33 of the Dumbest Things People Did as Teenagers

‘I microwaved my sandals’
33 of the Dumbest Things People Did as Teenagers

People speak of child prodigies as though being smart and young is something to aspire to. Mozart was going on concert tours at 17, and you can’t convince me that he wouldn’t have had a better time lighting a dumpster full of aerosol cans on fire. Youth isn’t about being successful. It’s about pushing the boundaries of what can physically be done to your stupid little body — like the Redditor who tied 2x4s to his legs and ropes to his steering wheel so he could sit with his legs through the sunroof and try to drive his car “like a stagecoach.” Yes, he ended up in a ditch, but his experiment technically worked. 

Other Redditors have remembered the dumbest things they did as teenagers, and a special shoutout goes to the young daredevil who became a paramedic in adulthood. Way to pay it forward, brother.

Mew16 . 7y I saw a bear in the woods and panicked so I threw food at it. ... 16.2k
 7y punched a hole in my tongue with a paper hole punch just because ... 54
GoldenRedhead . 7y My friends and I broke into an abandoned building full of asbestos. Twice. ... 44
Smeggywulff.7y My friends and I used to break into very posh houses and take showers. We didn't steal anything. We just took showers. Not even together, no racy, sexy, orgies. Just luxury showers.
 7y I microwaved my sandals. ... 8.8k
Leharen . 7y Shaved my eyebrows off for no reason whatsoever. ... 7.7k
emmach17 . 7y Walked home alone at 3am multiple times across a bridge known locally as 'stabby bridge'.
deargodineedabeer . 7 7y Tried to be funny and pretended to be a baby in a highchair at MacDonald's. Got stuck in highchair and had to wait forty minutes for 3 workers with tools to get me out. As you can imagine, my mother was very proud. 220
fuccboi42 . 7y Broke into an abandoned mansion in Georgia. Nope never again ... 316
mattortz . 7y One time I walked into class high, sat at my desk, and tried to put on my seat belt. ... 14.4k
onetwo3four5 7y Rode on the hood of a car doing 40 holding onto belts tied to the doors, like in the movie death proof ... 5.2k
FrenzalStark . 7y S Jumped and landed one footed onto a banana skin to prove that the idea they are slippy as fuck was made up for cartoons. Nope. They really are slippy as fuck. ... 1.9k
impermeablerain . 7y I accidentally handed in a school assignment while it was on fire. ... 2.1k
labho1122 . 7y Dropped out of high school in my final year (literally and figuratively; I jumped out of a window and was expelled) ... 5.3k
Tropapop. 7y Dropped acid and spent the day in the house with my family who did not know i was tripping. They thought I was nervous because I had a job interview the next day ... 9.1k
emotaylorswift . 7 7y I took a brick to homecoming. Edit: as a joke because my boyfriend couldn't make it. ... 6.3k
inSIDDious34 . 7y I got drunk and thought it would be a great idea to shave my whole body for some reason. I'm pretty hairy so it took all night and then I had to explain it to everyone until it grew back. I don't swim competitively or anything so I'm still not sure what my rationale was at the time. ... 8.4k
sightlab . 7 7y I tied 2x4s to my legs & ropes to my steering wheel, sat with my legs through my sunroof, and tried to drive my car like a stagecoach. It worked, but the car ended up in a ditch.
Nacho0341 . 7y My mom had this nail polish remover that came in a small jar with a sponge that had a hole in the middle, where all you did was stick your finger in it, move it up and down and it would take the nail polish off. I decided to use it to whack off to it. I had never felt so much pain and burning in my life. ... 283
bittermixin . 7y I tried to impress a girl by saying hey, look over here! And eating a big fucking handful of grass. ... 42
FreeJack2014 . 7y I ate an extremely strong edible two hours before playing in the senior vs. staff basketball game in front of the entire school. Didn't do too bad but it was still the highest that I have ever been I mean I literally had moments where pretty much all I could see looked like tv static. It was scary but we ended up winning and I never got in trouble for it. ... 6.9k
hiakisha . 7y me and a few friends thought it would be fun to throw a bunch of aerosol cans into a garbage can and then light the contents on fire. Did not end well ... 38
