28 Hilariously Embarrassing Times ‘Reply All’ Emails Went Wrong at Work

‘I’m going to pork you so hard later’
28 Hilariously Embarrassing Times ‘Reply All’ Emails Went Wrong at Work

Despite their best efforts to the contrary, plenty of people have made fools of themselves in the workplace. At least in the instances of rage-quitting, the embarrassment is fleeting, and they can shuffle along to another job. But in the situations below, the embarrassment is a painfully public broadcast of idiocy that everyone has proof of, like the Redditor whose affair-having coworkers hit “reply all” while flirting. Not only did more than 500 employees receive confirmation of their affair, but they had to do so by reading the words, “I’m going to pork you so hard later.” 

The porcine-centric dirty talk isn’t the only gaffe people made while communicating electronically at the workplace either, and every one of these stories will make you very paranoid the next time you send an email.

BigOldQueer 7y Worked on a TV show that everyone except the creator hated, and everyone knew from the ratings would be canceled any second. I was working in legal, and on an email chain where a report of outstanding legal issues for the upcoming episode was sent to literally everyone you could think of (50+ people) ranging from me (one title above entry level) to the head of the network. A middling executive replied to all they're getting canceled and we still have to deal with this shit? To make matters worse, she attempted to RECALL the email, just drawing
suitology . 7y guy sent a listen babe i just need to finish one last report and then I'll pick you up and fuck your brain out in the car okay?. Sounds awesome right? Yeah until we noticed the address he ment to sent it to was a subscription service for fake relationships/dirty talk. ... 337
willi7676 . 1 7y President of the company sent out a congratulatory email to all employees on recent company performance. Wanting to add on by repeating the message (as most executives do), a female exec replied all simply with Ditto! Or that was her intent. Her phone auto corrected it to Dildo! ... 8
emotional_viking . 7y I used to work for one of the largest newspapers in the world. One day an email came through that was literally sent to the entire company worldwide. It was the contract a new hire who was a significant person at a rival paper was about to sign, with a salary that was astronomical. The body text essentially said give him whatever he wants. The woman who accidentally sent the email was kicked out of the building that day. ... 152
needsmoresteel . 7y An Excel sheet containing a LOT of salary information. And then another one following it to say don't open that first one and to just delete it. Nope, curiosity not piqued..... not at all. ... 634
LandOfNineteen 7y I was a temp in a very large law firm for a bit. One day, and new lawyer was hired, and HR sent out the standard email to everyone introducing the new guy and congratulating him on his new position. New guy then replies all and asks the HR person if his benefits package pays for a hair transplant procedure. ... 1.3k
 7y We had this guy from the main office, Pete, who comes up from time to time. He's an arrogant asshole. I decided that I couldn't stand that smug prick within literally 30 seconds of meeting him. Anyway, we had had quite a bit of turnover in our department since Pete's last visit, so our boss wanted to schedule a lunch so he could meet everyone. So, his admin sent out a mass email to see who might be interested in lunch on Thursday. I replied back that I wouldn't be coming because I had a conflict, and then
Vargasa871 + 7 7y A со worker of mine was trying to motivate their sales office and was saying to get your hands dirty and if we had any difficulties closing a sale the girls should shake their little asses and close the sale. Reached our CEO. She wasnt there long. ... 1.8k
morganstern. 7y Every time someone gets fired at work, all the managers get an email describing the person is being let go. One of the managers in another department always replies Approved. I mean every time without fail. ... 160
rapmachinenodiggidy . 7 7y At university my best friend spent the summer travelling in Vietnam and Thailand, he sent me a very sordid email about all the whores and sluts he was banging. Unfortunately he'd hit reply all to one of those chain mails that went around friends back in the day and even more unfortunate was that his girlfriend was one of the recipients. Jesus I'd forgotten about that ... 109
wombatsarefuzzypigs . 7y I emailed my team at work a few ideas to improve productivity. My coworker thought she replied only to me on her response email, which said Great ideas, stuff like this is why you should be the department head. She hit reply all though, so our extremely egotistical department head also received her email. Не never mentioned it, but basically ignored her and excluded her from team meetings until he retired (which fortunately was only 6 months after that because he was a terrible boss). ... 13
