17 of the Strangest Things People ‘Know a Guy’ For

‘I have a sloth guy’
17 of the Strangest Things People ‘Know a Guy’ For
Bmc00 . 2y A chicken guy. His business cards say Chicken Rescue on them. Pretty sure he's also some type of mobster. ... 6.9k
Clyde-MacTavish . 2y Spare computer monitors. They aren't the best quality, but if I ever have a friend or family member that needs a spare computer monitor, I call him up and get one from him. Thus, making me the computer monitor guy for several other people. ... 21.8k
Blandymcblandface . . 2y I've got a clam guy. Не gets fresh clams in the morning then walks around town with a cooler on a cart and sells them door to door. I got him business cards for Christmas one year and he mad me write clam master on them. He's a character.
BigShootShoot 2y I have a guy who knows how to shake vending machines in just the right way...
emwo . . 2y I have a coupon guy,a mango guy, an egg guy, and a tamales* guy. My friends wife also makes artsy penises on commission but I've never taken her up on it ... 4.9k
Anton_oderso . 2y My Uncle has a criminal history, now owns a car Business, but still in contact with old friends. Не once told me, if need something, he knows people I dont want to know Edit: yes guys, hes my guy guy ... 6.4k
ElZarigueya . 2y I dunno if the strangest but definitely one of my favorite go to guys is my chicharrones (pork rinds) guy. He's also my drywall and painter guy but I reach out more frequently for his homemade chicharrones. ... 4.4k
MildlyAnnoyedMother 2y I have a salsa lady, she's been winning awards for it since before I was born.
Seeking_Starlight . . 2y I have a sloth guy. Three separate family events over the last 15 years? I've called my guy and he's brought a sloth to the party.
Lazy-Clock7316 . 2y I got a guy named Fat Tony who occasionally texts me about rare but cheap musical instruments. He's always trying to loop me in on his side hustle of finding instruments on eBay and repairing them for resale. One day I get a text that says Yo, Lazy-Clock7316, this is Fat Tony. I got a Hammond organ for ya. $100. And that's how I got my organ. I still have no idea how he got my number or who he really is, we've never met in person. Fat Tony. ... 4.1k
Sablemint 2y acquiring promotional displays. ... 3.1k
finallymakingareddit. 2 2y I have a guy that will bring me a free bounce house rental upon request. And then leaves it at my house until someone else rents it out, so it's a party for days! We've had racing obstacle courses, a joust, and many others. ... 436
LiterallyADiva . 2y I have a mattress gal. She runs a high end mattress shop and is supposed to dispose of any returned mattresses. I take care of disposal by showing up at the customers place bringing the disposal mattresses around to any friends or family in need of a mattress upgrade. I got a sweet $4000 king bed for free and hauling it because it was a return. ... 13.9k
midgetfisting1997 . . 2y I have a mushroom guy, not like psychedelic mushrooms but some rare high quality food grade mushrooms ... 18.6k
redfeather1 . 2y Horse semen. Family all own horse ranches and breed... and once at a convention overheard a woman sad she could not find a decent paint male to breed her mare to... i stepped up and shared my connection.
52ndstreet 2y I've got a pineapple guy. Gets me the good stuff, variously called the Sugarloaf Pineapple, White Pineapple, Kona Sugarloaf, Kona White, honey cream, etc.. It's a pineapple that is sweeter and, crucially, has significantly lower acidity, so it doesn't hurt your mouth or tongue if you eat too much of it. It's good to have a pineapple guy. Edit: For those of you asking how to get your own pineapple guy, you gotta know a guy. And for those who DM'd asking how my guy gets his pineapple, I don't ask and he doesn't tell. That's the whole
xisonc 0 2y I have an illegal cheese and jerky lady. She owns a farm that sells legitimate animal products farm- to-table but she also makes cheese and jerky on the side and sells it only to people she trusts. In Canada we have incredibly strict laws around dairy and jerky products. ... 4.6k


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