33 Funny But Cruel Things People Did to Their Sims

‘I made my Sim a sugar baby who turned into a black widow’
33 Funny But Cruel Things People Did to Their Sims

The Sims is a game that encourages sickos to be at their sickest. And though the aspect of life simulation is a main component, plenty of players focus more on what mods, cheats or extravagant builds they’ll use to terminate the lives of the families they create. For instance, one Redditor created a room that was two tiles long and one tile wide and only included a chair on one end and a picture of a clown on the other. Then, they put a Sim in the room and let them stare at the clown picture and pee themselves until they died of starvation. Surely there’s a lot to unpack about why they did that, but it’s funny nonetheless. 

To that end, other Redditors have admitted to the cruel and unusually hilarious punishment they’ve put their Sims through, and hopefully no government agents get any ideas from them.

buddhism_n_bowls . 4y I once made a room that was two tiles long and one tile wide with two items in it: a chair on one end and a picture of a clown on the other. I put a sim in the room-- all it could do was sit in the chair and look at the clown picture while they pissed themselves and slowly starved to death. ... 15
 0 4y Made a cult. I made a handsome sim and had him steal several woman who were locked in an underground facility. Не would talk and have little dates to see which one he liked the most. The others were executed by either drowning, electrocution or starvation. They'd then take different children and repeat, on to teenagers then repeat. This went on for several generations until none of the wives liked the newest head of the family. ... 433
bcgg . 4y Instead of cheating for money, I played the game with honor. I would custom create a spouse for my person, marry them, then have them electrocute themselves repairing the tv........all for the $20,000. ... 10.6k
carmelacorleone . 4y I locked the husband in a very small room with a bed and a lamp and kept him for breeding purposes. Не was madly in love with my female sim and gladly impregnated her as many times as she wanted. Не was always so happy to see my female sim. When he had exhausted his potential I took away the door and left him there die in a puddle of his own pee. ... 378
OldWarrior . 4y My wife and I were sharing a computer playing our own saves and both of us created sims of the other. She died at a pool party (an accident) so I sold her headstone for a few simoleans. She still gives me shit about it. ... 9.3k
Mrbryann . 4y Wheres the copy pasta where the guy set up a maze to the front door of his Sims house? So his Sim would leave for work every morning, come home after work, but it took him so long to get through the maze, as soon as he got home he had to leave for work again the next morning. For eternity. The guy never get to spend a second at home. ... 10.4k
 . 4y Picked some sims walking by my house to trap in a 1x1 square room so I could hang out with the grim reaper when they die. ... 6.8k
snake_pod 4y I remember in Sims 2 once your Sim died you could move their tombstone to a public place. So I created a park with tons of trees to make it look spooky. Then I made a household with the max amount of Sims (like 7 or 8?) and killed them all by using those cheats to spawn meteors. I then moved all their tombstones to the said spooky park. I did that about 3 times until the park was full of tombstones and I would force other Sims there at night to have to get spooked by the
Dinglehopper72 . 4y I made an ugly girl with too much makeup on, had her fall in love with another sim, then made her lover insult her, break up with her, then beat her up. After that I made the girl drown herself in the pool. 6th grade me had issues. ... 112
saltnotsugar . 4y I tried to make a utopia where everyone would be happy and playful in the forest. The only thing I provided was a toilet on one segment of plain wall, a fridge, and lots of trees. It was a disaster. People peed everywhere and we're hungry. ... 6.6k
TheyFoundMeOnReddit.  4y My younger brother and I used to watch a whole bunch of sims videos and the funniest part for us was when the grim reaper would appear. So naturally when we got the game, my brother and I set up a death house. Some people were closed in a closet while the house burnt down, others were locked in a shed that was then submerged in water. It was some quality brother bonding you know. ... 571
the-magnificunt . 4y I made my Sim a sugar baby who turned into a black widow. She'd meet men at the club, bring them home and get it on. Then she'd visit their house later and (thanks to the kleptomania trait) just take a bunch of their stuff, then go home and sell it to make rent. Eventually she moved in with a rich sugar daddy and made him break it off with his wife and kick her out, then the sugar daddy mysteriously died (someone walled over his bedroom door while he was sleeping and he starved to death)
somesass . 4y I don't know how the heck no one else has talk about this!!! Built a room and put the Sim in, then take out the windows and doors and add the clown painting where the clown comes out and murders them! That was probably the worst thing I had done. ... 92
 4y I decided to run a Masterchef-style challenge with a household of 7 sims and Gordon Ramsay. The sims would partake in various cooking challenges with Gordon presiding as the judge. However, whenever someone got eliminated, I'd have Gordon lure the poor sim to the back of the lot and stab them to death (sims mods are great). It continued until only one chef was left alive, and then as victory I'd have them kill Gordon and then themselves. It was glorious. ... 2.8k
Edymnion . 4y I had an actual torture dungeon in my house. Stone walls, no chairs or beds, no toilet, no door. One wall was entirely window, and the nice posh room it faced had comfy chairs for the rest of the family to watch as the prisoner repeatedly soiled themselves and lived in squalor. ... 17.1k
Coplantor . . 4y Sims 3, picked the hydrophobic trait and then instead of doors, rooms were connected by small pools. Не had to face his fears every single time he wanted to change room.
12gunner . . 4y I created a man eating plant which I then placed next to my front door and constantly threw parties and called services to watch everyone who came by get eaten. ... 59