Greatfreedom 7y A design artist at a print shop I worked at ten years ago (I'll call her Z) had always been one of those flakey-but-only- just-good-enough to keep types. She'd create files that looked fine to customers and onscreen, but required shitloads of prepress de-fuckery to make printable. Zero real technical skill, when it should have been half her job. One day a little after lunch, a company-wide email from Z to her husband came through where she described waiting with glee for the opportunity to purposely fuck up a big repeat yearly job right before she planned to
optimaloutcome . . 7y I saw a guy 'reply all' with a file attached that included the social security number of his whole family, his income, wife's income, etc. ... 2.6k
 . 7y About 12 years ago, I worked in a small office and a со- worker was telling a boring story to the whole office. My boss went to e-mail me to complain (I was his sounding board) but accidentally replied all to another company-wide email. His message sent to the entire company? I wish Donna would have emailed me this story so I could delete it. She saw the email a few minutes later, threw keyboard up in the air, grabbed her purse and ran out of the office. My boss had to profusely apologize the next day.
SarahKathrine . 7y I used to work at a law firm and one day an email went out to everyone (about 40 people) that was about a specific case and had very little relevance to my job position so I ignored it. A few minutes later I got another email from different attorney with a snarky response. Well an argument started between these two attorneys (still replying all to the office) and after about 6 or so emails a third attorney wrote  yeah I well my dad can beat up your dad. By the way you have been sending this
tiedyeladyland . 7y A woman sent a retirement announcement inadvertently to the entire, tens-of-thousands strong agency I work for. People were hitting reply all to tell others not to reply all. It went on for hours ... 1.8k
 7y My best friend friend and best man replied all to a group text when I was getting married. We were talking about making plans and doing wedding related errands and he said something to the effect of, When are we gonna ditch these losers and get drunk? my fiance was unimpressed. ... 340
iStankonia . 7y My former coworker hit reply all on an email about a golf scramble. Не tried forwarding it to another guy talking about seeing one of the new interns in a short golfing skirt. Notice I said former coworker... Also, my team won the golf scramble if that matters. ... 1k
paulcole710 . 7y Founder asking how to fire the outsourced Indian developers cc'ed to the outsourced Indian developers. Problem solved itself quickly. ... 284
 . 7y Two of the partners at my old firm were having a not-very- discreet affair (both were married to other people). Partner A was in charge of the summer associate program, and sent an email around the firm with information on the summers --names, schools, etc. .--who would be mentors for who, dates of events, etc. Partner В replied all -- to a 500+ person law firm, attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, everybody -- I'm going to pork you so hard later. It was hilarious for several reasons, including his ultra- seductive use of the word pork. ... 6k
cobracoustic . . 7y I worked in a very large government complex and someone once replied all to an email that was sent to the 500+ employees with the caption This guy looks like Regi LOL The picture was of a large, hairy man in a speedo. I have no idea who Regi is but if the caption was accurate then he should consider buying some hair trimmers. ... 297
drunnkinpublic . . 7y You tell him I'm gonna get his yankee ass! There was a haha jk! email sent after that. I do not think it was originally intended to be a joke ... 38
Eddie_shoes . . 7y My cousin once sent an email meant for his girlfriend to everyone in his address book. Не wrote in great detail about the ways in which he and his brothers English bulldog were going to have sex with her when he got home. This probably happened 15 years ago, and I'm sure he has convinced himself that everyone has forgotten. Things like that stay forever. ... 3.1k
ligamentary 7y Babysitter wrote to my husband, my daughter, and I, about babysitting my granddaughter who was staying with us. My husband and I were going out on a date night. I was trying to respond to my husband Come 7 o'clock... With a picture of my tits. Whelp...
SeosamhRankin . 7y We recently found out they're closing our university when someone sent a 'reply all' to one of our PhD students. ... 184
CrazyCatWomen4life . 7y Our school district sent out an email asking for ideas of ways to save money. A person replied to all with the names/ positions of the people she thought were expendable and why. ... 180
 7y Had a management peer send out a long screed about the state of the men's shitter on our floor. Very descriptive. Went out to all the men on the floor...and a whole bunch of customers. 858
polandspreeng. 7y people would type their password inside group chats thinking they were logging into a particular system ... 873


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