27 of the Wildest Things People Found in the Middle of Nowhere

‘An old concrete bunker from World War II’
27 of the Wildest Things People Found in the Middle of Nowhere

If you’re not from a small town, the concept of being in the middle of nowhere is creepy in and of itself. Throw a mysterious discovery into the mix, and the experience can be downright terrifying. At least, that’s how these Redditors felt when they wandered a little too far into nowhere and found something weird where nothing should be. Case in point: The who was wandering around a mountain forest and came across a popped helium balloon that read, “God works in mysterious ways.” It isn’t quite nightmare fuel, but it’s strange enough that it might warrant a shiver up your spine, just like the rest of these weird discoveries. 

Actually, the bloody wedding dress and veil in a suitcase would be creepy no matter where it was found. Thankfully, the person who discovered it, uh, put it to good use.

viktor72 . . 6y I once stumbled upon abandoned powerline poles in the middle of a forest. It was for development that never happened and apparently they were constructed before the land was cleared. They were hooked to nothing so they looked like giant naked trees. ... 85
 6y Walking through a dense forest I stumbled across an abandoned swimming pool. No surrounding buildings or roads, just the pool. It was covered in branches and leaves yet you could still see the tiles and porcelain sides and the steps going in. When I got back to town I asked the locals about it and apparently back in the Victorian times there was a bathing pool there. The place is called Gilsland near the Scottish border. ... 728
philosofik . 6y On the side of a minor road, miles and miles from anything interesting, and not too far from my old house there was a sign that simply read, Roadside Table 1/2 Mile Ahead. Sure enough, half a mile later, there's an old, wooden picnic table just sitting next to the road. The road wasn't especially scenic. The table was in a small clearing, but it was mostly trees around it. ... 6
haelesor . 6y When I lived in Vegas as a kid i got off a bus at the wrong stop, wandered off into the desert and found a free standing wooden wall that had an elaborate painting of a swan being slaughtered on it. Very weird. Hustled my ass back to the bus stop as fast as I could. ... 10
artistonduty . . 6y An old friend used to explore abandoned mines back in the 70's. Не found one of the earliest pairs of Levi's that he sold for 8k. An unopened bottle of rare whiskey that sold for 5k. Also this dynamite cart that he found in the middle of nowhere that I bought from him and I now display it in front of my garden. 1920's dynamite cart ... 305
Trocar1970 . 6y Netted Christmas tree laying in the middle of the road. Must have fallen off a harvest truck. Only tree I ever had for Christmas, in my house ... 9
 6y Definitely a fridge. In the middle of the death valley salt flats. And there was nothing else. ... 5
leeroy1915 . . 6y I found a small sheep hung by the neck in a tree out in the middle of my property a couple years ago. I assume it was put up by a poacher to lure game. I was kinda a strange thing to walk into. ... 5
gn3xu5 . . 6y I found a bunch of Indian arrow heads in a dry creek bed in Neshaminy Pa. I was a kid but they arrow heads were actually rather unique. Sadly I moved a lot ended up losing them. Thing is they were odd apparently first there were very small also completely smooth and rounded could never be used for piercing anything. I have tried to get information on them but seems like nothing is similar out there. ... 43
Spacealienqueen . 6 6y Micky mouse statue in the middle of a cow field ... 17
squidpodiatrist . 6y A big plastic vat filled with mud, tampons, and shotgun casings. ... 21
VerifiedMadgod . 6 6y Weather balloon. Apparently quite rare to find one. ... 95
MonaLisa1992 . 6y Went hiking once with a friend when I was about ten. Two or three miles in, we found half a bowling ball sitting in a creek. We ended up carrying it back as some sort of challenge/trophy. ... 85
 . 6y A pair of children shoes. in the middle of a jungle fifty kilometers away from the closet settlement. Don't want to think of the possibility. ... 5
pm_me_pandasx. 6y I was once walking through probably about a mile stretch of nothing but desert and a Tupac Cd fell out of the sky and landed at my feet. I looked around, picked it up and kept walking. I have no fucking idea where it came from. ... 6
Arken411 . 6y Doing an eagle scout project in a state park I once found a large garbage bag full of dildos. ... 14
sweetpea813. 6y An abandoned moonshine still way back in the woods near our property. It had an ax sticking out of it. ... 5
habitualbastard . 6y Working as a field engineer/land surveyor in the Atlanta area we had to establish the clearing limits on a plot of land for a new building. About 100 yards from the nearest road was a new (looked to have never been used at all really) port a potty in the middle of the woods with a small padlock on it. We of course broke the lock off and inside were hundreds if not thousands of porn magazines. (late 90's) this was on a Thursday or Friday and when we returned Monday the shitter and magazines were gone.
kes2910 . 6y In the middle of the forest in the mountains we came across a popped helium balloon that said God works in mysterious ways... ... 16
TheBishopOfSoho . . 6y On my way to the airport, took a shortcut over some back roads to beat some traffic, about 5 miles from nearest house, in the middle.of nowhere in the mountains was a man sitting in a ditch playing a fiddle. One of those surreal moments where my brain failed to connect the dots, ended up nearly crashing the car. ... 6
tiny_tims_legs . 6y Super late to the party, but I once found a Brother electric typewriter in a creek about 20 feet off of a back road. Brought it over to the house of my girlfriend at the time and attempted to restore it since it actually still worked. We broke up and she kept it. Jokes on her though, I ended up with a booklet on how to survive a nuclear strike from the Cold War era that used to belong to her grandparents. ... 8
loki8481 . 6y a large lawn gnome in the middle of the woods when hiking one day ... 217
Throrface . 6y An old concrete bunker from WW2, kinda deep in a forest. All of the roofs were collapsed, because it probably got bombed. It was mostly picked clean, I certainly wasn't the first kid to find it, but we did find a couple of old rusty scraps which we thought were pretty cool. ... 5
Not_An_Ambulance. 6y Was out in the middle of the woods and found a satellite dish surrounded by a fence with nothing else in sight. Was about 15 minute walk from anything. Was not on a trail, was just curious what was on the other side of a wooded area as a 15 year old. This was years ago outside Atlanta. ... 45
sassyjordo . . 6y When I was ~12 I found an old leather suitcase by the side of the road that only had a wedding gown and veil inside... with blood on it. Very old dress, may have been about 60 years old at the time I found it. Not a deadly amount of blood or anything, but enough to notice it and be creeped out by it. Police didn't give a shit when my mom called about it, so I wore it as a Halloween costume that year. ... 497
PMmeYourZombies . 6y One time I was walking out from my school to my car. I was walking through the grass when suddenly I tripped on something and almost fell. I looked back. What was that? I looked down, didn't see it at first, then I saw the shiny glare from the sunlight. There was a spoon sticking out of the ground. In the middle of a field. A fucking spoon. ... 7
Justin_Timberbaked . 6y When I was driving home late at night i found a child's shoe (1 single shoe) and a coloring book in the middle of the road. Really freaked me out. ... 49


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