27 of the Funniest Times Dumb People Were Condescending

‘It’s spelled ‘samwitch’’
27 of the Funniest Times Dumb People Were Condescending

Being dumb isn’t a crime, but it should be against the law to be both dumb and pompous. No double-dipping, you have to choose one and stick with it! Like the woman who looked at the proper spelling of “sandwich” on a chalkboard menu, snickered and made fun of the restaurant worker who wrote it, insisting that it was “samwitch.” These are the people who can’t be saved. 

Redditors have shared their experiences with dumb people who had the nerve to be condescending, and it’s a miracle that some of these situations didn’t turn into fistfights. 

gin_and_cucumber . 2y Had a friend in college who was VERY full of himself. One morning while eating breakfast in the cafeteria someone said, I wonder how bagels are made. I said, I'm pretty sure bagels are boiled. The pompous friend then said, What are you stupid?! Bagels aren't boiled. That's f***ing ridiculous. Someone did a quick Google search to find that bagels are, in fact, boiled. People seemed genuinely intrigued by this information. ... 12k
stepatmoz . . 2y I was working as a teller at the bank years ago, and a Karen was complaining about how slow and shitty my computer was...if I had been using an IBM she'd have been out of there already. She works at IBM, they only make the best, fastest bank equipment. Blah, blah blah. I slowly, deliberately turned my slow, shitty IBM computer for her to look at. Not another word. ... 10.5k
trixablanca . 2y At work one day writing a menu board for lunch specials. A couple comes in and start chuckling behind me. The lady gives me this snide look and says What's a SAND-wich? It's spelled SAMWITCH, honey. Hahaha she wrote SAND, like in the desert! I just smiled and didn't even correct her. That cocky stupidity was truly a sight to behold. ... 22.5k
 . 2y Guy tried to tell me he knew my job more than I did because he went to school to be an engineer and I just sell the machines. Emailed him info directly from the manufacture on why he was wrong. He's not my client anymore. Don't care, fuck him and anyone who uses education as a reason to be a dick ... 5.4k
Sarchasm-Spelunker 2y I had a boss who thought everyone was an idiot. One morning, the computer in the office wasn't working. She asks me if I know anything about computers. I tell her that I've used one before. She tells me to check the computer in the office and see if I can figure out why it stopped working. I press the power button and she calls me a moron, telling me that she had already tried that herself. I get under the desk for a moment then come back up. I tell her to press the power button again.
Evil_Genius_1 . 2y I'm profoundly deaf, so couldn't use the telephone to ring the bank (this was pre-internet banking), so all my banking had to be done in person at the counter. One day I went to the bank to change my address and asked the assistant to please look at me while she was speaking as I was deaf and a lip-reader, then explained I needed to change my address with the bank. She looked at me, tutted and said You could have done this by phone. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I said
mamba_gaming1997 . 2y A tour group had a dad in it who insisted on trying to give his 2 cents on my animals and proceeded to put his fingers in the tank (despite my warning and practically yelling at him not too) with our stunted gators saying how hatchlings couldn't hurt a human only for the male to shoot out of his favorite hide and latch onto his hand.... yea I had to bite my tongue to stop laughing. ... 1.3k
Civil-Chef . 2y Was talking about binary star systems at a party, when suddenly, my ex says That's not what binary is, are you dumb? Then another friend looked up the word binary and read it out loud to him, his eyes bugged out. I told him: Stop pretending to be an expert on things you don't understand. It makes you look like an idiot. My ex was thinking of binary computer code. Не didn't consider that other things could be binary too. ... 3.7k
jooby-the-nooby . 2y Our school's schedule got revamped which meant that one of our classes that was two periods long was cut in half to accommodate for all the changes. When I brought this up to the teacher I was co-teaching with, she called me an idiot and told everyone sitting in our table group that I wasn't very good at math as everyone laughed. A few minutes later, the principal cleared up the new schedule, only for her to realize that she was wrong in the first place. Felt so good to see the look on her face when
fanghornegghorn. 2y I made vegetarian nachos with fake mince in front of a bunch of friends for a party. Another friend showed up late and, unprompted, started trash talking vegetarian food because the nachos were so good he could never give up meat. One of the other guests eventually corrected him. ... 2.2k
 . 2y I had a paper returned to me this morning because I didn't write out all the names of the authors in the manuscript. I took a screenshot of their submission guidelines detailing AUTHOR NAMES MUST BE FORMATTED WITH THE FIRST INITIAL FOLLOWED BY LAST NAME and sent it back. Got an apology e-mail and an submission received notification a few minutes later. Academia, I swear to God... ... 8.6k
vtpilot . 2y Haha. Reminds me of the time we had a PM and his crew come in and brief our group on a migration they were about to do. What he laid out made no sense to anyone and I figured Id ask a few questions to maybe help him see the error in his ways. Не got all pissed off that anyone would question his wisdom and asked who the hell I thought I was. The look on his face when I said the author of the procedure and code they were using was priceless. Fuck you Greg.
 2y I was a service desk technician at a hospital helping a doctor reset his password. Не kept misspelling the temporary password (it was welcome12345). Turns out he thought welcome has 2 L's and freaked out at me citing his education and my (at the time) lack thereof as evidence that he was right. After going back and forth he got frustrated and handed me off to his nurse and left, she got it on the first try then apologized to me for her boss's behavior. Funniest part was as she was hanging up I heard her talking to
prathamesh62 . . 2y When I was in 6th grade our science teacher asked what is the shape of rainbow I instantly answered saying it's circle then the so called topper of our class looked at me and laughed and did some trash talk afterwords when the teacher said circle is the correct answer whole class laughed at her ... 6.2k
