25 of the Strangest Rules People Had to Respect at Someone Else’s House

‘Not killing animals in Minecraft’
25 of the Strangest Rules People Had to Respect at Someone Else’s House

Learning about the rules in someone else’s home can give you an exclusive peek into how neurotic they truly are. Case in point: The Redditor who went to a friend’s house only to learn that there was a popcorn-eating mandate that each kernel be thoroughly chewed and swallowed — one at a time. Anyone who loves popcorn knows it’s a food meant to be shoveled into your mouth with reckless abandon. Policing the eating method is absolutely sinister. 

To that end, Redditors have remembered the guidelines they had to follow as a guest in someone else’s home, and man, there are a lot of people with very bizarre bathroom rules. 

BKforReal . 1y House rule: When eating dinner with their family, we weren't allowed to have a beverage of any kind (including water) with our meal. Had to wait until we were finished. ... 1.1k
BrickOnly2010 . 1y No one was allowed to laugh at the dinner table or talk other than to ask, Please pass the ... No one was allowed to leave the table (even for a potty emergency) until the dad was done eating. ... 3.1k
zedzol . 1y We had to poop at a certain time in the morning. My friends could do it no problem. They were used to it. I still till this day have no clue how you can shit on demand. ... 52
Capguy71 · 1y At meals, wiping hands and face if needed on the table cloth. No napkins. Same tablecloth the following night. ... 531
TuttiFruttiJuryDuty - 1 1y Eating a sandwich separately. Friends dad was absolutely fucking nuts. Не made us eat the bread, then the meat, then the cheese, and then bread again. It was so fucking weird. We also weren't allowed to drink anything without drinking two full glasses of water. ... 118
Ja333mes712 1y No one was allowed to poo in their house, if you needed a poo you had to go to the grocery store, which was a 5 min walk away 907
Repulsive_Holiday_96 . 1y Everyone could only drink one glass of milk a day. It was a dairy farm. ... 236
Mysterious_Tax_5613 . 1y My rich friend had a living room- all white- roped off with a red satin rope. Nobody was allowed in, except for Xmas. ... 427
burnit9999 . 1y We had to walk on a plastic sheet that was everywhere in the house, like a little 2ft wide trail ... 954
 . 1y Not killing animals in minecraft. We used to go my friends house to play minecraft on our ipads, his parents didn't allow killing animals in minecraft so we had to always farm wheat.. ... 356
misaRabbits 1y When I was like 11 or 12, I slept over at one of my friends houses. I had to go to bed at 8:30 on the dot, and her mom would walk in the bedroom every 15 min to make sure we were asleep and not talking. I didn't have a phone so it wasn't like I could occupy myself. I told her mom that it is hard for me to fall asleep that early, and asked if I could hang out outside of the room for a bit until I was tired. Nope, I had to go
 . 1y Childhood friend - take shoes off outside, put them in plastic bag. Walk inside the garage, close garage door and use exterior bathroom door to go in, take a shower, put your clothes in another bag, and then wear clothes provided to you. Oh and plastic on everything. Chairs, sofas, beds. Everywhere ... 182
Crackhead_Stevedore . 1y After eating we were forced to brush our teeth, with his parents watching us. One time I refused and then they grabbed the toothbrush and brushed my teeth very aggressively it stung for 15 minutes after. If I go over now I just know I'm going to brush my teeth. Hated going to his house but my parents never let him come over so I had to go over and we would have sleep overs here and there. They would make us brush our teeth when after we eat breakfast then after lunch and then before we
geeskeet . 1 1y No whistling. Was over at the neighbors house cutting wood with him and his dad when I started to whistle and the dad snapped and looked at me like I just killed the family dog. Then said we don't whistle here with the most serious face I've ever seen. I never went back. ... 174
jacobr1020 . 1y No one was allowed to swim in the swimming pool because it was only for decoration. Other than that, they were normal parents. EDIT: We were all in high school. There was no threat of anyone drowning. ... 3.7k
Mark_Zajac . 1y My friend had a hall with light switches at each end. If you flipped one switch up to turn the light on, you could flip the other switch up to turn the light off again. It was entirely possible to get the light off with both switches in the up position. This drove my friend's wife nuts. So, the rule was that you had to keep both switches down when the lights were off. Often, this meant walking the length of the hall to flip a switch, followed by a return trip, in the dark. ... 534
ZuttoAragi . 1y No touching. No handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, nothing. Whenever I was over at my friend's house, he couldn't touch me and I couldn't touch him. Which was a strange feeling because of how physically affectionate we were at school. We even hugged each other after summer break was over. ... 371
naugasnake . . 1y Nobody was allowed to watch any of the TV channels above 12...because the higher number channels were for filthy savages. That limited the house to 3 useable channels. ... 462
Own_Night_5466 1y Stayed at a friend's house one night and the family communicated exclusively through whispering...not just hushed voices but full on hand to ear. Serious mind fuck. ... 1.2k
Nursethatnos e 1y No coughing in the kitchen. It doesn't matter that the kitchen was huge (at least 20'x20') or if you covered your mouth. And this was 25 years before COVID. I learned the hard way one Thanksgiving. As an invited guest at my friends house, I naturally entered the kitchen to ask if her mother needed any help. A sudden tickle hit the back of my throat and I coughed to clear it. Her mother gave me the look of death, turned around, picked up the tray with the cooked turkey on it and proceeded to throw it
othermOther . 1y Don't lean on or touch those pillows please. My sister-in-law's fancy pillows on a couch I was sitting on. ... 535
ExistToNot . 1y I remember watching a movie at a friend's house with another person, so there were three of us sharing a bowl of popcorn. Before any of us went to eat the popcorn, my friend said it was a rule in their house that each person can only pick up one small single piece of popcorn at a time.. we'd have to finish chewing it and wait to swallow it until picking up the next one individual piece of popcorn. ... 272
 . 1y I remember in highschool one of my friends had a no phone, and door stays open rule. Meaning I had to give my phone to her parents, and we couldn't hang out unless the door to the room we were in was open. ... 218
XtremeD86 . 1y Couldn't use the bathroom at this weird kids house. For no reason other than we couldn't use the bathroom just because. ... 91
Youruglychild66 . . 1y No going to the bathroom after 9 ... 171


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