30 Hilariously Naked Predicaments People Have Found Themselves In

Everything is funnier in the buff
30 Hilariously Naked Predicaments People Have Found Themselves In

It’s the naked truth that everything is objectively funnier when you’re as bare-assed as the day you were born. Not everything about nudity is sexual. Like, while it’s objectively hilarious, there’s nothing horny about vacuuming naked (actually, there’s definitely one way to make that horny, possibly two ways, but please don’t end up in the ER trying to figure out how). Some people, meanwhile, have pushed the naked envelope into dangerous territory, like the guy who played Naked Frisbee to undisclosed results. Others just experienced the freedom of being untethered by clothing, like the man who was so drunk on vacation that he thought he was on a nude beach and acted accordingly (he was not on a nude beach). 

Anyway, numerous Redditors have exposed the funniest moments they were caught with their pants down, and one of these entries will make make it so you can never look at trampolines the same way again.

JustScratchinMaBallz . 1y Crawling through an attic in a lawyer office when my pants got caught. Fell half way through the ceiling while trying to keep my bare ass out of the insulation. Good times ... 3
BMinIT . 2y I was doing a zoom meeting with a coworker and his wife walked by in the background fully naked, twice. I don't think she realized her husband's camera was on or that she was in view. ... 22.5k
WannaSeePortugal . 7y I was in a summer festival.camp. There were showers with hot water, but rhey were on an open field. I didn't lock the door correctly (I thought I did) and the wind managed to open my door in the middle of my shower.. There were 5 people in front of me. ... 1
CarpeNivem . 13y That is a trampoline, floating in a lake. One night, a few years ago, a girl I had just started dating suggested that we go skinny dipping in that lake. We did. Then we swam out to that trampoline. And jumped on it. Butt naked. I am marrying that girl later this year. ... 21
bradshjg 13y So I was at a no pants dance in college and a buddy and I decided to go streaking through the quad (embarrassingly enough, we may have even semi- quoted Will Ferrell in our state). So we're jogging for a little while and we see a group of people standing around smoking. We both look at each other, and then nearly simultaneously suggest that we should go ask them for a cigarette. They obliged, and we stood there naked smoking a cigarette with a group of people we'd never met before. The next year one of the girls
Woggzeh07 . 3 3y I was very drunk and I sleepwalked out of the house and down the street. My then partner chased me and brought me home. No harm done. Just an embarrassing tale to tell. ... 1
KingOfDaFrogs . 9 97d I went tubing for my grade 6 camp and was tangled up in the rope. I let go of the tube and tried to pull free of the rope. The boat towing us spread up flinging one of my classmates onto the shore and pulling me out of the rope. My pants didn't come with. ... Reply 2
FirstJellyfish307 . 9 97d I took mdma when I was 19 and woke up in my neighbours garden naked face down in the dirt lol I looked like a lunatic ... Reply 1
Mister_Moho . 97d Minding my own business in the shower when a house centipede decides to drop in unannounced. I'm lucky I didn't slip and crack my head on the side of the tub. ... Reply 1
unspokenbaggage 2y Showing apartments, we gave them 24 hours notice and knocked with no response, went in guys was naked on his couch asleep. I just backed up back down thr hallways and I got out before the potential resident could see him ... 2.9k
Derfel . 13y When the mad cow was going around North America and McDonalds released all the coupons for free big macs, one of my friends had a huge party and one of the girls that was there that worked at McDonalds bet me 10 coupons I wouldn't streak through the party. Ended up running buck naked through the whole house and outside for a lap around the deck. Most delicious 10 big macs ever. ... 3
nickolai21 13y While the embarrassing part doesn't directly involve me, it is too funny to not tell it. In high school a friend of mine had a hot tub at her house. We would normally sit in it sans clothing. One night it was me, my friend, and another girl and guy. My friend suggests we run around in the snow to cool down. All four of us are naked but we think, what the hell? lets do it! So we get out of the hot tub and start running around her backyard, when the other guy starts yelling in
Iznomore 0 13y I play a game with everyone I've ever dated where we jump out naked in only socks. No one looks good in just socks, and when my husband jumps out naked with baseball style socks on and starts twirling it, I die laughing. Anyway, my ex and I were going skating, and I heard the door open while I happened to just be wearing knee socks. I jump out in kind of a Flying Squirrel Hidden Hamster pose and there is my ex... and our mortified coworker! Не got a ride home, and had been invited skating
Zachal91 2y In college, I had a girl over for...activities. About 2am I went downstairs for some water, and hear one of my roommates in the kitchen. NBD, someone's usually up late. As I turn the corner, there he is, nothing on, making food or washing dishes, idr. Не turns around as I start laughing, covers his junk up, and says I didn't think anyone was up so I didn't bother putting clothes on Love that guy, stood up in my wedding this year. ... 532
straubzilla 2y Went over to a friend's house in college to hang out. Knocked on their bedroom door and yelled Yo, it's straubzilla! I heard, what I thought was, his girlfriend say Hey kid! So I opened the door and waltzed in on his girlfriend standing by the bed, butt ass naked, palms face up and an expression on her face like WTF? Right then it dawned on me that what she had said was I'm naked! I was in shock, and blurted out Oh, you're naked! She gave me another WTF look, and I bolted back out the door.