Admiral_Nobeard . 7y My friends and I decided it was a great idea to turn a bicycle upside-down, push the pedals hard to spin the back tire extremely fast and put our bare skin on it to see who could take the most pain in the strangest place. I won by getting tire burn on my nutsack. ... 1.2k
KI3rik 7y Not sure if dumb or awesome, but for my 18th birthday, we went around in 3 cars stealing signs/cones from roadworks areas at about 3am. Not enough that you'd notice, but 1 or 2 pieces from each set up. Next we went and closed off part of a road, with all the proper signage and markings. It took 3 weeks before people realised no one was showing up at this road works area and called the transit authority to find out what was going on. A week later, it was all gone. ... 5.8k
akroses161 7y Tried cow tipping. Ended up getting kicked by a cow and got 2broken ribs. Edit: Well since my top comment ever is about me being a dumb teenager I can share the story. I grew up in Texas. I dont remember how the subject came up, but the general consensus was that you cant tip cows cause theyre too big. There was that one guy though that swore that him and his cousins go out cow tipping all the time. Не was such an ass about it we all went out one night to one of the local
cappy1223 7y I robbed the city zoo.. We were at a house party near the zoo. Friend of a friend states that he worked the little train at the zoo and knew a secret way in, that was foolproof. We of course call bullshit. Being sober, I ended up driving his suv full of about 7 drunk people to this random side street behind the zoo, where he proceeds to show us a spot in the chain link fence that pulled back and allowed you to enter the zoo in some back area used for trash disposal.. We walked around
 7y Prefacing this by saying I was delusional at the time. In seventh grade, I tried to convince everyone at school that I wasn't a human but an alien from Venus sent to earth to fulfill a mission. I also tried to convince a friend that our mutual friend was a zombie AND that the people in my head should be treated as real friends at the table. I made them places to sit and made people participate in conversations with them. Ugggghhh hello it is I the master of cringe ... 361
moseschicken . 7y I climbed 30 foot tree and jumped feet first into water that I didn't know the depth of and couldn't see the bottom of. It ended up being 6 feet deep. Thankfully it was just enough for me not to get injured. I later became a lifeguard and am now a paramedic. Now I get paid to deal with people as stupid as I was. ... 794
pooka50465046 . . 7y I farted while we were spread out sitting on the ground in my gym class. Everyone looked behind towards me and I looked behind me, only to see that I was looking at a wall. ... 22.1k
d_stick 7y Probably around age 13?. Early 1980s. My dad had surplus reel to reel magnetic tapes, or maybe it was 8- tracks. You know how you can pull it and snap it easy? Cool huh? Anyway while waiting for some friends to finish dinner I took the tape to the soccer field. There was a nice hill beyond the goal posts. I thought it would be great to wrap some of the tape from one goal post to the other, then ride my bike down the hill... bursting through the tape like I won a race. (I've never won
 7y My friends and I threw eggs at a police car. The cops in the car saw us and started chasing us but our town is surrounded by fields so we ran and hid deep in the fields until they left. This happened around 11 pm. Good times. ... 3.9k
Fbeezy 7y I'm a little late and I shared this a couple of years ago, but when I was 19, I worked at a Summer camp as a sort of supervisor of a group of counselors. There was an event coming up and I had wanted to take a day off in order to attend. My boss insisted that it wasn't possible for me to take the day off, so I decided to call in sick because it pissed me off. Now, knowing that I would need a note from my physician, I actually went to the doctor the following
Death_proofer . 7y I owned this camera that had a really bright flash. It was so bright that if you took a picture of someone like a meter and a half away all you would see is a white outline then the background. I put the flash right up to my eye and took a picture. That eye was blind for about a minute and everything that was white appeared orange for the next 30 minutes. Yes, I was a moron when I was 16.


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