quibbleisms 0 2y Once at a game night someone made a comment about an aspect of languages. The comment isn't really important. The point is, they were vaguely wondering about a thing, and I answered the question. They had just met me, and so tried to rib me by laughing and saying I was wrong. I said, no, pretty sure that's right, and this is why. Не scoffed and said, It's not like you have a degree in languages or something. Everyone else immediately dissolved into giggles as I informed him that actually I had just moved back from grad
Jameseatscheese 2y When I worked as a cashier in a grocery store people would always want to argue about their produce. They would bring up heads of iceberg lettuce and then argue with me that they were green cabbage, or vice versa. I would always just smile, void the product, and then charge them for what they thought it was. The best was seeing people come back later pissed that their cole slaw didn't work. The best, though, was the sweet potato vs yam argument that I would have with people several times during the week leading up to Thanksgiving.
 2y When I was in 8th grade, we'd just learned about the seasons and earth's rotation and all that; to my surprise, my teacher taught us that the Earth is actually closest to the sun during winter! But it's cold because of the tilt on the axis, not because of proximity to the sun. The tilt determines the seasons. And then soon after that I went to math class and my math teacher said something about how it was freezing because we are so far from the sun. And of course I piped up to tell him he was
Zharan_Colonel 2y When I was about 5-6, I was obsessed with the Titanic (the ship, not the movie, although all the ads around that time for home rentals probably got me interested in the first place)...I knew every fact, every detail, every bit of trivia about that ship and its fateful voyage in 1912 for a few years there Well, one summer, my family had a big get together, as you do. One of my dad's uncles (my great-uncle) was there, who was a huge prick by all accounts (my dad hated him, anyway), and he happened to discover I
BTDubbsdg 2y As a lifeguard we had a rule that very young kids needed an adult in the water within arm's reach in the main pool. I saw this mom and her 5 year old walk in. Mom is wearing jeans and on her phone, clearly not planning on swimming. I anticipate the issue and go to talk to her before the kid gets in. I explain our policy, that the pool is 4 ft deep minimum and that the policy is for the safety of the child, that having a parent close by who can respond in case of
shaft101 2y My wife and I were traveling with a couple we worked with in South Korea. We weren't best friends with them but they were nice enough so we rented a car and travelled around the island of Jeju. Now, this is a small island and you could drive around it in 4 or 5 hours but we were taking our time seeing the sights. The guy was a bit of a know-it-all but they had been in Korea 6 months longer than us so I always tools his advice. Anyways, I'm driving the car and we are trying
22_White_Male . 2y Oh working in retail has those moments constantly. People don't read the signs right and one guy didn't get the right chips for the deal and was getting mad at me and told me to come and he'll show me the sign. I had already dealt with people not reading the fine print on that deal so I told him I'm not going to look at anything, you can go look for yourself and read it then come back with the right product. Не cane back without an attitude because he knew he was wrong and from
truecolors110 e 2y When I was in the Army, me and a group of specialists were standing in a circle, taking a break in the motor pool. A lieutenant came out and said he needed a forklift driver, went around the circle, pointed at each male and asked them if they had their license. None of them did; he huffed and walked away. Не had clearly, obviously skipped over the other female and I in the circle. That was fine; we were the only 88M (heavy vehicle operators) and forklift licensed people there; the dudes were all paralegals and HR
 . 2y Some years ago some guys were talking about cars and engines and I don't even remember what. One of them was really condescending to me (F) and said, but you probably don't know anything about that do you? My husband set him straight and said, she knows more about cars than I do so don't be so sure. Then of course he tried to prove he knew more. Не did not. I grew up around race cars, and auto mechanics, who also thought everyone should understand their own car. I have to admit I know less now
Snookers114 2y I'm currently a junior in college and a couple of weeks ago when the semester started dying down I left the dorms to come back home and finish things out online. I also started working at the local grocery store as well. Around a week ago as I was checking out two customers when they told me they wanted to pay 50/50 with two cards. Our system requires us to manually enter the price so I did and the lovely gentleman told me my math was wrong and said he's a sophomore engineering student at a school nearby
chadwick7865 2y Didn't necessarily make anyone look dumb, but certainly made some people feel bad. I lived in Germany for a year after high school as part of an exchange program, and there were several times where I had to make phone calls. I had to call doctors, employers, program coordinators, etc. so I got fairly used to the whole telephone garb in german. I could speak pretty fluently on the phone, but since it's not my native language I would of course make small grammatical errors and stuff like that. This led to the unfortunate situation where people would
Amii25 2y I used to be really into Warhammer. At some point I went in the store to get something and some young guys were painting models. I walked over to see their work and they kind of sneered at me, a woman, in a male-dominated hobby. When I wanted to lift a model one said: don't, you'll break it if you don't know how to hold it properly. After that the owner of the store walked in, greeted me as an old friend and we got into a conversation about how the new paints hold up to the old
sarcastinymph 2y I film and edit promotional videos, then post them on my company's YouTube channel. The day after I uploaded a particular run-of-the-mill video, my manager calls me into his office because one of our douchebag directors (who hates our department and loves undermining me in particular) sent an email to my manager and a few higher-ups. In the email he stated that I had messed up the promo video, because there were all of these other disgusting videos attached to it. As proof, he included a screenshot of the end of the video, where all of the recommended


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