20 of the Funniest Illegal Acts People Have Committed

‘Moved a road closed sign to another road’
20 of the Funniest Illegal Acts People Have Committed

Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. In fact, something that’s both hilarious and against the law has a certain Looney Tunes quality to it. Like the Redditor who tipped over a Port-a-Potty. Not only did an older woman secretly videotape the incident, but she reported it to police, and the Redditor had to attend court for the admittedly shitty (heh) incident. He mentioned that he and his friends laughed the entire time they were being filmed, but that it “wasn’t that funny when it was played in court.” Honestly, I’m inclined to think that it was probably funnier

On that note, Redditors have giggled and disclosed the funniest illegal things they’ve allegedly done, and the B-52 bandit is a hero. 

dildospandex.6y Rode 10 km naked on my bike downtown, along with about 50 other people, under police escort (who found it quite funny). I estimate we've seen by at least 50,000 people.
GayCarlnsurance . 6y In high school, my friends and I discovered that combining pool shock and brake fluid creates a chemical reaction and it bursts into flames. What do we do with this info? We go behind a Target, make a gigantic penis out of pool shock, add the fluid, and watch as we burn a giant, ashy dong into the concrete. Cops arrived fairly quickly, but let us go without much hassle. ... 14
shaun17 . 6y Moved a road closed sign to another road. ... 469
Woodsy2575 . . 6y My dad smuggled about 2 dozen Kinder eggs into the states before they were legalized ... 93
bloodshotnipples. 6 6y I pissed on Plymouth Rock. I didn't do it maliciously, I was sixteen and drunk. I had to piss. I almost got laid that night. I'm sorry for everything. ... 539
vaporwavin. 6y Stolen a human sized chess piece ... 59
nxcrosis . 6y I stole the Fire Exit sign from my university to put on my bedroom door. ... 271
sleepytuesday. 6y In high school my friends and I drove around stealing garden gnomes off people's lawns. When my mom found my collection in my room she freaked out and told me it was bad luck an threw them all away. Oh and we called ourselves 'The GnomeKnappers' ... 343
BlueStateBoy . 6y Ripped a bumper off- f of a cop car. A bumper came off of a police car. Well, technically all I did was hook one end of a chain to the rear bumper; somebody else wrapped the other end to a lamp post and the cop drove the car. so technically I am innocent of any wrong doing. ... 242
F_Tweetzche 6y There was a sign for a First Presbyterian church near my apartment. I measured the lettering and found the font. Made a stencil. Spray painted the word ever at the end of it. It said First Presbyterian Church Ever. My work was so clean, it looked like it had been professionally printed to say that. Either nobody noticed or bothered to fix it for months. I was proud of myself. I used to be terrible. Edit: Was studying graphic design at the time. Saw it as a challenge to make it look as good as possible. I did
 6y Flew paper airplanes off a 120-foot control tower at a large military air base. We were out on the catwalk (just below the cab). We were trying to see how much distance we could get. Most of the airplanes went a few hundred feet and landed on a roof. Eventually they caught onto what we were doing and kicked us out. We were teenagers visiting the facility a little like you see the kid doing in Iron Eagle.... easy back in the old days when OPSEC was not that big a deal. ... 183
777KingRich777 . 6y Pumped my own gasoline in New Jersey ... 19
Outofboredom 6y There are а-10 and b-52 parts out in the world that have hundreds, if not thousands of spray-painted dicks on the inside of them. Over the course of 4 years doing maintenance on said aircraft(s) I, and the myriad of troops I've trained have speckled the inner shells of bomb-racks and other munition-launching/dropping equipment with dicks, pandas and (thanks to an artistically gifted troop of mine) there is an ammo crate out there with the Pacman maze complete with ghosts, dots, cherries, and Pacman himself hidden on the inside of it. Sometimes I miss my troops. They were
jazzon21 6y In high school, my friends and I found a bunch of used toilets (which were free btw) on Craigslist from some apartment complex. So naturally, we went and picked them up and proceeded to dump them in our rival high school's pond. We ended up dumping like 16 of those suckers in there, and were stoked when like 2 weeks later a tweet was posted by one of the kids who went to our rival high school denouncing the toilet attack with a picture of a backhoe fishing them out. ... 182
 . 6y Tipped over a port-a-potty. I was at park near from where I lived. I was 14 years old, and me and my buddies were just doing hood rat shit, and we were clearly up to no good. A friend says, hey I have never seen a port-a-potty tipped over before, shortly after we tipped it over. Later that night, I got a nice warm visit from the police at my doorsteps. A random old lady had video taped us. Best part was when you could hear us all giggling in that video. Wasn't too funny though when
mike9941 . 6y I stole the C off the Wendy's sign that said Now hiring Closers It stayed missing for almost 2 weeks.... I worked there at the time. Felt....conflicted.... ... 407
BristolBigDog . 6y Friend said he'd buy me a much needed post-drinking session pizza if I jumped up and down on the police car that was parked up. Did the dastardly deed, made my epic getaway (walked 15 metres) and surprisingly was picked up by CCTV. I may have been wearing a rugby jersey with a big number 9 on the back. I'm a cool guy. ... 143
Axeman517 . 6y Doing almost 100mph on the freeway in the rain, a cop driving in the other direction saw me, and went to turn around to ticket me... but he got stuck in the wet grass median, so I dodged that one. ... 308
NotYourGoldStandard . 6y Threw a bread stick out the window. Asshole cop tried to get me on  launching a deadly missile. Hired a lawyer who squashed that one pretty quick. : 19
specialk1908. 6y I drove over the top of a round-a-bout instead of going around it. ... 80


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