sarcasm_hurts.4 4y I didn't use the rosebud/motherlode cheats and made those fuckers go to work. EVERY DAY. Then I wasted their money on dumb shit; like a fancy espresso machine and made them sleep on the floor. ... 19.7k
Endulos 4y 8 people, a GIGANTIC room with no sub rooms, with beds, toilets, showers, the works. The catch? The TV was forever trapped and couldn't be turned off. The only food available was a grill. I turned on free will and it took like 5 IRL hours for them to die. ... 342
 . 4y Made them work 40 hours a week and barely have any time to spend with their families if they wanted to gain enough skills to advance. ... 421
brandonisatwat 4y I was addicted to the Sims and my husband occasionally plays the game, so he made a Sims family in my game. As a joke, I dressed them all up as hotdogs. Не doesn't play often and I forgot about his Sims in the game. I turned the aging on in the game and all but 1 of his sims had died of old age. She was still living in the same house he had put her in and was being mercilessly haunted by the hotdog ghosts of her dead family members. It was actually really sad. Picture
lifesnotperfect 4y This sim robbed my sim's house, so I got my sim to befriend him, make him fall in love, cheat on his wife and family and ditch them to marry my sim. Then I invited his mother and father and ex-wife and his kids to my place for a bbq. I ended up burning him and all his family and ex-wife in a room filled with carpets and fireplaces, no doors or windows. My sim sat on a mezzanine looking down into the carnage below. She was really sad for a while but ultimately moved on. Don't rob
Socratic_Phoenix . 4y I burned the house down while attempting to make two of them have gay sex. The way it played out was actually hilarious, because I managed to get two of them to kiss and fall in love, but in the background the mother is just screaming and I'm like oh shit is she homophobic. After changing the camera angle, I find out the house is on fire. So that was fun. ... 184
itsariis 4y 100 baby challenge. edit: everybody is asking for storytime so long story short I had this mod that allowed you to have triplets and more sets of babies at the same time so I was like 100 babies? I can Do THaT. giving birth and getting the poor victim pregnant wasn't a problem; the problems were the toddlers; and since I'm a genius I've even managed to have 6 toddlers in the house at the same time bc it cannot be that hard, right? Ah. Belony. The only child I had at the time died because of a
skallskitar 0 4y Once my sister got really mad at me and made me in the sims. With some move objects cheats she locked me on a top floor, forced me to eat platter after platter after platter of cookies. Non stop. When I inevidably fell asleep she put in some balloons that popped me awake. Interestingly once there were no more floor space she stacked the plates manually using move objects. The stack got so tall it could not be interacted with by any sim. In the end it couldnt be deleted with cheats. It even showed up on
Sochitelya 4y I gave Tom Peeping a tiny dick then murdered him for looking in my window. I also murdered a bunch of townies for super valid reasons like because she wore a swimsuit to work and because I didn't like his body proportions. My sim was a scientist so I'd have her go to a little enclosed area and call the victim over, then bash their heads in with a baseball bat. She woohooed one of them as a ghost and got pregnant with twins. ... 57
Gratal 4y Once made a normal Sim and went about his natural life. Everything was completely normal except he always hated this one other Sim. Every time they met up there'd be an argument or fight. They loathed each other with a passion! Time went on and the two grew old. I noticed the nemesis had a family while my Sim never married. So I tracked down his granddaughter, convinced her to move in (along with his nemesis), and trapped him in a small room next to their bedroom. I put up a full wall mirror, to simulate a one
suzuwuya . 4y My seventh grade English teacher told me he had created a replica of our class in the Sims and removed all the doors to see who really was the strongest student. .. 13.2k
turnkeyoverdrive . 4y The game is called: sim survivor. You make a house of 8 individuals, build them a spacious house, truck them all in, delete the doors. Build fireplaces on every wall. Have the sims light them. Build plants all over the house (essentially every square foot where there isn't a sim). The place goes up like a tinder box. The sims then have to put out every fire. Usually you lose about 5 or 6 of them to the blaze. Then the final few must clean up the piles of ash around the house (here is where you
noplzstop . 4y I had a normal suburban family, nice house, two kids, the works, except they also had a secret child they kept locked in a room in the basement with nothing but a sink. They only ever visited him to bring him a plate of old terrible food once in a while and to make fun of him and taunt him. Eventually, the kid's sink broke and kept flooding the room. Since he was a kid, he couldn't repair the sink, so it just kept flooding. The kid spent all his time mopping up a never-ending spill and
221CBakerStreet 4y I have a an household where every generation had one sim die a bizzare death (while everyone else died from old age) until I got to a single child whose parents focused and maxed their career before having a baby (so they ended up becoming elderly by the time their child became a teenager) and they died a day after she returned from university. So I now have this young woman who is already damn near the top of her career who just wants to find love but the ghosts of her family keeps scaring away her lovers
Fabulous_Spinach 4y In the Sims 2 I had a couple who was able to live forever. Не was a paranormal investigator and she was a biologist. Through their careers, they got items that allowed them to raise the dead and grow a plant that produced life giving milk if it ate other sims. They tricked another guy in the neighborhood to come live with them. Не would get eaten by the plant and then raised as a zombie again and again so the couple could stay eternally young. ... 1.3k
robotlasagna . . 4y I created colleges with degrees in things like cooking and art history. Then I built ridiculously expensive homes. When all my sims reached adulthood they graduated the colleges with worthless degrees and huge student loans and couldn't afford the houses. ... 1.2k


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