aenea 13y Breastfeeding triplets is fairly tiring, and since it's pretty much 24/7, putting a shirt on isn't a huge priority (one or two finish, and then the next one's ready). We'd just moved, and the (rather young) cable guy showed up to hook us up- I let him in, showed him what we needed doing, and couldn't figure out why he was not only giving me the eye like I was a crazy person, but was doing his best to back away slowly every time we went through a doorway. So he gets it done, about an hour later
tomparker 13y My friend was watching someone's little one-eyed mutt for a week. One morning, as he was about to step in the shower, the dog was insisting it needed to go out. So my friend, dressed in only a towel, opened the front door hoping that the dog would quickly pee on the front lawn and return to the house. Instead, the one-eyed dog took off running down the street of his suburban neighborhood. Here's the snap decision that my friend had to make: Do I let the dog go or do I chase it down the busy street
creedit . 13y I rented a house for a week in Nevis, and island in the Caribbean, with a bunch of friends. It was up on a hill overlooking the ocean and had a very nice pool. It was only a matter of hours before a lot of nudity took place. Nude swimming, nude cooking and lots of nude drinking. Pretty much we'd wake in the morning, pop open a beer and start getting nude. Flash forward five years and I'm visiting a couple who were on this vacation and they have put together a large photo album of this
00110001_00110100 . 4y A guy somehow managed to lock himself out of his room naked and had to come to the front desk to get another key... the front desk is separated from the room since there are five buildings each with a sertain number of rooms and he was in the one furthest from the desk... so he had to walk naked across the property... the saving grace was that it was around midnight so no one was around... also i was sitting down and the counter goes to around chest high so I just thought he didn't have a
feralkitten 13y I used to date a waitress. I'm a network admin. Naturally our schedules didn't match up very well. I would stay up late to party with her when she got off work sometimes, and often she would still be at my house when i got off work the next day. This girl had rather large boobs. Very large in fact. One Saturday i got called in to do some work. When i came home, the girl came out to greet me in all of her naked glory. The only problem... it wasn't me coming home. My mom lives
Oscar_Rowsdower . 13y I once got so drunk, I vacuumed my room naked. That is all. ... 4
andcanadatoo 13y Naked Frisbee is a very dangerous game. ... 42
JimSFV . . 13y I live in a condo complex in Southern California. There was an Earthquake. I ran out of my front door naked. All my neighbors ran out of their front doors--not naked. ... 43
allthekeals . . 1y LIVII On a rail tressel.... Running from the train while trying to pull my pants up I'm sure would've been comedic to witness ... 1
rowenaravenclawO . 97d I woke up wearing nothing but a raincoat in a shopping cart at aldi's alcohol was involved ... Reply 2
dailydoldrums 13y I was in Estonia for a month in college doing workshops in this tiny, remote area a few miles from the Baltic Sea. The first day we get there, we decide that at some point, we need to go skinny dipping in the Baltic Sea. Then we got busy, yada yada. So on the last day we're staying, a few of us (myself included) are still gung-ho about skinny dipping, but come that night, it's boiled down to a whopping 3 people: female friend (tall, beautiful blond), male friend (average, very nice guy), and me (short, female). We
hey_there 13y I was hiking in Patagonia through essentially what were people's backyards in the mountains. It was an exceptionally gorgeous afternoon and my friends and I had set up base camp and spent the day wandering around and relaxing after a solid few days of hiking and climbing. I went off on a hike of my own, and after hiking about 30 minutes I found myself completely on my own along an old horse trail. It may seem like a strange idea, but at the time it made perfect sense to get undressed and wander naked through the gorgeous
rocketboy53 . 13y While in college in the early 70's, at the height of the streaking craze, word was out of an attempt to set a mass streaking world record. Sure enough, 2,000 students showed at the assigned time and place. When there was a sudden burst of activity, I dropped trou and took off. That turned out to be a false alarm, and while milling around during the regrouping, I was suddenly bathed in a pool of bright light from directly behind me. I turned around to find myself facing a CBS News crew. My ass was displayed on
kidcoma 13y I was playing a benefit for a wildlife organization with a band. The girl that was running the benefit was an ex- stripper. After we played a couple of songs, she got up on stage to make some remarks; someone yelled take it off. She didn't. I seized the opportunity; I can get naked I said into the mic. The crowd cheered, so I obliged and proceeded to remove my clothes. I played 8 songs, letting the boys fly the entire time. At the second last song the other two guitar players took their gear off. The best
mgale85 . 13y At Christmas when I was about 17 or 18, I got extremely drunk with my boyfriend's family, playing Yahtzee. Not only did I try to drink the dice out of the cup on my turn. Oh no, I also went to my boyfriend's bed, got naked, fell asleep, and after stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I decided to climb into his mom's bed. Naked. Yes, she was in there, and I told her, no thanks, this is fine when she gently tried to help me out and to the correct bed. Thank
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