a girl fell asleep with her camera on, and she was just lying there with her eyes closed and mouth open. For the rest of the lecture. ... 18.2k
Slothpoots 3y During orientation on zoom, some guy said man this class so fuckin dummmmb. I felt really bad for the teacher ... 655
ichigoli 3y 5th grade student's mom in the background, at full volume: Well you tell that mother FUCKER that the next time I see him I'm cutting his fucking BALLS OFF as I try desperately to figure out which one is unmuted and mute them. Poor girl was totally un-phased so she likely hears similar all the time. Everyone else just stared in shock for a couple of seconds until one kid just unmutes and goes That's not school appropriate language at all Another student, different time, had Nanna wander through the background, completely nude. Using a walker so she's
TobiasDron_09 . 3y I was in a discord server chatting with friends. Somehow, the discord conversation started talking about velociraptor body pillows. Now I was smart enough not to be in class when the conversation started to unfold. One of my friends however... was in class, and left his mic on. The teacher ended up muting him, and talking to him after class. Never did found out about his class' reaction to velociraptor body pillows... ... 5k
Bagulosis . . 3y l'll sum it up, I had wireless headphones with a mic and left to go to the bathroom....fuuuuck. ... 14.1k


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