18 of the Funniest Reasons Couples Got Divorced

‘Crumbs in the bed’
18 of the Funniest Reasons Couples Got Divorced

While it’s not necessarily your business how or why someone else’s relationship ends, some of the reasoning can be pretty funny. Sometimes it’s very clear that the reason cited isn’t really the thing that ended it, and a divorce was definitely imminent. But other times, the straw that breaks the camel’s back is so absurd you can’t help but laugh — like the guy who ended up getting divorced because his wife “realized she was in a telepathic love affair with Elon Musk.” In that case, there’s no compromising, and it’s best if they both go their separate ways. 

Other Redditors have revealed the funniest reasons they’ve heard for couples getting divorced, and the newlywed who got divorced because they “weren’t feeling it” a week into the marriage is maybe the realest person who ever lived.  

fgcigxc . 97d My client and his wife were into a role-playing game, I think Second Life'? Everyone had an avatar (I suspect that his and his wife's were much more spritely than they were in real life). Anyway he suspected that she was being unfaithful to him in the game, so he created a fake avatar and stalked her in the game. Sure enough, she was running around on him, having virtual sex with another bloke (or bloke avatar anyway). That was it. ... Reply 3.2k
CptGinyu8410 . 97d The dumbest excuse I ever heard was when my now ex-wife told me we needed to divorce because a palm reader said I wasn't her soul mate. Apparently, the guy she was fucking behind my back for months was her soul mate, and had nothing to do with why we needed to divorce. ... Reply 10.5k
manykeets 97d My friend quit her job and decided she wanted to be an artist, and made no money at it. Her husband worked at the same place she did. When she left, it caused so much drama and they were badmouthing her so bad that he had to quit. Не started doing freelance work, which didn't pay as much, but it was something. They lost the house and car because they couldn't afford it if she wasn't working. She blamed him and left him because he wasn't being a good provider. Не ended up getting a job in his
Trollin_beaches . 9 97d I heard a story of a guy who took long hours at his job to get his wife through college and once she finished college she left him because he wasn't On her level he didn't have a degree despite making more money than her. ... Reply 362
3childrenandit 97d I knew a couple who had been married for 25 years, and were always supporting each other in what they wanted to do, got on well, doted on their daughter, shared hobbies and from the outside seemed happy. She called me to say they were divorcing and when I asked if there was anything I could do to help, or if she would like me to babysit while they went to couples counselling, she said no, he wanted the heating on all day every day, and she found it too warm so there was no way to recover
 97d She met a convict grifter 30 years younger who became her sugar baby. She proceeds to pour money on him. Не gets arrested and breaks his parole, but all of her money went to his commissary. Finally he gets out and they have like a few months together before he ditches her for his meth dealer. A destroyed family over a jerk. Thanks. ... Reply 2k
HotLittlePotato . 98d They couldn't agree on which way the toilet paper roll should go. ... Reply 385
Teepz . 97d Apparently, from what my dad told me, my mom divorced him because in a past life, she was a Native American, and my dad was the cowboy that killed her? My dad realized the crazy and didn't fight it. Oh. And apparently she told him there's an entity on Jupiter who protects earth from world ending asteroids? So thanks to that entity I guess? ... Reply 4.9k
arc_oobleck . 97d Crumbs in the bed ... Reply 686
ProjectBaggy5227 . 98d My buddy got divorced because his wife decided they made enough money they should be going out to eat three times a week...to nice restaurants. She kept throwing a fit at the suggestion that they could stay home and cook something. ... Reply 1.8k
marshybeans. 97d My mums ex husband cited that she bought too many dvds in the divorce papers... ... Reply 27
Econ_major_transfer . 97d My aunty divorced because they squeezed toothpaste from different ends. One of them likes to squeeze the tube from the bottom and the other from the top. She remarried and is happy with her second husband. Edit: yes it actually is about toothpaste. And they had their own tubes each. ... Reply 1.9k
dankest-dookie . 97d wasn't feeling it after a week. a WEEK. ... Reply 390
AstoundingQuasar . 97d I realize this might sound like BS, but an old coworker's wife wanted a divorce because she realized she was in a telepathic love affair with Elon Musk. I am not BSing. ... Reply 34
t20six . S 97d A couple I was friends with in college got married. A few years later they got divorced. A few years after that they both got sex changes. The joke was they would get remarried... They as of now have not. ... Reply 2k
fgcigxc . 97d My friends parents divorced because His mother wanted a horse. His father argued that they can't keep a horse in a 6th floor apartment and dont have enough resources or money to rent a stable. Then she fucked her sons math teacher and became a crackhead. I feel sorry for everyone involved. 201
lycos94.97d that guy that kept trying to force his wife that doesn't like mustard to eat mustard ... Reply 801
Float-N-Around . 98d She wouldn't use baby wipes when changing their babies diaper. Also she didn't mow the lawn and finally, she didn't blow out the candles at night. ... Reply 560


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